What is a Sex Doll

What is a sex doll is one of the first questions people ask when they find out about the existence and easy availability of the best realistic sex dolls. This article will help you and learn you all you ever will need before and after you buy some of the top rated sex dolls. So let’s begin.

Exactly What Is A Sex Doll?

The sex dolls on this site are the most advanced sex toys for men ever created. Your doll will look and feel similar to a real human being including her sexual orifices. Customers have commented that touching a sex doll feels better than touching the women over the age of 28 who are available for them to date. Your sex doll will have an opening in her mouth, her vagina and her anus which you will be able to use to experience sexual pleasure just as you would with a real females and your doll is always in the mood to make you happy.

Are The Sex Dolls On This Site Solid Dolls Or Inflatable Dolls?

All of the dolls on this site are solid and made of a specially created material called TPE. Decades ago, inflatable sex dolls were the only ones available on the market. These dolls were ugly and if you tried to have sex with them your experience was guaranteed to be unpleasant with the risk of injuring your penis or absorbing toxins from the low grade plastic. Thankfully, huge advances have been made in recent years that allow you to get solid dolls that look real, feel real, and are safe to use.

Will The Doll Look Just Like In The Picture?

The dolls you see in the picture are exactly what you will receive in real life. Beware of other sites which might scam you by sending you someting of lower quality than what the pictures show. We have many satisfied customers, are based in the USA and allow you to use secure payment methods so you can rest assured that what you see is what you will get. Please be aware that the doll comes with lingerie or a bikini instead of special outfits, but we provide the dolls sizes so that you can dress her in real clothes of your choosing that will fit her perfectly.

Is The Doll Safe To Use?

All of the dolls on this site are perfectly safe. They cannot harm you physically or chemically. They have a high quality skeleton that will not rupture unless extremely abused and the dolls are made of a safe material known as TPE. This material is nontoxic because it is a medical grade derivative of silicon. It has been tested and used in hospitals and scientific laboratories all over the world.

How Do I Care For And Maintain My Doll?

To take care of your sex doll you just need to follow a few principles. Your doll is an expensive purchase so of course you will want to do everything in your power to make her last and if properly taken care of she will be with you for more than a decade. We have written a guide on how to properly take care of your sex doll which you can read here.

How Can I Protect My Privacy and Confidentiality When Choosing To Buy A Doll?

We consider it our responsibility to help you protect your privacy. As an internet based business we use the most secure electronic practices to ensure our customers personal information is kept confidential at all stages of the purchasing and delivery process. Things like your name and address will not be stored on our computer servers longer than needed to deliver your order. Furthermore, everyone on our staff is given special training in discretion to increase the anonymity of our customers. Your doll will be shipped to you in a discreet container.

Will My Doll Really Be The Size Of A Person?

Absolutely. We have dolls ranging in height from 4’6” all the way up to 5’8” and each doll is exactly as tall as advertised. You can choose a doll who is petite and easy to store or taller than the average woman in North America. It is essential for dolls to be the size of a real woman because this contributes to the lifelike feeling they give you.

Is It Hard To Move The Sex Doll Around?

Sex dolls have a weight that is realistic for a real woman so you can’t just toss them under your arm or swing them around. This is a good thing because it enhances the realism of being with your doll. You must think before moving your doll around the house. Its good if you let her hang out on your couch or in your bedroom at most times but you won’t have any problem taking her out of your closet to lay her on the bed whenever you want to play with her.

Is It Safe To Have Unprotected Sex With My Doll?

Interestingly, this is the first question coming from people when they learn what is a sex doll. It is perfectly safe to have unprotected sex with your doll. There is no risk of getting STDs or any kind of infection unless you share your doll with other people. We do not advise doll sharing. It is also extremely important that you keep your doll clean. Make sure to wash her with soap and water as described in our cleaning guide every time you get body fluids inside her.

How Do I Clean My Doll After Sex?

It is important that you clean your doll after every use when it comes to sex. We have written an article all about the best way to clean your doll after sex. You can read it here.

Can I Accessorize My Doll Or Change Her If I want Somthing Different?

You can dress your doll in any way you please. Dress her up as an office lady, a school girl, or a nurse. You may also buy different wigs to change her hair color and hair style.

How Can I Complete The Order Process?

Once you find the doll you like, pick the options you prefer like her hair color, eye color and face from the options available. From here, click “Add To Cart” then click the cart icon in the upper right corner and go through the checkout process where you will enter your payment details and finalize your order. If you need further help finalizing your order you may write admin@dollwives.com for more assistance.

Will My Sex Doll Be Shipped Discreetly?

The packaging for your doll will be 100% discreet. From the outside no one will be able to guess that there is a sex doll is inside. They will probably assume you have recieved a piece of fitness equipment or possibly a book case. Also your billing statement will not mention anything about a sex doll.

Is It Safe To Pay For A Sex Doll Online?

Our entire website is protected by SSL Encryption. This means that there is no way for anyone to snoop on your data at any point in the purchase process. The security of your payment is also guaranteed by Visa, Mastercard and Paypal our payment processors.

Will I Need To Pay Custom Import Fees?

If you are located in North America you will not need to pay custom import fees because we cover those fees in the purchase price. For most countries outside of North America the doll will easily pass through customs clearance. We have shipped dolls to customers from all over the world and have not had any problems with import fees or customs.

Can I Ship The Doll To My PO Box?

It isn’t possible to ship a sex doll to a PO Box because of the large size. Please give us a residential or business address for shipping.

Can I Pick Up My Sex Doll Instead Of Having It Delivered To My Door?

If you are located in the United States we can deliver your doll to the local fedex or UPS office where you can pick it up personally in case you are worried about the large box sitting in front of your house while you are not home.

Can I Get A Refund On My Doll?

We only provide refunds if there is a defect in the product, however each doll is expertly crafted and goes through a thorough quality assurance process before it is shipped out to you. We have never received a complaint or had any customers request a refund. We take pictures and document the quality of the doll before it is shipped out to guarantee your satisfaction. If you have any issues with your doll we will happily help you resolve it because we want all of our customers to be satisfied.

Can I cancel my Order?

Orders may be canceled the same day as ordered without penalty. Once we start manufacturing the doll, which is typically the day after we receive the order, the process can’t be canceled. Please understand every Doll is made custom to order.

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

Shipping is free to all countries in Europe and the Americas. For other countries there may be an additional fee but we will do whatever we can to minimize the cost to you.

How Long Does Shipping Take?

From the time you order, your doll will take between 2 and 4 weeks to arrive. Your doll takes 1-2 weeks to build and 1-2 weeks to reach you when shipped.

Can I Customize My Doll?

When people learn about what is a sex doll, one of the questions is about customization. You have many options when it comes to customizing your doll. You can change her eye color, hair color and height. You can also choose if your doll will stand permanently or if she will have a removable vagina insert which makes her easier to clean. You truly get to build your fantasy girl.

How Often Do I Need To Clean My Doll?

If you are having sex with your doll we advise you to clean her everytime you get body fluid inside one of her holes. If you are just hanging out with her you will want to clean her every 2-4 weeks.

Do I Need To Clean My Doll’s Clothes?

You definitely want to clean your dolls clothes if they get blody fluid on them. If your dolls clothes remain clean then its only necessary to wash her clothes once a month or so. Clean your dolls clothes with the same care as your own so they do not shrink in size.

Where Do I Store My Love Doll?

You can store your doll anywhere. If you live alone and want to enjoy her company at all times she can stay with you in your bed. You could also let her sit on your couch. If you need to be discreet about owning a doll, she will fit conveniently in any closet space and you can just bring her out whenever you want to spend time with her.
It is best to store your doll vertically in a place where the temperature is cool. Keep your doll away from sunlight, hot temperatures and also don’t anything heavy to press up againt her body for a long period of time because it can stain her skin.

Will My Doll’s Skin Stain?

It is possibe for dark colored fabrics to stain your doll’s skin. If your doll wears clothing that is too tight for her body it may also leave an indentation. There is no problem letting your doll wear dark fabrics for a few hours at a time but you may run into trouble if you leave her in a dark green for example for weeks at a time. The stains can be cleaned off with soap and water but it is best for your dolls long term clothing to be light colors that have a loose fit.

How Does The Built-In Vagina Differ From The Removable Vagina?

The built in vagina is permanently fixed into your doll and it truly looks natural. For this reason most men aesthetically prefer the built in model. The removable vagina offers the benefit of being easier to clean because you can just remove that one part after sex instead of needing to bring your entire doll into the bathroom.

How Long Will My Doll Last?

If you don’t invest in the care of your doll you can expect her to remain in good condition for about 2 years. If you take exceptional care of your doll you can expect her to last more than 10 years. There are customers whose dolls still look great after nearly 20 years because they treated their dolls like a princess and did everything just right.

Should I Use Lube With My Doll?

We advise you to use lube any time you have sex with your doll to enhance the experience of being with her. Water-based lubricants are the best because they are easy to clean and don’t contribute to mold. You can find out more about types of personal lubes here.

Can I Put Make-up On My Doll?

Yes you can put make-up on your doll. In fact, we recommend it. Many customers put their dolls make up on several times a week and it can enhance the intimacy of your time together with them. Most standard make up will wash off your dolls face without any problems.

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