History Of Sex Dolls : Evolution

History of sex dolls is much longer than the majority of people would believe. Men have fantasized about creating sex dolls since the dawn of history. The myths of ancient Greece are the first written evidence of this, but the male desire to create the perfect woman may go back to the stone age. We now live in the age of realistic-looking sex dolls and due to the artificial intelligence revolution, every man may soon be able to buy a doll that behaves like the woman of his dreams.
History Of Sex Dolls
First, we will ask why men are interested in TPE sex dolls, silicone sex dolls, and various types of custom sex dolls. What are the fundamental problems of the male condition that buying a sex doll can address? Then this article traces mankind’s journey to making the perfect sex doll. Beginning in ancient times with the myth of Pygmalion and Galatea, to the first sex dolls that were sold by Dutch sailors to Japanese merchants in the 17th century, we will trace a path to the realistic-looking sex dolls of the 21st century that feel have poseable limbs and feel natural to touch.

History Of Sex Dolls:

The suffering of Men

lonely man looking craving for a woman

Men who purchase sex dolls give many reasons for it. There are men who are frustrated by the dating game because they are unable to get a woman to go on a date with them. There are millions of men in America who live involuntary celibate lives because they just can’t meet anyone they are interested in. Men swipe on tinder every day for months without finding a single match that is a real woman looking to talk to them. This even happens to men in decent shape who swipe right for every woman literally. The only person they get a reply from is chatbots. For the man who is burned out on even trying to land a date, lifelike sex dolls are an appealing companion.

There are also men who want to buy a sex doll because they suffer from social anxiety. Even if a man is able to get a date, it might be very difficult to establish a connection with a real woman. Some men who are able to meet women through friends or dating sites can’t hold conversations with women because there has been a huge shift in our values in recent years. Its so easy to say the wrong thing to some women and trigger them. Everything can be going well. She is smiling and laughing at your jokes and then all of a sudden you expressed an opinion that wasn’t politically correct … without even knowing it. Then you are obligated to let her “educate you” for 20 minutes on why your views are backward only to have her still leave indignantly after she finishes schooling you. Having a sex doll has proven to be a better way.

Prehistoric Wet Dreams

But are the struggles of modern men truly unique? How long is the history of fuck dolls for real? Maybe in some aspects, the struggles faced by men today are eternal in their nature. Men would have benefited from creating the perfect woman with their own hands long ago. It is not hard to imagine that a man living in a small tribe would struggle with finding a mate. In prehistoric times, people lived in tribes consisting of 100s of people where everyone knew each other. For the most part, a man could only get a mate if he was able to prove his worth to the tribe by hunting or showing his skill as a craftsman. Its thought by some anthropologists that the ancient stone spearheads found all over the world were used to judge a man’s value. If a man could create a truly fine spearhead this would attract women in his tribe and their family would give the man permission to marry her. It was also common for successful men to have more than one wife. Polygamy was practiced all around the world.

This was partly due to gender imbalance from higher male infant mortality and male risk-taking, but its also from men who had talents other than hunting or creating spearheads were not valued until recent history. These men would live as involuntary celibates, just like you see in tribes living in the rain forests of South America or in the plains of Africa today. This is the sort of man who might dream of creating a woman out of his own hands. A woman who would be his just because he worked hard to create her. We see evidence of men creating clay sex dolls going back 30,000 years ago. Men made these dolls in the hopes that the gods would grant them a mate who would appreciate them and they could spend their life with. Those men would be amazed by our modern world where they can just get on the internet and buy a full silicone sex doll or in some cities visit a sex doll store.

We would see men continue to make dolls out of clay for 25,000 more years until the beginning of Ancient Greek culture where for the first time we saw dolls fashioned out of stone and marble. The ancient myth of Pygmalion is the story of a man who dreamed of using his skill as a sculptor to create his perfect sex doll. He would name her Galatea.

The Myth Of Pygmalion

According to Legend, Pygmalion lived in Ancient Greece on the island of Cyprus. Although he was not handsome or good at sports, from a young age he was trained by his father to be a master sculptor. By the time he reached his teenage years, he was very accomplished. He had not yet reached his father’s skill but he was admired by his neighbors. Many families wanted to introduce their daughters to Pygmalion. He only had eyes for Phoebe, a freckled girl with auburn hair and the most beautiful face he had ever seen. Whenever he would cross paths with her in the village his heart would start to beat rapidly and his hands would shake. He was afraid to talk to her and she never even looked his way so he felt sad. He wondered what he could do to get this girl’s attention and he tried to attract her the only way he knew. He threw himself even harder into his sculpting in the hopes that if he became famous she would notice him.

Pygmalion worked 18 hours a day and took a few breaks. It was essential that he master the art of creating beautiful shapes from stone. The local Temple of Aphrodite ordered his family to create pillars and an altar where people could worship. Pygmalion asked his father to let him do all the work so he could grow his skills faster. Every day he thought of Rhea. One day when Pygmalion was carrying his tools to the temple on his family’s cart he saw Rhea up ahead. She was walking with an older woman who looked like her mother. Pygmalion put his head down. He knew that he still needed practice before Rhea would speak to him. He was stuck in his head and almost tripped over his feet. As she passed by him he quivered silently.

“Hello. I’m Rhea. I’ve noticed your sculptures. They’re really amazing.” Did she really speak to him? He looked up. Rhea with her soft brown hair waving in the wind was smiling at him with admiration. For a few moments, he was dumbfounded and his mouth hung open. Finally, he managed to find his voice to say thank you. Then Rhea’s mother spoke. She said they would like to visit his house later that evening to meet his parents. Pygmalion agreed. Knowing what this could mean, he felt excited. Then they parted ways.

Did Rhea like him? Did her parents believe they were a suitable match? That evening all of his hopes came true. While their parents spoke to each other over wine Pygmalion and Rhea went for a walk together. She reached out and took his hand and said “You are amazing. You are the man I have decided to marry.” Rhea gazed directly into his eyes as she said this, then she leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek. He felt joy swell up from deep within. The gods must have blessed him for the work he had done at the Temple of Aphrodite. Little did he know that his joy would be taken from him.

Pygmalion worked harder than ever before and once a week he visited his betrothed, Rhea. They would be married once he finished his work at the temple. He was love-struck. Every morning he woke up feeling alive, with a sense of purpose. His skill as a sculptor grew quickly and his work was infused with the passion he felt. Many of Pygmalion’s friends had sex with local girls who were just looking for fun. He had taken another path, devoting himself completely to his craft and now that he had Rhea’s heart he was grateful for it. Life was beautiful.

One day on his day off he stopped at the market to buy oranges as a gift for Rhea. When he entered the market he felt as if he was being watched and he became uncomfortable. He picked out the largest and brightest oranges he could find on display. As he moved away from the orange merchant’s stall there were two old women looking at him. One was smirking and the other had a look of pity on her face. “Don’t get your hopes up about marrying Rhea, little Pygmalion” the smirking one said to him. He just ignored her. She was an old cow who loved gossiping. He didn’t know this woman’s name but he had since her pointing and gossiping about other people for years. Only the look of pity from the woman she was standing next to too concerned him, but he didn’t have time to slow down and think. He was going to see Rhea and he couldn’t wait to surprise her.

Rhea lived a short walk on the other end of a forest path. As he neared her home he saw her through bushes talking with someone. It was a tall man, maybe her father who was one of the tallest men in the village and stood a full head over Pygmalion. Rhea laughed out loud at some joke the man-made and Pygmalion made out two things that disturbed him. First, the man was young so he couldn’t be Rhea’s father. Second, he had his hand around Rhea’s waist in a way that seemed romantic. The man whispered something in Rhea’s ear and she squealed playfully. Please her cousin! Pygmalion’s thought to himself and his heart sped up. They had not noticed watching him standing there because of the bushes. Then she gazed right into the mans eyes, put her hands on his face, leaned forward and kissed him deeply on the lips.

Pygmalion dropped his oranges and ran home confused. He never confronted Rhea. In his culture, if two men both loved the same woman they were honor-bound to fight each other with swords to prove their love for her and he was no fighter. He cursed his weakness. All joy left his body. From that day forward his mother would always comment that his skin was cold whenever she touched it. Even though he continued to work as a sculptor it was as if there was no life in him. He heard a few months later that Rhea was pregnant and she moved to another village to live with her husband’s family.

For 2 years Pygmalion never smiled. He lost his passion for work. Since he couldn’t have the real Rhea he decided to capture the essence of Rhea in stone. He could never get the image of her from his mind. His parents tried to match him with another girl. A childhood friend named Phoebe. She was kind and even attractive, but she was not Rhea. Pygmalion felt that he could never love again. The work at the Temple of Aphrodite was nearly complete and all of the local villagers complimented Pygmalion on his craftsmanship. Even though his heart was no longer in it. They were already saying that he had surpassed his father in skill. He didn’t hear any of their praise because he was stuck in the past. But Phoebe visited him every day and cooked for him. Eventually, she worked her way into his heart and he started to have feelings for her.

There was a tiny ray of hope in his heart, out of nowhere. Should he follow his heart and love this new girl? Like all men he had desires and Phoebe had a nice body. He began to wonder what it would be like to have sex with her. She told him that she would do anything he wanted and they didn’t need to marry first, so their relationship began and for a short while Pygmalion began to feel happy. He no longer walked with his head down or slouched over. Phoebe was a nice girl who genuinely satisfied him.

His life was good. He began to feel as if he had everything. His name began to spread to other villages and he began to dream of a day when he might be the most famous sculptor in the entire Island of Cyprus. Then a plague hit the Island. His father 40 years old when he had Pygmalion was taken. Dead within a week of first developing a cough. He buried his father stoically. He was a harsh man but he respected the skills he had given him. While he was looking after his father the plague spread to Phoebe’s family. He didn’t get to see her again as the mayor of the city quarantined the city block where they lived because it was poor. He only got the news that she was dead and that her body had been burned.

Pygmalion wondered why the gods had spared him. He felt that he would never love again. He finished his work at the Temple of Aphrodite and then boarded himself up in the family workshop. He noticed the sculpture of Rhea that he had begun years ago but never finished. Why not use his skill as a sculptor to make himself a realistic sex doll with Rhea’s beauty and Phoebe’s character? He had nothing else so he poured himself entirely into his work which he shared with no one. In truth, his hands were now guided by the goddess Aphrodite. He created a love doll that surpassed the beauty of any mortal woman in the world. When his work was complete he shed a tear at the sight of it. He named her Galatea. She looked so alive that he began to talk to her. He dressed her in clothing and jewelry. He even bought her presents and acted as if she was his wife. She was a woman who would always be beautiful, would never betray him and never cause him suffering by dying on him.

One day, the people of his village celebrated at a festival in honor of Aphrodite in the temple he helped to create. He went up to the altar and made an offering of everything he owned. Then he prayed to Aphrodite from the bottom of his heart and soul asking her to bring Galatea, his realistic sex doll to life, then he went home. Aphrodite recognized Pygmalion’s voice. She had been watching him for years as he worked faithfully at her temple.

That evening, while Pygmalion sat in his workshop with his hands in his face, Aphrodite appeared before him. He was speechless and frozen in place. All he could do was watch Aphrodite move about his workshop in awe. Aphrodite looked away from him to his realistic doll Galatea. She felt amazement. She never imagined that mortal hands could craft a woman as fine as Galatea. The statue was almost as beautiful as Pandora, the woman her brother the god of the forge Hephaestus had created. Aphrodite fondled the statue and kissed it on the lips. Then she disappeared. Once again Pygmalion could move though he could barely believe what had just happened to him.

Something was happening to his sex doll, Galatea. Her cheeks started to blush red and her skin tanned with color. She started to blink. He ran up to her and and put his hands around her waist. She felt real. Then her eyes turned from marble white to brown. She looked at him and smiled. She was alive. She was everything he ever hoped for. She was as beautiful as Rhea and she loved him as much as Phoebe. The two of them were rarely seen outside the house because they spent hours each day having sex and laughing together, enjoying live as man and woman.

The Moral

The original myth of Pygmalion was written by Ovid and was passed down through the book Metamorphoses. It is a story that has been told to hundreds of millions of people over centuries. It endures as a cultural relic because its about a fundamental desire that exists in all men. The desire to create the perfect woman, to live and enjoy life with the best sex dolls that we can create. This myth shows us this desire was in our DNA even before we had the knowledge to make dolls that were actually fuckable. Now we move onward to the dolls created by dutch sailors that you could actually put your dick into.

Dutch Wives: The Maidens Of The Voyage

In the Age of Exploration, the Dutch began to send out naval expeditions to discover new territories and set up trade relations with peoples and nations across the globe. They did this in the hope of creating enough wealth to free themselves from subservience to the powerful Spanish Empire. These early expeditions failed because of vicious pirates who would hijack their ships, and kill all the sailors on board to steal the gold and other luxury goods. In response, the ruler at the time issued a special decree and the Dutch navy was born. In the 17th century, the Dutch were finally strong enough to take on their Spanish masters and under the leadership of William of Orange, they became an independent state. They now had the wealth and the clout to travel to the other side of the world. They sent their merchant fleet to Africa, The Americas, and Asia. In Asia, they set up a special treaty with Japan. The Tokugawa shogunate of Japan didn’t like the influence of foreigners so they made an exclusive deal allowing the Dutch to be the only Western power that could trade directly with them.


The Dutch introduced Japan to 3 new things they had never before dreamed of. The first was the bread. Before the arrival of the Dutch, the only grain products the Japanese ate came from rice. The second was Christianity, a religion that had swept all across Europe but that as of yet had no foothold in Asia. The third groundbreaking thing the Dutch introduced Japan to was sex dolls and thus the infamous term “Dutch Wives” was born.

Dutch wives came in many varieties but the majority look similar in form to the images you see above. Their bodies were made from cloth of some kind or leather. They had a human form without fine definition and they were filled with beads or straw. Their faces were often made of cloth and leather than eyes, a nose, mouth, and blush were painted on. Some dutch wives were made of porcelain and if a man could purchase one of these it was an indicator that he was a man of high status. Dutch sailors would usually share dolls made entirely of cloth with each other while the captain would have a doll with a porcelain face, kept in his cabin for personal use. Many of the dolls also had holes in them that were definitely intended for sex. It remains unknown if Dutch sailor would rub themselves inside of the cloth sex dolls raw or if they found some way to lubricate them.

To our modern eyes, it seems absurd that any man could have sex with dolls made of cloth, but these were men who were stuck at sea for years at a time. Men who saw sexy mermaids on the horizon that were actually manatees, a fat and ugly aquatic mammal. These men were born into a conservative Christian society where it was difficult to get sex to begin with, but at sea, they didn’t even get to see women for years. Their minds and bodies were wild with desire and so for them, these were realistic sex dolls that ignited their fantasies.

When the Dutch merchant fleet docked in Japan to trade, the Japanese merchants noticed the dolls on board their ships and took an interest in them. Maybe they were fascinated by the different facial features these dolls possessed. Japanese merchants purchased some of the dolls from the sailors and began to sell them to local men who began to enjoy them. The term “Dutch Wife” is used in Japan to this today as a synonym for a prostitute because even then merchants would rent the dolls out to Japanese men who could not afford to buy one of their own. Once more we are left to wonder whether or not the men rubbed themselves against the cloth dolls raw or if they used some kind of lubricant.


It was also likely that the sharing of sex dolls contributed to the spread of sexually transmitted disease. The dolls were difficult to maintain because if a cloth doll gets wet it will begin to collect mold and smell terrible, but perhaps sailors who didn’t have access to showers while at sea for months didn’t mind.

The Japanese weren’t merely content with buying sex dolls from the Dutch. There is evidence that 100 years later they began to make their own dolls that they called “Azumagata Ningyo” which means substitute wife. These dolls didn’t use porcelain, instead of using tortoiseshell to create the faces of the dolls. They could be bought in an area called Ryogoku the premier shopping district in Japan at the time. The doll makers made sure their dolls had an accurate vagina, going to the trouble of giving them a vulva in order to be more anatomically correct and exciting. Traveling merchants would take the dolls from town to town allowing sexually frustrated men to rent them for a short amount of time. This means that sex doll brothels originated hundreds of years ago in Japan rather than in recent years as many people believe.

One thing we are certain of is that the sale of sex dolls began in Europe in the 17th century and real doll sex became an international trend soon after. Dutch wives would remain the world’s best sex dolls until the advent of mannequins and the invention vinyl hundreds of years later.

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