How to Properly Take Care Of Your Sex Doll

If you are the lucky owner of a sex doll, you can get decades of comfort and pleasure from having it as your companion. It is also true that if you don’t take good care of your doll she may only be with you a few years. The principles of sex doll care are to keep her both clean and safe from things in the environment that can harm her. The following is a detailed guide on how to best do that.

Cleaning Your Sex Doll

If you are just sitting with your doll or cuddling with her in bed, its not necessary to clean her every day but anytime you explose her to body fluid it is important that you clean her. One easy way to clean your doll is to rinse her in the shower with a small amount of soap and warm water. It is better to keep your dolls head out of the shower so as not to mess up her hair. The most convenient way to clean her face is with a simple wash cloth.

Once you have washed your doll’s body, you will want to dry her thoroughly with a clean towel to remove any moisture remaining on her skin. Some customers have attempted to dry their doll with a blow dryer. This can have disastrous consequences such as damaging your dolls soft and lovey skin because some blow-dryers concentrate heat at too high of an intensity.

After washing and drying your doll, you have the option of rubbing baby powder on her body. We recommend this because it helps to give her skin that soft feeling whenever you touch her.
If you apply make-up to your doll, you can remove it with a paper towel or a wash cloth paired with warm water. Remember to pat her face dry with a towel or cloth once you are done.
Your doll’s wig also benefits from regular care. The hair is realistic and it can be washed with shampoo. You can remove it from your doll’s head before washing. Once it is no longer attached to the doll’s head and you have washed it, you may apply heat with a blow dryer if you want to speed up the drying process.

Protecting Your Doll From Damage

Dollwives sells dolls that will last you for years because they are built not just for satisfaction but also durability. You must be proactive in protecting your doll from damage. That means when moving her around do everything you can to avoid bumping her into walls and objects, scraping her against abrasive surfaces, and dropping her from heights. She can handle being lightly tossed onto a couch or bed but don’t think you can get away with dropping her from a 2nd floor balcony or anything that would seem like domestic abuse on a real woman without risking damage.

When you are not using your doll, make sure she isn’t exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures. It is also important to keep her out of direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time if you are in hot climates. Ideally, store her in a place that is both dry and cool. Having her lounge around on a couch, chair or in bed tends to be fine too.

If your doll does get damaged due to misuse, we offer a doll repair service. Feel free to email at After a few weeks she will be returned to you in new condition.

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