Are Sex Dolls Dangerous For Society?

Ever since their introduction, feminists and their male shills have been creating a stigma around the purchase of a sex doll. To this day its not socially acceptable to admit that you own one. One of the tactics used to harass sex doll owners is the rumor that they are not safe. They have claimed that the dolls are toxic, that you can injure yourself by using one and that they are a danger to society. All of these stories are made up. There is not an ounce of truth to a single one of them and this article will tell you why.

Safe Material

The first taboo about sex dolls is that their material is not safe. Sex doll critics say that regular contact with plastic materials can be toxic to the human body. For example, it has been discovered in the last decade that water that sits in plastic bottles for a long time can actually cause cancer because of something called “leeching” that puts chemicals in your blood stream. What the angry women making these claims don’t mention is that most sex dolls are made of a special material called TPE. It was specially engineer by combining silicon with the latest in synthetic technology, and the result has been a material that you can contact with any part of your body without exposing yourself to toxicity. Sex doll engineers worked for years to refine this material because they want their customers to enjoy intimacy with their doll in any way they choose without risking their health.

Feels Good To Touch

There is also the claim that sex dolls are made of material that is rough to the touch. Sex dolls feel just as good to the touch as healthy women in their 20’s and way better than most women in their 30s. They are smooth and your experience pleasure whether your are caressing their breasts or just lightly tracing their face with your finger tips. Some women are just jealous that men are getting incredible satisfaction from physical contact with a doll.

Dolls are resistant to damage

Others have claimed that there is a danger to men because the sex dolls skeleton is made of steel and could somehow harm you. The people saying this have never used a doll. Customers who have owned dolls for more than a decade never experience this sort of problem. No guarantees if you are driving with your doll in your ferrari and she flies out the window due to an accident, but one customer actually had this experience and his doll actually came out a little scuffed but fully intact.
You can use your doll in any position you want. Top, bottom, side, it doesn’t matter any way you position her it is perfectly safe.
More than 20 years ago, Howard Stern had sex with a quality doll live on the air. It was a watershed moment in doll companionship because of his tremendous popularity and since that time hundreds of thousands of customers in the USA have purchased full sex dolls or other sexual products made of TPE. There are no reports that I am aware of where anyone experienced any negative health consequences and virtually everyone I talk to gets extreme pleasure.

Don’t deny yourself

Sex dolls are wonderful products that enhance the quality of your life. Here are some reasons you shouldn’t deny yourself the pleasure of owning one.

⦁ The dolls are yours to command. You can position them however you want just like you would a submissive girlfiend.
⦁ They have many advantages over real women like not having to deal with the drama of a relationship or breaking your wallet while trying to make an ungrateful person happy.
⦁ If you were emotionally abused by a woman in the past and are reluctant to get back into the dating game, a sex doll can be a stepping stone on your path. You may even be so happy with your doll you forget about dating again.
⦁ Your doll is yours and yours alone, so there is no risk of contracting any sexually transmitted diseases.
⦁ In some relationships, women like their man to have a sex doll in case she is too busy to satisfy you. It keeps you faithful in the relationship while still letting you be a family man.
⦁ Dolls come in so many shapes and sizes that no matter what you will be able to find your fantasy girl.

How to Stay Safe When Using a Doll

Sex dolls are inherently safe, but there are some best practices you should follow as a conscientious owner. Be aware of the quality of the product you are buying. There may be some shady companies selling low quality dolls that have some risks. However premium dolls like the ones sold here have been quality tested by teams of experts to make sure that there is no risk of injuring yourself when using one. Get a doll made of TPE or pure silicon and you won’t have to worry about abrasion, toxicity or allergies.

Quality Lasts

Buy from a reputable online seller to make sure that you get what you are promised. The industry is well regulated and this store only works with the highest quality manufacturers. Its ok to spend a bit of money for a quality doll. You will get a doll made of quality TPE with a padded skeleton that can withstand impact without losing its form. Your doll will be with you for years to come.

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