Custom Sex Dolls – Build Your Fantasy Partner

Custom sex dolls are the answer to the majority of your hidden sexual fantasies. How’s so? Let’s start with a few questions. What does your dream girl look like? When you close your eyes, can you imagine her hair – the color, length, and style? Are her eyes black pools of lust, or bright blue bombshells? Finding your dream girl in the real world only happens to rockers and movie stars. For most of us, we end up settling on our dreams of a ten, with a four if we are lucky.

The truth is that perfect girls are hard to come by, and they know it – so be prepared to pay for them. Expensive jewelry, dinners, hotel costs – having a perfect girlfriend is costly, and if you don’t want to pay for her lifestyle, then there’s a mumble rapper that will.

Custom Sex Dolls – The Answer to the Perfect Booty Call

Lifelike sex dolls are an alternative to wasting your time praying for the girl with the perfect looks. What if you could have your dream woman knocking on your door in a few days from now? Sex dolls for men are available online and shipped to your door, ready for fun.

Don’t worry about what society thinks of your fetish, and there are hundreds of people like you that feel they can’t talk about their sex dolls in public. Real looking sex dolls are gaining popularity, with Google searches revealing more people sear5ch8ing the term, “buy sex doll,” that at any point in recorded history.

Today’s real looking sex dolls are a far cry from the blow-up dolls of the past. The technology that goes into creating a sex doll is astounding. The TPE silicone sex dolls available from leading retailers have skin that feels like a real woman’s. Read through any sex doll review, and you’ll find plenty of positive responses from satisfied men and women.

Building a Real Life Barbie

Plenty of online retailers offer realistic silicone sex dolls, with a variety of customizable options. However, it’s a good idea to do some research on the best dolls before you make your purchase.

Cheap silicone sex dolls are available, but the formulations used for the TPE silicon are below standard, and some may leech harmful chemicals and VOCs. Always ensure your purchase your premium real life sex doll from a reputable manufacturer.

Most high-end sex doll manufactures offer their customers the opportunity to build their perfect sex doll from the ground up. So, what kind of features are customizable on your real sex doll?


Do you prefer blondes or brunettes? Long hair or shoulder length? You have the option to select any style of hair you want on your girl. Your realist sex doll experience even comes with the possibility of adding pubic hair in a specific style.


Your custom sex doll stares deep into your eyes with her blue, black, or green eyes. Whatever your favorite eye color, top brands will accommodate your request.

Skin Tone

Do you like Asian girls, or are you a fan of toned chocolate honeys? Your silicone love doll comes in any flavor you want. The skin of your TPE sex doll features the latest high-grade silicone technology that feels like real skin. Sex with sex doll partners after taking a bath with them allows you to enjoy a warm touch that feels remarkably human.

Body Type

How do you like your girls? Your silicone love doll comes in any body shape you desire. Choose a slim and sexy schoolgirl, or a thick and busty bombshell – the choice is yours. Nothings stopping you from buying a few dolls and having threesomes with girls of all shapes and sizes. With custom sex doll experiences, you get to live out your sexual fantasies.

Bust Size and Type

The best sex dolls for men all have customizable options for bust size. Whether you’re a man that loves some double D’s, or you prefer a b-cup handful, you have the opportunity to choose any bust size you like. Holding or cupping your sex dolls breasts feels lifelike, and you’ll mistake it for the real thing in the dark!

Torso and Vagina

Having sex with a custom sex dolls is all about the torso and vagina. Top love doll sex brands, know that their clients want the best performance out of their real life sex dolls. You can purchase your sex doll with a fixed or removable vagina.

The removable makes it easy to clean and replacer, while the fixed version gives a more authentic look to the vagina. If you like the thought of going down on your sex doll, then we highly recommend you look at buying the fixed vagina version. However, if cleanliness and convenience are your priorities, then a removable unit will work best for you.


You have the option of selecting a doll that stands or one that only lies down. Both dolls are fully poseable into any position you desire. However, the dolls with the standing feature have steel feet that allow them to balance while you take them from behind while standing.



Complete your custom sex dolls fantasy by giving your full silicone sex doll a backstory. IS she Sammy the schoolgirl knocking on your door to sell some cookies for the school homecoming dance? Maybe it’s your boss that’s trying to take advantage of you. Most high end sex doll retailers offer their dolls in a variety of costumes to suit your preference. Buy sex doll accessories online and add to your dolls wardrobe.

Wrapping Up – Your Ideal Silent Partner

Designing and ordering your real love doll will be the best investment in your health that you make this year. Most of the silicone sex dolls for sale on the internet are from inferior brands, so make sure you deal with a reputable manufacturer that offers returns and a warranty with their sex doll.

We reviewed the leading brands available online and found that the worlds best sex doll comes from The selection available, and advice on how to make your own sex doll is the best online.

It’s time to get the girl of your dreams, get started on “building” your new relationship today.

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