What is a Sex Doll

What is a sex doll is one of the first questions people ask when they find out about the existence and easy availability of the best realistic sex dolls. This article will help you and learn you all you ever will need before and after you buy some of the top-rated sex dolls. So let’s begin.

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Exactly What Is A Sex Doll?

The sex dolls on this site are the most advanced sex toys for men ever created. Your doll will look and feel similar to a real human being including her sexual orifices. Customers have commented that touching a sex doll feels better than touching the women over the age of 28 who are available for them to date. Your sex doll will have an opening in her mouth, her vagina and her anus which you will be able to use to experience sexual pleasure just as you would with real females and your doll is always in the mood to make you happy.

Are The Sex Dolls On This Site Solid Dolls Or Inflatable Dolls?

All of the dolls on this site are solid and made of a specially created material called TPE. Decades ago, inflatable sex dolls were the only ones available on the market. These dolls were ugly and if you tried to have sex with them your experience was guaranteed to be unpleasant with the risk of injuring your penis or absorbing toxins from the low-grade plastic. Thankfully, huge advances have been made in recent years that allow you to get solid dolls that look real, feel real, and are safe to use.

Will The Doll Look Just Like In The Picture?

The dolls you see in the picture are exactly what you will receive in real life. Beware of other sites which might scam you by sending you something of lower quality than what the pictures show. We have many satisfied customers, are based in the USA and allow you to use secure payment methods so you can rest assured that what you see is what you will get. Please be aware that the doll comes with lingerie or a bikini instead of special outfits, but we provide the sizes of the dolls so that you can dress her in real clothes of your choosing that will fit her perfectly.

Is The Doll Safe To Use?

All of the dolls on this site are perfectly safe. They cannot harm you physically or chemically. They have a high-quality skeleton that will not rupture unless extremely abused and the dolls are made of a safe material known as TPE. This material is non-toxic because it is a medical-grade derivative of silicon. It has been tested and used in hospitals and scientific laboratories all over the world.

How Do I Care For And Maintain My Doll?

To take care of your sex doll you just need to follow a few principles. Your doll is an expensive purchase so of course, you will want to do everything in your power to make her last and if properly taken care of she will be with you for more than a decade. We have written a guide on how to properly take care of your sex doll.

How Can I Protect My Privacy and Confidentiality When Choosing To Buy A Doll?

We consider it our responsibility to help you protect your privacy. As an internet-based business, we use the most secure electronic practices to ensure our customer’s personal information is kept confidential at all stages of the purchasing and delivery process. Things like your name and address will not be stored on our computer servers longer than needed to deliver your order. Furthermore, everyone on our staff is given special training in discretion to increase the anonymity of our customers. Your doll will be shipped to you in a discreet container.

Will My Doll Really Be The Size Of A Person?

Absolutely. We have dolls ranging in height from 4’6” all the way up to 5’8” and each doll is exactly as tall as advertised. You can choose a doll who is petite and easy to store or taller than the average woman in North America. It is essential for dolls to be the size of a real woman because this contributes to the lifelike feeling they give you.

Is It Hard To Move The Sex Doll Around?

Sex dolls have a weight that is realistic for a real wife so you can’t just toss them under your arm or swing them around. This is a good thing because it enhances the realism of being with your doll. You must think before moving your doll around the house. It is good if you let her hang out on your couch or in your bedroom at most times but you won’t have any problem taking her out of your closet to lay her on the bed whenever you want to play with her.

Is It Safe To Have Unprotected Sex With My Doll?

Interestingly, this is the first question coming from people when they learn what is a sex doll. It is perfectly safe to have unprotected sex with your doll. There is no risk of getting STDs or any kind of infection unless you share your doll with other people. We do not advise doll sharing. It is also extremely important that you keep your doll clean. Make sure to wash her with soap and water as described in our cleaning guide every time you get body fluids inside her.

How Do I Clean My Doll After Sex?

It is important that you clean your doll after every use when it comes to sex. We have written an article all about the best way to clean your doll after sex. 

Can I Accessorize My Doll Or Change Her If I Want Something Different?

You can dress your doll in any way you please. Dress her up as an office lady, a schoolgirl, or a nurse. You may also buy different wigs to change her hair color and hairstyle.

How Can I Complete The Order Process?

Once you find the doll you like, pick the options you prefer like her hair color, eye color and face from the options available. From here, click “Add To Cart” then click the cart icon in the upper right corner and go through the checkout process where you will enter your payment details and finalize your order. If you need further help finalizing your order you may write admin@dollwives.com for more assistance.

Will My Sex Doll Be Shipped Discreetly?

The packaging for your doll will be 100% discreet. From the outside, no one will be able to guess that there is a sex doll is inside. They will probably assume you have received a piece of fitness equipment or possibly a bookcase. Also, your billing statement will not mention anything about a sex doll.

Is It Safe To Pay For A Sex Doll Online?

Our entire website is protected by SSL Encryption. This means that there is no way for anyone to snoop on your data at any point in the purchase process. The security of your payment is also guaranteed by Visa, Mastercard and Paypal our payment processors.

Will I Need To Pay Custom Import Fees?

If you are located in North America you will not need to pay custom import fees because we cover those fees in the purchase price. For most countries outside of North America, the doll will easily pass through customs clearance. We have shipped dolls to customers from all over the world and have not had any problems with import fees or customs.

Can I Ship The Doll To My PO Box?

It isn’t possible to ship a sex doll to a PO Box because of the large size. Please give us a residential or business address for shipping.

Can I Pick Up My Sex Doll Instead Of Having It Delivered To My Door?

If you are located in the United States we can deliver your doll to the local FedEx or UPS office where you can pick it up personally in case you are worried about the large box sitting in front of your house while you are not home.

Can I Get A Refund On My Doll?

We only provide refunds if there is a defect in the product, however, each doll is expertly crafted and goes through a thorough quality assurance process before it is shipped out to you. We have never received a complaint or had any customers request a refund. We take pictures and document the quality of the doll before it is shipped out to guarantee your satisfaction. If you have any issues with your doll we will happily help you resolve it because we want all of our customers to be satisfied.

Can I cancel my order?

Orders may be canceled the same day as ordered without penalty. Once we start manufacturing the doll, which is typically the day after we receive the order, the process can’t be canceled. Please understand every Doll is made custom to order.

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

Shipping is free to all countries in Europe and the Americas. For other countries, there may be an additional fee but we will do whatever we can to minimize the cost to you.

How Long Does Shipping Take?

From the time you order, your doll will take between 2 and 4 weeks to arrive. Your doll takes 1-2 weeks to build and 1-2 weeks to reach you when shipped.

Can I Customize My Doll?

When people learn about what is a sex doll, one of the questions is about customization. You have many options when it comes to customizing your doll. You can change her eye color, hair color, and height. You can also choose if your doll will stand permanently or if she will have a removable vagina insert which makes her easier to clean. You truly get to build your fantasy girl.

How Often Do I Need To Clean My Doll?

If you are having sex with your doll we advise you to clean her every time you get body fluid inside one of her holes. If you are just hanging out with her you will want to clean her every 2-4 weeks.

Do I Need To Clean My Doll’s Clothes?

You definitely want to clean your dolls clothes if they get body fluid on them. If your dolls clothes remain clean then it is only necessary to wash her clothes once a month or so. Clean your dolls clothes with the same care as your own so they do not shrink in size.

Where Do I Store My Doll?

You can store your doll anywhere. If you live alone and want to enjoy her company at all times she can stay with you in your bed. You could also let her sit on your couch. If you need to be discreet about owning a doll, she will fit conveniently in any closet space and you can just bring her out whenever you want to spend time with her. It is best to store your doll vertically in a place where the temperature is cool. Keep your doll away from sunlight, hot temperatures and also don’t anything heavy to press up against her body for a long period of time because it can stain her skin.

Will My Doll’s Skin Stain?

It is possible for dark colored fabrics to stain your doll’s skin. If your doll wears clothing that is too tight for her body it may also leave an indentation. There is no problem letting your doll wear dark fabrics for a few hours at a time but you may run into trouble if you leave her in dark green for example for weeks at a time. The stains can be cleaned off with soap and water but it is best for your dolls long term clothing to be light colors that have a loose fit.

How Does The Built-In Vagina Differ From The Removable Vagina?

The built-in vagina is permanently fixed into your doll and it truly looks natural. For this reason, most men aesthetically prefer the built-in model. The removable vagina offers the benefit of being easier to clean because you can just remove that one part after sex instead of needing to bring your entire doll into the bathroom.

How Long Will My Doll Last?

If you don’t invest in the care of your doll you can expect her to remain in good condition for about 2 years. If you take exceptional care of your doll you can expect her to last more than 10 years. There are customers whose dolls still look great after nearly 20 years because they treated their dolls like a princess and did everything just right.

Should I Use Lube With My Doll?

We advise you to use lube any time you have sex with your doll to enhance the experience of being with her. Water-based lubricants are the best because they are easy to clean and don’t contribute to mold. You can find out more about types of personal lubes here.

Can I Put Make-up On My Doll?

Yes, you can put make-up on your doll. In fact, we recommend it. Many customers put their dolls make up several times a week and it can enhance the intimacy of your time together with them. Most standards make up will wash off your dolls face without any problems.

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What’s the History of Sex Dolls?

No one knows the exact date for the creation of the sex doll. Vinyl plastics came around in the late 1800s, and this invention sparked a new wave of plastic products across all industries.
One of the most peculiar stories of sex dolls involves the Third Reich and the Nazi party during World War 2. Nazi soldiers were catching sexually transmitted diseases from local French women as they pillaged towns across the country. With syphilis becoming a concern for troops, Hitler ordered the start of the “Borghild Project.”

This project was about building a sex doll for soldiers to curb their primal needs as they ran amok through Europe. However, to date, there is no proof of the existence of this project, nor are there any sex dolls in museums from this era.

The first legitimate sex dolls arrived on the market for purchase in 1968. Typically sold in the back pages of porn magazines, these plastic blow-up dolls were popular among some men in Europe and America. With no internet available, and sex is still a taboo topic in social circles, the only option was purchasing your blow-up doll out of an adult magazine.

Unfortunately, these dolls were not practical lovers, and many men experienced damage to their penis when penetrating the doll. The dolls also lacked any recognizable features, giving users the feel of fucking a shopping bag rather than enjoying a sexual experience.

It wasn’t until the mid-nineties and the introduction of the “Real Doll” that men and women around the world got their first introduction to the modern sex doll. These dolls featured silicone construction and somewhat lifelike features, providing users with a near-authentic sexual experience. Over the last two decades, sex doll manufacturer innovations in sex doll technology. Manufacturers switched from using traditional silicone for the doll’s skin to TPE, a more lifelike material that feels almost the same as human skin. Dollwives.com produces the best TPE sex dolls in the world, with a range of customizable options that make the original Real Doll look like amateur hour.

What Are the Physical Benefits of Owing a Sex Doll?

There are plenty of health benefits to owning a realistic sex doll. Men need sex to remain physically, emotionally, and psychologically stable. Without sex, men tend to feel frustrated, and they are more prone to violence or outbursts of anger. If you meet a sexually satisfied man, they have a calm and confident demeanor around them that makes them more attractive to women.

It’s true when they say that sex makes you more appealing to women. Women can smell pheromones, chemicals excreted by the body to attract a mate. When we have plenty of sex, the body releases these hormones on mass, making you more attractive to other females. This effect comes from our genetic profile.

Women want to have sex with men that they feel can give their potential child the best genetics. Men that receive sex regularly already have a partner, so this means that they are in demand. As a result, you may find that you experience a run of sexual partners after breaking a drought where you haven’t had sex for a few months or years. Women notice your sudden increase in pheromone production, and this attracts them to you. This scenario can cause issues for people that are in committed relationships, as some women love messing with married men, or those involved in a committed relationship.

Pheromones and women’s responses to these biological chemicals are further evidence that humans do not have the design for monogamous relationships. As men, we have a history of sowing our seed with as many different partners as we can. This response is a natural means of creating as much offspring as possible to carry out genetics into future generations.

If you’re struggling to get sex, then it takes a toll on your physical health. Your prostate may start experiencing issues, and you’ll find that you begin to experience “wet dreams.” Owning a sex doll helps you relieve the sexual tension in your life, turning you into a happier and healthier person.

What Are the Mental Health Benefits of Owing a Sex Doll?

Not getting enough sex can also play tricks on your mind and ruin your mental health. When we have sex, we release not only semen and sperm but a boat-load of stress as well. If you go without sex for a few years, it could end up taking a toll on your mental health.

Research shows that men that don’t get enough sex are at risk of developing mental illnesses, such as anxiety and depression. Depression affects millions of men in America, and it’s one of the leading causes of suicide. Without sex, you might feel lonely, like your life is incomplete.  By owning a realistic sex doll, you have a partner that’s willing to please you whenever you want. There’s no complaining about headaches or waiting until the third date to have sex. With a sex doll, you get to decide when and where you want to have sex, and your TPE porn doll partner is always ready to please you.

As a result, you’ll find that you lead a more fulfilling life, you have a great mood, and you’re friendlier toward others. Your body also releases pheromones when you have sex with your lifelike passion doll. As a result, women pick up on this pheromone production, and you’re more likely to find a real partner as well.

Are Sex Dolls Popular?

Back in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, sex was somewhat of a taboo subject. The only magazines and media that would talk about sex were publications like Hustler, Playboy, and Penthouse. The advent of the internet saw dramatic changes in how we view sex as a species. With porn on tap and ready to stream whenever you want, people started exploring their sexuality.

As a result of the internet, online shopping made it easy to order a real sex doll. In the past, if you wanted a doll, you either had to fill out a mail order form or visit a dingy sex shop. Still, this didn’t stop men from donning a trench coat and hat and visiting a fuck shop to buy a doll.

However, the internet made it easy to order anything online. Now men have the opportunity to order a sex doll, without the need to leave the house. Manufacturers ship the dolls in discreet packaging that your nosy neighbors will view as just another delivery to your home.  As a result of easy access to online ordering, the popularity of sex dolls exploded in the 2000s. The growth trend continues to this day and shows no signs of slowing down in the future.

Are Sex Dolls Worth the Money?

What price can you put on good sex? The chances are that you’ve had a few partners over the years where you would pay thousands of dollars for the kind of sex they give you. A faithful sex doll can cost you more than $2,000, so is it worth the money?

If you do a quick cost analysis, you’ll see that $2,000 is a small price to pay for having sex on tap. Remember your last date with that blonde bombshell? You thought you were getting lucky, so you didn’t hesitate to flash the cash on your date. Dinner at that fancy restaurant was delicious, and you didn’t flinch when she ordered the most expensive bottle of wine on the list.

However, as you walked up the stairs to her apartment, she gave you a peck on the cheek, thanked you for the date – and you never heard from her again. This kind of scenario happens more often than you think, and it’s hurting your sex life, as well as your wallet.

If you tally up all of the dollars you spent on trying to get laid in vain, you’ll find that you could have purchased an army of sex dolls. With a genuine TPE fuck doll, you get the perfect partner to fuck every night of the week, and she never turns you down.

Are There Male Sex Dolls?

At Dollwives.com, we realize that some men want a gay lover, and women might want a sex doll as well. That’s why we introduced our lineup of male sex dolls. Our male porn dolls are gay, but some of them enjoy the touch of a female and wrecking a pussy with their 8-inch cocks as well. Our male sex dolls come in a variety of models, from athletic, powerful guys that have big dicks, to innocent and cute boys that love taking a dick in their ass. If you need a man in your life, then order your male fuck doll from Dollwives.com today.

What Kind of Customization Options Are Available for Sex Dolls?

Ordering a custom sex doll from Dollwives.com is like creating your ideal lover. We allow you to make your girl or guy from the feet up, with a multitude of configurations on offer for your new realistic sex doll. Many other sex doll manufacturers don’t offer any customization at all. As a result, you get a sex doll that doesn’t meet your standards or settle on something second-rate. When you order your new fuck doll with Dollwives.com, you get the best customization options available.

Can I Choose Her Hair?

Blondes, brunettes, redheads, black hair, or exotic colors, we have you covered. At Dollwives.com, we have any color hair type you like, with a variety of styling options to suit your tastes.

Can I Choose Her Eye Color?

If you love looking into your girl’s eyes as she swallows your cock, then you’ll love the eye color options for your doll available from Dollwives.com. We let you select any color you like, from deep blue to dark brown. If you want a girl with long black hair and green eyes, we can make that happen for you.

Can I Choose Her Body Type?

At Dollwives.com, you can create your ideal lover any way you like. If you want slender schoolgirls with perky tits, we have what you’re looking for, and if you like a girl with curves and huge tits, we have that ready for you as well. We make your custom sex doll anyway you want, allowing you to live out your wildest fantasies of fucking a perfect 10. There’s no more settling for going home with some troll you met at the bar. With your new realistic sex doll, you get a perfect 10 every night of the week.

Are Sex Dolls Good at Blowjobs?

All the realistic fuck dolls at Dollwives.com come with a mouth that’s ready to please your penis. The feel of her TPE lips and tongue gliding along your rock-hard shaft is so realistic that you’ll think it’s the real deal. Add a bit of extra lube for a messy sex doll blowjob that leaves her lusting after your cock. The dolls TPE tongue moves around in her mouth as she ravages your dick, giving an authentic feel to the blowjob.

Can I Try Anal with My Sex Doll?

All the sex dolls available at Dollwives.com are anatomically correct. If you enjoy anal sex with girls, then you’ll love the tight ass of your new silicone sex doll. Your female or male doll loves taking it from behind, and they want your penis deep in their ass. If anal is your favorite, then you’ll love pounding out your new realistic sex doll.

Why Should I Buy My Sex Doll from Dollwives.com?

Purchase your real sex doll from Dollwives.com. We have the best range of customizable option for your new lover, and prices that are the best in the industry. All of our dolls feature construction with premium materials and excellent artisanship that extends the longevity of your new pleasure partner.

Build your real Barbie from the feet up. Our range of customizable options that are the best in the industry. After checking out with your order, you’ll have your new silicone lover at your doorstep within 3-weeks, ready to give you the ride of your life.

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