Custom Sex Dolls – Build Your Fantasy Partner

Custom sex dolls are the answer to the majority of your hidden sexual fantasies. How’s so? Let’s start with a few questions. What is a sex doll and what is their purpose? Or even better, What does your dream girl look like? When you close your eyes, can you imagine her hair – the color, length, and style? Are her eyes black pools of lust, or bright blue bombshells? Finding your dream girl in the real world only happens to rockers and movie stars. For most of us, we end up settling on our dreams of a ten, with a four if we are lucky.

The truth is that perfect girls are hard to come by, and they know it – so be prepared to pay for them. Expensive jewelry, dinners, hotel costs – having a perfect girlfriend is costly, and if you don’t want to pay for her lifestyle, then there’s a mumble rapper that will.

Custom Sex Dolls – The Answer to the Perfect Booty Call

Lifelike sex dolls are an alternative to wasting your time praying for the girl with the perfect looks. What if you could have your dream woman knocking on your door in a few days from now? Sex dolls for men are available online and shipped to your door, ready for fun.

Don’t worry about what society thinks of your fetish, and there are hundreds of people like you that feel they can’t talk about their sex dolls in public. Real looking sex dolls are gaining popularity, with Google searches revealing more people searching the term, “buy sex doll,” that at any point in recorded history.

Today’s real looking sex dolls are a far cry from the blow-up dolls of the past. The technology that goes into creating a sex doll is astounding. The TPE silicone fuck dolls available from leading retailers have skin that feels like a real woman’s. Read through any sex doll review, and you’ll find plenty of positive responses from satisfied men and women.

Building a Real Life Sexual Partner

Plenty of online retailers offer realistic silicone sex dolls, with a variety of customizable options. However, it’s a good idea to do some research on the best dolls before you make your purchase.

Cheap silicone sex dolls are available, but the formulations used for the TPE silicon are below standard, and some may leech harmful chemicals and VOCs. Always ensure your purchase your premium real life sex doll from a reputable manufacturer.

Most high-end sex doll manufacturers offer their customers the opportunity to build their perfect sex doll from the ground up. So, what kind of features are customizable on your real sex doll?


Do you prefer blondes or brunettes? Long hair or shoulder-length? You have the option to select any style of hair you want on your girl. Your realist sex doll experience even comes with the possibility of adding pubic hair in a specific style.


Your custom sex doll stares deep into your eyes with her blue, black, or green eyes. Whatever your favorite eye color, top brands will accommodate your request.

Skin Tone

Do you like Asian girls, or are you a fan of toned chocolate honeys? Your silicone love doll comes in any flavor you want. The skin of your TPE sex doll features the latest high-grade silicone technology that feels like real skin. Sex with sex doll partners after taking a bath with them allows you to enjoy a warm touch that feels remarkably human.

Doll Body Type

How do you like your girls? Your silicone love doll comes in any body shape you desire. Choose a slim and sexy schoolgirl, or a thick and busty bombshell – the choice is yours. Nothings stopping you from buying a few dolls and having threesomes with girls of all shapes and sizes. With custom sex doll experiences, you get to live out your sexual fantasies.

petite sex doll

Bust Size and Type

The best sex dolls for men currently available all have customizable options for bust size. Whether you’re a man that loves some double D’s, or you prefer a b-cup handful, you have the opportunity to choose any bust size you like. Holding or cupping your sex dolls breasts feels lifelike, and you’ll mistake it for the real thing in the dark! There are all breast sizes available and you can find them on the top-rated sex dolls page here.

Torso and Vagina

Having sex with a custom sex dolls is all about the torso and vagina. Top love doll sex brands, know that their clients want the best performance out of their real-life sex dolls. You can purchase your sex doll with a fixed or removable cunt.

The removable makes it easy to clean and replacer, while the fixed version gives a more authentic look to the vagina. If you like the thought of going down on your sex doll, then we highly recommend you look at buying the fixed vagina version. However, if cleanliness and convenience are your priorities, then a removable unit will work best for you. Here is a useful article about buying sex dolls and what to take care of while purchasing them.


You have the option of selecting a doll that stands or one that only lies down. Both dolls are fully poseable into any position you desire. However, the dolls with the standing feature have steel feet that allow them to balance while you take them from behind while standing.



Complete your custom sex dolls fantasy by giving your full silicone sex doll a backstory. IS she Sammy the schoolgirl knocking on your door to sell some cookies for the school homecoming dance? Maybe it’s your boss that’s trying to take advantage of you. Most high-end sex doll retailers offer their dolls in a variety of costumes to suit your preference. Buy sex doll accessories online and add to your dolls wardrobe.

Wrapping Up – Your Ideal Silent Partner

Designing and ordering your real love doll will be the best investment in your health that you make this year. Most of the silicone love dolls for sale on the internet are from inferior brands, so make sure you deal with a reputable manufacturer that offers returns and a warranty with their sex doll.

We reviewed the leading brands available online and found that the worlds best sex doll comes from The selection available, and advice on how to make your own sex doll is the best online.

It’s time to get the girl of your dreams, get started on “building” your new relationship today.


Putting Your TPE Sex Doll Together

From the options above, you have the chance to create your ideal lover from scratch. There are so many custom combinations that you need to spend some time thinking about what you want from your new TPE silicone sex doll. For those new into enjoying doll body, find out what is a TPE sex doll and how to use it as a sex partner.

Everyone’s tastes are different. While one person may fantasize about a blonde bombshell, others may prefer brunettes. With You have the chance to live your wildest sexual fantasies with the perfect partner. Here are a few sexually satisfying options to give you an idea of what’s possible when ordering your custom realistic fuck doll.

Big Lips and Tits

Do you dream of big wet lips wrapped around your shaft? Look down at your new realistic sex dolls big beautiful blue eyes as she goes to town on you with her mouth, and command her to go deeper. After finishing the biggest fuck doll cock sucking blowjob you ever had in your life, it’s time to get into those beautiful large breasts.

Thrust your shaft between her big boobs and watch her loving look up at you, she’s ready for you to unload all over her pretty facial features. The silicone TPE feels like a real woman’s skin pressing against your penis, and you’ll hardly be able to tell the difference as she massages your cock with her enormous breasts. Order your busty sex doll, and sink into her tits anytime you like. She’s a solitary sex slave that’s ready and willing to do anything to please you.

Plane Chested Sex Dolls with Slim Limbs

If you prefer women with flatter chests and perky tits, then you’ll enjoy a slim sex doll. Wrap her thin legs around your hips as you lift her lightweight body into the air and let her ride you. Put your cock in her hands and feel her slender digits caress your member as you reach a peak of sexual satisfaction. With an inner thigh gap wide enough to accommodate your fist, and a tight ass that’s begging for your penis, you’ll feel like you’re having sex with a supermodel. With a slim, sexy silicone coitus doll, you have total control, and she knows what you want. Live out your darkest sexual fantasies with your sex doll, without anyone getting hurt.

Big Ass Black Beauties

Are you thinking about a Nubian princess as a sex slave? Order an African goddess with a big plump ass to satisfy your sexual needs. There’s something about having sex with an exotic woman that’s exciting and intimidating at the same time. Force your penis between her big black tits, and rub it all over her dark areoles for your pleasure.

Black girls love dick, and they can’t get enough of you. When you get home from work, she’s ready and waiting for you on the couch. African princesses love experimenting in bed, and she’s willing to suck and fuck you dry, leaving you screaming in pleasure while you are cumming.

Sexy Schoolgirls

Do you have a fantasy about having sex with a schoolgirl? Sure, when that cute 18-year old comes round to your house selling tickets to the homecoming game, you aren’t buying the tickets because you want to attend the matchup. Secretly, you’re reliving every porn movie you ever watched where innocent schoolgirls get fucked by a man with a big dick.

schoolgirl sex doll

However, acting on your impulses will probably get you arrested if you try and hit on her in real life. A silicone copulation doll can help you live out your wildest schoolgirl fantasies, without the worry of going to prison. Those small, perky tits, that clean, youthful face, and that tight, wet, young pussy are all yours with your new silicone love doll.

Curvy and Cute Sex Dolls

If your ideal woman has the curves of a Coca-Cola bottle, then you’ll love the range of silicone sex dolls with curves that don’t quit. Tight waists with wide hips, a big beautiful ass, and full tits are all on the menu for your ideal custom sex slave. Take a handful of her ass while you pound her out from behind, or grab those tits as you thrust from the front.

Curvy girls have everything you need for a sex session that will drive you wild. If you’re a fan of the old-school Playboy models like Pamela Anderson, then a curvy sex doll is your ideal fantasy. Let her ride you as you handle her enormous breasts, and grab her thin waist as she starts to increase the tempo and bring you closer to the edge.

Petite Pleasure Dolls

If you’re a short guy, you may find it intimidating dating and having sex with taller women. Some taller men may enjoy the thrill of dominating a smaller girl. If this sounds like your sexual fantasy, then a petite sex doll is your ideal choice. offers sex dolls as tiny as 4-feet, and you’ll feel like a real man as you enter her tight vagina with your huge dick.

custom sex doll

Dominate your petite sex doll and show her who’s in charge of your relationship. She lives to please, and she can’t wait to make you cum. Just because she’s petite, doesn’t mean that she can’t have big tits. Order your petite sex doll with a set of double-Ds, and enjoy the look of a real woman with the body of a girl that’s still in high-school.

A Fairy Fantasy

One of the best parts of ordering a sex doll is that you get to command your fantasy any way you want. You don’t have to settle for your typical woman, and there’s room for you to try an out-of-this-world sexual experience with your new silicone partner. offers a range of fairy sex dolls to satisfy your sexual fantasies.

If you always wondered what it would be like to fuck the elven queen from Lord of the Rings, then this is your chance. Order your elven sex doll, and live out your sexual fantasy. Elven sex dolls come with pointy ears that glow as you thrust deep inside her. Give her something to giggle about with her friends at the next elven séance.

Any Girl You Want

With, you get to create the custom girl of your dreams. Our comprehensive range of customizable features are the best on offer online, and all of our dolls leave our factory ready to entertain your sexual fantasies.
Imagine if you visited a brothel and had your pick of any girl you want. What features would you be looking for in a partner? Take your fantasy and make it come true with our customizable love dolls that are begging for your dick.

Bring a Man into Your Life

At, we realize not everyone is into girls. Our range of handsome male sex dolls will fulfill your wildest gay fantasy’s. We have a boy to suit any sexual tastes, and they are ready and willing to fuck men or women. Our men sex dolls come with large, erect cocks that are ready to explore every orifice of your body. What do you want from your gay lover? Is penis size important? Or are you planning on pushing your cock deep into their ass? Whatever you want, has the perfect partner for your sexual needs.

Build Yourself an Alpha

Are you a man or woman looking for a partner that’s both dominant and good-looking? The selection of alpha males is ready to take command of your sexual experience. With an 8-inch penis that’s ready to explore all of your holes, you’ll feel a thrill as they enter deep inside you while telling you to take it.

Your new alpha male is ready whenever you want to fuck. With a testosterone level that makes them hard as a rock and horny, they can’t wait to unload all over your face. With an alpha, you’ll feel submissive as they command you into positions and penetrate you so deep that it brings tears to your eyes.

Dominate a Beta-Male

If you like playing the dominant role in your sexual relationships, then a wimpy beta male is there to satisfy your sexual needs. Beta males are always complaining about you wanting sex, but they love taking your cock as much as you enjoy giving it to them. The thin and weak body of a beta male sex doll is ready for you to dominate any way you like.

fetish fuck doll

Make him suck you dry, and then unload all over his face as you tell him that he’s a worthless lover. Turn him around and force your dick deep into his ass as you hear him whimper with pain as your big dick stretches him out. Fortunately, he’s got a big dick too, and you have total control of it as you assert yourself on his thin body.

Ripped and Muscular Men for Your Pleasure

If you like your men ripped and athletic, then has your ideal partner ready to rock your world. Our athletic male fuck dolls look like they spend their lives in the gym. They maintain a shredded look all year round, and you don’t have to worry about them putting on weight. This athletic lover values his body, and he does everything he can to stay in shape for you year-round.

Handle his throbbing shaft and make him ride you like a piece of workout equipment. As a fit and healthy man, he has what it takes to pound you out for hours, without losing his breath. Run your hands along the outline of his manly chest, and feel his wash-board abs. It’s time to get a workout in, and your athletic male porn doll is ready to get to work.

Why Settle for Less than Perfect?

Going out to your local pickup bar to find a sex partner is a risky business, and you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into in most cases. Sitting at the bar and staring at the gorgeous girls across the room is exciting, but do you have what she wants from a lover? Perfect tens want their man to have the entire package. They want good looks, a huge dick, and rock hard abs – and maybe an accent as well. If you fall short in any of those departments, then she’ll laugh in your face when you approach her. Scoring sex with a perfect ten leaves you with the only option of hiring a hot prostitute, and that comes with another set of problems.

dark haired fuck doll

With a customized love doll from, you have the chance to create your ideal 10. Whatever you want is within your grasp, and you get the chance to pound out your perfect girl every day of the week. She’ll never turn you down, and she’s always ready to give you what you need.

The Top Advantages of Owning a Custom Sex Doll

When you head out to the local pick up spot, you never know what you are going home with that night. If you’re feeling horny, then the chances are you’ll take whatever you can get, even if it means sacrificing your dignity. Bringing home a monster because you want to get your rocks off may seem like a good idea at the time, especially after a few drinks.

However, when you wake up in the morning with a hangover, and Quasimodo is lying next to you, you’ll regret your decision. Owning a custom TPE sex doll helps you avoid these temporary lapses in your judgment. When you have a hottie waiting for you at home, then chances are you’ll avoid these “coyote ugly” situations. Apart from providing you with the perfect partner, owning a custom sex doll also has numerous other advantages as well.

As we mentioned earlier, if you’re feeling horny., you can visit the pickup bar to get laid. IF you don’t have any luck, there’s always the local brothels to help you satisfy your sexual urges. However, both of these situations are risky for your health.

America is experiencing rising levels of STIs across the country, with cases of chlamydia and gonorrhea infection skyrocketing nationwide. Going bareback with a girl and using no protection is gambling with your health. With a sex doll, you don’t have to worry about catching any nasty STIs. Your girl is clean, and she only wants you.

If you’re involved in a committed relationship, a sex doll is your best choice to spice things up in the bedroom. A custom sex doll can help you and your partner get your sex lives back on track. If you tell your partner you want a threesome to experience other people, then chances are you’ll be heading for a divorce. While some women have open minds, most of them don’t enjoy the thought of bringing another woman into bed.

However, if your partner seems mildly curious, they may prefer try9ing out the arrangement using a sex doll instead of a real person. Bringing a sex doll into your relationship doesn’t have the same effect as a real person, but it’s a good trial run. Your partner may enjoy the experience and decide that she wants to try the real thing.

If you have fetishes that you suppress in the bedroom with girls, then a realistic sex doll helps you explore your sexual fantasies without anyone getting hurt. If you always wanted to fuck and girl and choke her till she passes out, then a sex doll can’t wait to feel your hands wrapped around her throat.

Have you always wanted to satisfy your slapping fetish, but can’t bring yourself to hit a woman? With a custom sex doll, you can give her a hiding, and she’ll beg you for more. Slapping a real girl in the face to satisfy your fetish will most likely result in her opening a case of rape and assault against you. However, with a silicone sex doll, you can do whatever you want, no matter how dark your fantasy or fetish.

Give Your Sex Doll a Back Story and Live Your Fantasy

When it comes to customizing your realistic love doll at, we have a range of options to suit any sexual preference. With us, you can customize your new lover any way you like, right down to the color of her pubic hair, (that’s if you enjoy that sort of thing).

Sex dolls rely on your imagination to come to life in the bedroom, and customizing their appearance is only one critical step in creating your ideal lover. Give your new sex doll a backstory to increase your sexual pleasure.

redhead sexdoll

Maybe your silicone lover is a schoolgirl that’s fucking you to get back at her daddy. Perhaps she’s your new secretary that been making advances towards you in the office. Whatever your desire, your new TPE sex doll is ready to take on the role and satisfy your sexual urges.

The Dollwives Difference

When searching online for your ideal sex doll partner, you’ll find dozens of manufacturers. Unfortunately, most of them offer you sub-standard dolls that don’t live up to the marketing hype. The result is that you order a doll with no customizable features, and you may as well spend your money down at the brothel instead. However, when you order your new silicone lover with, you get customizable options to set your girl, or guy, up the way you want. Imagine if you could go down to the local pickup joint and choose any girl you wanted, and then make changes to her to improve on her perfection.

With, you get the perfect partner you desire, and they are always ready to take you to sexual heaven. Compare Dollwives girls and guys to any other manufacturer, and you’ll struggle to find anywhere near the level of customization on offer with our silicone sex dolls. With thousands of satisfied customers all over the world, is the leading choice for your new custom sex doll.

Customize Your Relationship

If you’re tired of striking out at the local pickup joint, then it’s time to invest in your sexual health. Choose a realistic fuck doll you can enjoy whenever you feel the urge, and you’ll never look back on your decision. With the customizable options on offer at, you have the opportunity to create a sex slave that meets your preferences. You’ll never feel under-sexed again, and you get to live your sex life on your terms, not your partners.

Caring for Your Custom Sex Doll Partner

Custom female sex dolls require some minimal maintenance to keep them lusting after your manhood. One of the best features about owning a sex doll is that you don’t have to worry about her carrying an STI. Your new synthetic girl is clean, and you’re the first man she let pop her cherry. However, after filling up your little cum-dumpster, you’ll need to help her out. While she’s excellent at satisfying your needs, she needs a hand at cleaning her out. You need to make sure your doll is clean and ready to go for your next session, or you run the risk of an unpleasant sexual experience the next time you want to have sex.

Cleaning your doll is an easy task. If you have the removable vagina model, then simply pull it out and rinse it with warm water. Cleaning a fixed vagina is a tiny bit more challenging, so you’ll need to decide if you want the realistic look of a fixed vagina in your doll, or you prefer the convenience of a removable pussy.

Waiting for Your New Custom Sex Doll to Arrive

When you order a custom sex doll from, it takes us some time to put together your vision. You can expect us to have your doll fully assembled within 2-weeks from your order. We ship the doll immediately after manufacture and let you know when she or he is on their way to your doorstep. The privacy policy is clear and our suggestion is to follow us and check out for a flash sale.

standard postal packaging of a sex doll

You can expect shipping and customs clearance to take a few days, and you should have your doll within 3-weeks from placing your order. Your discrete package arrives at your doorstep, ready to meet you for the first time. Once again, our female sex silicon wives are absolutely safe and approved. You don’t need to worry and ask are sex dolls legal because they are

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We accept multiple secure payment methods including Credit Card, PayPal, and cryptocurrency.

DollWives Guarantee

We are committed to serving you as a customer. We will assist you with repairs and any issues you may encounter throughout the lifetime of your doll.

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Your doll will arrive within 3-7 days once shipped. Each doll includes free expedited discreet shipping.