Realistic Sex Dolls Nowadays: The Ultimate Guide

Realistic Sex Dolls can do wonders for the people looking for a sexual partner or a way to fulfill their wildest sexual fantasies. The truth is they are more popular than ever. In today’s fast-paced ever-changing world, it’s no wonder that more and more people are having a hard time finding someone with whom they can establish personal emotional connections. With realistic sex dolls, you can develop genuine feelings and feel sexual attraction at the same time which is what makes them so special and unique.

Still, not many people are willing to buy themselves a sex doll because they are not well-informed about the details they should know.

If you are planning to buy one of the high quality and best-rated sex dolls, we advise you to do in-depth research because it will help you purchase a sex doll you can connect yourself with emotionally and sexually.

To help you on this journey, we decided to write a guide that should provide you with all the bits and pieces you need to know before choosing a sex doll that will suit your needs and desires.

Realistic Sex Dolls – Most Common 20 Questions

  1. What is a sex doll?
  2. Why should you get a sex doll?
  3. How to take a bath with your sex doll?
  4. What material are sex dolls made of?
  5. How to maintain your sex doll?
  6. What is the price range?
  7. What types of realistic sex dolls are there?
  8. What sizes are available?
  9. How to choose an ideal sex doll?
  10. How to have sex with a sex doll?
  11. How to hide and store a sex doll?
  12. What are the precautions when using a sex doll?
  13. How to choose the clothes for your sex doll?
  14. How to prepare for your doll?
  15. Who invented sex dolls?
  16. What services you get in sex brothels and parlors?
  17. What are the advantages of sex dolls over real women?
  18. Is sex with sex dolls healthy?
  19. What are some insane facts about sex dolls?
  20. What are the most fantastic sex positions you could try with your sex doll?

So, let’s get started! Why should you get a sex doll?

What is a sex doll?

Realistic Sex Dolls

A sex doll is also known as a love doll. It is typically made of plastic or silicone and ranges from about 4 feet to almost 6 feet tall weighing 20 to over 100 lbs. What makes this doll so unique is its human, male or a female “anatomically correct” appearance which sexually arouses the person who decides to develop the relationship with it. In other words, they are designed to please the sexual desires of their owners.

These lifelike sex dolls can be used for vaginal, anal, oral, and breast sex. Most importantly they are very safe. Their penetrable holes are very lifelike and have excellent texture allowing you to feel sensation you wouldn’t otherwise feel with a real person through a live penetration. Although the sex industry is very small and is only starting to develop, there are a wide variety of realistic sex dolls you can choose from.

The latest technology has made some modifications and fantastic improvements to realistic sex dolls. For example, some of the newest versions of these incredible dolls have voice capabilities allowing them to speak in different situations. The speaking sex doll makes the entire experience even more exciting and valuable as it will enable you to communicate with your doll after having sex. To put it simply, sex dolls will give you comfort and provide you with that much-needed welcoming and cool atmosphere you are looking for after a long, tiring, busy day.

Although it is believed that sex dolls were initially created by Hitler and the Nazis (because they allegedly wanted to satisfy the needs of German soldiers during the Second World War), they were first created by lonely and lustful Dutch sailors in the 17th century.

The market of realistic sex dolls has grown so exponentially that you can choose a sex doll of different shapes, sizes, gender, ethnicity, color and even get it customized as well ( you are allowed to select the size of the breasts, hair color, body shape, eye color, etc.).

If you would like to go a step further, there are sex robots that will take your sex life to a whole new level. Currently, engineers are doing fascinating things with the aim to make them as realistic as possible.

Besides buying a full-size sex doll, you can also purchase torsos with a head but no arms or legs. However, any other replica of human sexual organs or body parts is considered to be a sex toy, not a doll.

Why should you get a sex doll?

I am sure most of you have at least once in your lifetime felt lonely and may be unable to start a healthy relationship with someone for various reasons: either because you were emotionally hurt in a previous relationship or you simply couldn’t feel the “chemistry” with anyone. However, we are all looking for someone we can feel sexual attraction to without worrying about whether we will be rejected or have “ups” and “downs” as the relationship develops. This is usually a mission impossible in real life.

However, a sex doll will significantly improve your sex life and bring out the best in you as they do not have any restrictions or rules you need to abide and follow (unless you want them to :)).

Here are a few main reasons why you should purchase a sex doll:

  • They are flexible and do not require you to change your behavior, lifestyle and attitudes. Their flexibility will help you restore hope in love and encourage you to believe that you don’t have to experience emotional roller coasters to keep a healthy relationship with someone.
  • They are an ideal alternative to a real human being because their flexibility and submissiveness allows you to try virtually any pose and sexual activity without having to cheat or risk some serious body infections. The sex doll gives you a chance to fulfill almost all of your sexual fantasies without being judged or questioned. On top of that, most couples go through the crisis when they do not feel the need to have sex, In such cases, having a sex doll can prevent infidelity and even spice up your relationship or evoke some new emotions.
  • They come in a wide variety of designs based on different tastes and needs. From redheads and blondes to blue-eyed beauties and women with big breasts there is a sex doll for everyone. Did you have a partner you were deeply in love with and that relationship ended badly? Do you fantasize about having sex with a celebrity or some diva? If so, you can easily request a custom sex doll to be made according to your specifications.
  • Realistic Sex Dolls are significantly safer because you can take care of it and maintain it properly. Visiting brothels and having sex with unfamiliar women you know nothing about may seriously jeopardize your health especially when you take into account that those women changed multiple sex partners over time. Besides being considerably safer, having sex with a sex doll is also much cheaper when compared to having sex with sex workers.
  • Unlike real human beings who tend to be egocentric, manipulative, jealous, insecure, and sometimes very demanding, these magical realistic sex dolls are always there for you without having second thoughts whether they want sex or not. They are not moody or argumentative, and they are always at home waiting for you, the master.
  • Realistic Sex dolls have never had sex with any man which makes them virgins. This adds to the beauty of the whole sexual experience.
  • Sex dolls are a great way to overcome a difficult period in your life when you have lost someone you love or have broken up a long relationship that has had a tremendous emotional impact on you. It can serve as a bridge before you feel you are ready to enter a new love relationship with a new person.


How to take a bath with your sex doll?

The doll you purchased will not only help you improve your sexual life. It will also help you develop a better emotional life and feel alive again. That’s why besides having sex with your doll, you can do other things that make you feel happy and fulfilled. For instance, if you feel like having a bath with your loved one, you can do it quickly. However, one thing you need to take into consideration before having a bath is whether your doll is made of silicone or TPE material. If you are planning to have hot tubs with your doll, you should invest in one silicone beauty. Silicone is a material that can withstand high temperatures and sterilization and is therefore a better option when it comes to buying a sex doll. Although it usually comes at higher prices, it is a significant and worthwhile investment.

On the other hand, you should avoid having a bath with TPE sex doll because this material is porous and therefore prone to damage. The material can become very sticky, and it can even melt. Always keep in mind that the doll can be washed only with lukewarm water or warm water.

Finally, no matter whether your doll is made of silicone or TPE, you need to clean it after having a bath. It can sit with you in a bathtub, but we do not recommend submerging its head and hair in water because it can leave some severe damage.

While doing things with your loved one such as having a bath can be fun, you need to keep these things in mind in order not to do any harm to your doll. You don’t want to waste thousands of dollars on buying a beauty just because you weren’t careful enough.


What materials are realistic sex dolls made of?

Most realistic sex dolls are made of two types of materials: TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) and Silicone. The material they are made of is of crucial importance not only because it will determine the way you will clean and maintain your sex doll, but also because it will affect the entire sensation you feel during sex.

TPE material

This material is comparatively new and is very lifelike to touch. It is gaining popularity because it is a softer and cheaper solution than silicone realistic sex dolls. In its core, the thermoplastic is a mixture of rubber and plastic which makes the realistic sex dolls made of TPE more durable than others.


-This material is hypoallergenic which means it is highly unlikely to cause any allergies

-It can retain warmth but is still sensitive to high temperatures

-The material is very flexible which allows different body positions

-It is much softer to touch

-The price range is between 1500 and 3000 dollars.


-This material is much more sensitive than any other. It is porous which means it can take on water which might be problematic as it may damage the doll. That is why TPE realistic sex dolls must be carefully and regularly cleaned. Otherwise, they can stain and become heavily damaged by moisture which might lead to their eventual decay.

-Sometimes TPE can be sticky to touch. The easiest way to overcome this problem is to rub some baby powder all over your doll.

-One significant downside is that you cannot sterilise this material which makes it much more difficult to clean.

Silicone Sex Dolls

The technological advancements have a massive impact on the quality of the silicone sex dolls are made of. In a nutshell, silicone is a mixture of the silicon polymer together with carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. It is safe, non-toxic, odorless. It has thermal stability as well as excellent chemical properties. This material is very soft, it does not cause any allergies and feels amazing while having intercourse with a sex doll. On top of that, these kinds of realistic sex dolls in most cases come with a heating mechanism and have human-body like temperature.


-A silicone doll has the most realistic parts of any other doll type.

-It is less sensitive to heat

-Its very easy to clean and sterilise

-It is hypoallergenic material

-It is resistant to stains from clothes as well as water and heat

-Doesn’t require frequent maintenance


– It is more expensive than other dolls

-Can be sticky to touch

-Body parts will not wiggle when you rock it which is not the case with TPE

-Feels more thick to touch

Besides Silicone dolls and TPE dolls, there are rubber dolls available at lower prices from 100 dollars to 500 dollars. However, unlike silicone and TPE, they are porous which means that mold and bacteria may start growing on it at some point. Besides rubber dolls, there are also dolls made of fabric which are a bit rarer and not so popular because they lack the feel of skin-like touch.

There are many factors you need to take into account when choosing the right sex doll material. Think about your needs and find the one that suits your needs and preferences.



How to maintain your sex doll?

One of the essential steps when purchasing a sex doll is to know how to carefully and properly maintain it.

If you have intercourse with your doll, you need to clean it every time properly. In case you are just cuddling with it, make sure you wash it every 2 or three days because it will keep her in good condition for a more extended period. You may as well get a cleaning kit when purchasing a doll. It’s very important to use that specific kit and not any other because it is specially made for that kind of material.

Here are some basic rules when it comes to cleaning your doll:

  • Clean your sex doll at least once a month with an antibacterial cleanser. Vagina, butt and the mouth should be particularly cleaned to prevent micro bacteria from developing.
  • To make the cleaning more manageable and less demanding, use a condom each time you have intercourse.
  • Make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions about how to clean, maintain and position your doll when it is not used. For instance, TPE skin dolls can get damaged and tear in case you don’t pay attention to them. Therefore, it’s essential that you comprehend the right or ideal position for your doll.
  • Always use a water-based lubricant when having sex with your sex doll because it will prevent tearing of the skin.
  • TPE skin care: make sure you do not place your doll on materials such as newspapers, magazines, leather materials, dark-colored material which contains oil-soluble pigments.
  • Don’t expose your doll directly to the sun because it will make TPE material age faster. Since TPE contains oil, make sure you do not put your doll on unsealed surfaces that may leach the oil from her which will eventually lead to cracking or splitting of the skin.
  • TPE is subject to creasing and flattening if you leave it in a sitting or lying position. That’s why it’s always best to hang your doll and prevent compression marks and creasing. In case creases and wrinkles appear on your doll, do not panic and let the doll rest in the straight position on the flat surface. Do not fold it and let it come to its original shape before you store it.


Storing your sex-doll


If you want to keep your doll in good shape, you need to know how to store her carefully. According to many sex doll manufacturers, hanging is the most efficient way to store your sex doll without damaging her body parts. Luckily, in most cases, you can remove dolls’ heads by using a hook in the neck part that comes with it. In this way, your doll will remain in a natural position while being protected from sunlight and other potential damages. On top of that, it has proven to be the most efficient way to hide your realistic sex dolls from curious eyes like occasional visitors or neighbors. The best place to hang it is in the spacious closet.

Clothing and a wig

When it comes to dressing up your doll, be mindful that you need to look for clothes which are made of color transfer resistant fabric. Otherwise, the colors may cause discoloration to your doll and can even be impossible to remove. Regarding the wig maintenance, its advisable to take off the wig from the dolls head and wash it separately with a mild shampoo or a conditioner. Once you wash it, leave it to dry naturally.

What is the price range?

Although it may seem insane to spend more money on buying a sex doll, you need to keep in mind that it is worthwhile and that is an enormous investment. If you buy a doll that sexually attracts you and that you can develop some special bond with, she is worth spending more money on. On the other hand, if you choose to buy a doll that doesn’t suit your needs and doesn’t allow you to fulfill your wildest sexual fantasies, you may end up feeling extremely disappointed. Therefore, do the calculation and prioritize when purchasing a sex doll.

Here are some essential facts you need to know:

-In case you are short on budget and would like to have a sex doll that will fulfill your desires, you can always buy the more negligible style of realistic sex dolls. In other words, you can purchase headless middles that may incorporate bosoms or pectoral muscles or a pelvic zone.

-Those of you willing to spend more money on the doll, you need to know that the cost of realistic sex dolls ranges from $2000 to $20000. Naturally, the more you pay, the more highlights you can get. Sex robots usually come at a higher price. How much the doll costs highly depends on the type of the model you choose. For instance, high-end realistic sex dolls may reach the amount of $6000, while some Orient manufacturers tend to sell dolls for $9000. Most mid-range sex-dolls cost around $2000, but there are also more affordable realistic sex dolls for only $500.

-Some of the most expensive dolls on the market such as RealDoll and Orient industry offer dolls with the most incredible bodies and realistic features. These kinds of dolls do not only have ultra-realistic faces. They are also backed up by advanced technology and artificial intelligence, and they are impressive, better than most women.

Silicone and TPE dolls – sex dolls over $3000

Silicone and TPE dolls and the top-quality material dolls have prices usually from $3000 to $4000. These are usually premium dolls which have a better skeletal framework allowing them to be very flexible and be placed in various positions and realistic poses. However, since TPE dolls generally have a shorter life than silicone due to natural atrophy. TPE dolls mainly come at prices below and above $3000.

Sex Dolls under $3000

If you don’t wish to spend a massive amounts of money, there are a full range of realistic sex dolls at affordable prices. While some TPE dolls cost around $2000, there are some cheaper, but still excellent fabrics and blow-up doll options you won’t be able to resist.

  • Fabric Dolls – For instance, fabric or cloth fuck dolls can be found at a price from $400 to $1000. Although they are not as brilliant as high-end silicone and TPE dolls, they still give you a chance to have an outstanding sexual experience.
  • Blow-up Dolls – If you are a cost-conscious buyer, this doll is the right choice for you. These can be bought at very low prices from $25 to $250 and up. Still, you can customize it by choosing different options for a look, feel, and size.
  • Pu-foam Dolls – These dolls are made of polyurethane foam and are sold at very attractive prices. They start at $399 and are currently made only by DS Doll. The most significant advantage of these dolls is their super-real look and light weight.

Although getting yourself a super-quality high-end sex doll sound tempting, there are plenty of budget options on the market and some of them even resemble the premium ones — however, don’t rush into it. Before choosing the sex doll that will fit your budget, it is always a good idea to start with a cheaper sex doll solution for around $1000 which is of excellent quality and which can give you what you need. Eventually, you can buy yourself a top-of-the-line premium doll that will fulfill your wildest desires.


What types of realistic sex dolls are there?


The best thing about purchasing realistic sex dolls is the ability to choose the doll according to your taste and preferences. The first dolls only had pretty much the same look, only one color of the skin, similar face, style and expressions. The technology has made considerable progress in this area as well, so today’s dolls come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, ethnicities, genders, structures, appearances, materials and even abilities.


No matter whether you are a straight or gay, today you have the option to choose whether you want a female doll, a male doll or even a shemale doll. Therefore, you no longer have to suppress your needs and desires. Now you can allow your fantasies to go wild.


One of the essentials when choosing your doll is to pay attention to her structure, that is to the skeleton structure of her body. While rubber dolls come in one piece, there are realistic sex dolls on the market that usually come in detachable or foldable parts because it’s much easier to maintain them in that way. Also, a doll with a flexible and stable skeleton typically provide a better experience and are more durable in general.


You need to keep in mind that buying a sex doll is a serious investment and that every detail is important and should not be neglected. When deciding upon which doll to choose, think to take a closer look at her overall physical appearance, body structure and the measurements. You don’t want your doll to be too tall or too short. You need a doll that will help you unleash sexual energy and feel the sensation.


Besides different appearances, sizes and abilities, today you can choose a doll with a different ethnicity. In the past, most dolls were mainly of the same ethnicity. Today, you have the privilege to decide whether you want Indian, African, African-American, Asian, French, Russian or a Brazilian doll. There are no limitations.

Realistic or fantasy

No matter whether you are looking for a doll you can develop a romantic relationship with or just looking for someone who will fulfill your sexual desires, you are bound to find something that suits your taste. While most people with sexual fantasies usually require women dolls with bigger boobs or massive bums,  there are also buyers who prefer dolls with a natural appearance.

Also, if you are a woman searching for a man with bigger manhood, you have a chance to find a male doll that meets your requirements.

Heating mechanism

Another fantastic thing is that you can find a doll with adjustable body temperature. Unlike the first sex dolls that were not able to produce body heat, today’s modern sex dolls come with inbuilt sensors and heating mechanisms that allow you to heat your doll, or her different body parts at a different temperature so it resembles the temperature of a real human body and make the sexual experience even more comfortable and realistic.



The sexual parts of your doll are also equally important as other parts. Mouth, vagina and anus are offices and should be specially taken care of. Most dolls fall into two categories: those with detachable body parts and those without detachable body parts. The dolls that come with removable parts are easier to maintain as you can separate a part with an orifice and clean it thoroughly after making love to her. On top of that, you can get a customized vagina regarding texture, color and structure or even a pierced vagina if that is what makes you horny.

Mini sex dolls

The best thing about mini sex dolls is that they are very easy to maintain and take wherever you want. They have a compact size and lower affordable price. They are mostly 100 cm to 125 cm tall and are very cute and super-sexy. They can have vaginal, oral and anal sex and they have tiny butts and waist. The price range of these dolls is from $600 to $1600.

Robot sex dolls

Not only do today’s dolls come in a wide variety of sizes, appearances, colors and textures, but they also come with many abilities. Amazingly, the newest trend is the realistic sex dolls who are hyper-realistic with features such as built-in heaters to create the feeling of body warmth. They usually have sensors that react once you touch them. Besides being able to sing, smile and speak there are robot sex dolls which can even offer emotional connection. According to some research, more and more robots will appear as there is an increasing number of lonely humans searching for love.

Luxury dolls

Luxury dolls are quite expensive but are definitely great value for money. What separates these dolls from the rest of realistic sex dolls is the fact that they are handmade which means that their finest details are very realistic. They resemble the human female the most, and that is what makes them so special. However, the magic doesn’t stop there. Even the intimate body parts such as vagina and breasts are lifelike and perfectly contoured to look real. If you have a bigger budget and would like to find yourself an ideal partner, then this doll is a perfect choice for you.

There is a wide variety of realistic sex dolls you can choose according to your needs. In case you change your preferences over time, you can always experiment with new ones or change some body parts like the wig, vagina, eyes, etc. You can even talk to some robot fuck dolls and establish a closer, even emotional, relationship with them. With the right sex doll, the sky’s the limit. So, instead of wasting your money and time searching for the right partner, invest in a beautiful and sexually attractive sex doll that will turn all your sexual dreams into reality.

What sizes are available?

Besides different kinds of ethnicities, shapes, colors and types, you need to pay close attention to the size of the doll you wish to purchase for yourself. From the physical size and weight to breast sizes, there are many things to consider when looking for the right doll. The best thing is that today, you can customize your doll by choosing all the body parts, hair, skin, vagina, nails, waist, etc.

To make a smart choice, it’s sometimes the best option to talk to a vendor and ask him or her for professional advice. You can even build dolls based on the picture, specifications or design you saw somewhere, on the TV or in newspapers. Although this is usually more expensive, it allows you to build a sex model of your dreams.

There is a mini and full-size version of porn dolls. Mini dolls tend to be shorter than 100 cm (39 inches). These mini-dolls are very practical because you can position them easily in almost any place in your home, and they are very flexible.

When it comes to life-size dolls, they can weigh over 40 kg (90 pounds), and that is why they require additional energy and strength to move them around the house. It’s always advisable to purchase dolls that weigh less than 40 kg because they will provide a balance between realism and comfortableness which is of vital importance especially if you are a first-timer. Be mindful that while lifting a human body that weighs 50 or 60 kg might be easy, raising a doll that weighs around 30 kilograms can give you a pretty hard time. This is because lifting an alive person is much easier than lifting a dead person. The same thing is with sex-dolls. Once you buy a sex doll, her heavy weight might come as a surprise. Many people have reported that they had the most difficult time getting used to carrying the dead weight. So, to overcome these issues, find a technique that suits you, and that will help you carry your doll as easily as possible. Also, when checking the dolls specifications on the website, make sure you check how heavy they are and then try lifting something of a similar weight. You must be aware of what’s it like to carry a dead person.

To select the right size of the doll, you need to pay attention to a few important factors including:

-Where will you place your doll?

-Do you have a functional storage capacity?

-Are you physically fit and ready to carry a very heavy doll?

-Do you prefer shorter or taller dolls?

Generally, the size varies from 82cm torso to 175cm life-size dolls. So, Make sure you choose the doll wisely and accordingly to the size and weight that you can handle.


How to choose an ideal sex doll?

With all the previously mentioned things, it can be hard to make a decision about what sex doll would perfectly suit your needs. Maybe you would like a blonde with big breasts and juicy butt, and maybe sometimes you would like to have a redhead with smaller body structure and natural look. After all, our preferences and tastes tend to change as time goes by.

First, if you have a clear picture about how much money you would like to spend on your sex doll, the next step is to think what kind of a doll would arouse you and make you feel happy and satisfied at all times. Does this girl have curves? Big boobs? Is it black? Is she naughty or an angel-like? Does she look like a porn star or have an entirely natural look? There are so many things to take into consideration. But, the good thing is that the opportunities are endless. Today, you can do in-depth research on different websites and search for anything you need from the dolls size to the color of her hair and eyes. If you are not satisfied with what’s offered, you can create your sex doll by choosing all its body parts, hair color, skin color, etc. On top of that, there are so many different types of sex dolls like angels, elves, and other dolls that will fulfill your sexual fantasies.

When it comes to the porn industry, things have significantly changed. Sex dolls have become more accessible than ever, and people are no longer looking at sex dolls buyers as super freaks any more. Sex dolls on the market nowadays are like a small scientific breakthrough that have an incredible impact on the porn industry and social life in general. Being aware that there is a vast range of sex dolls on the market and that that the boundaries of creativity is endless, you must educate yourself to get what you are seeking for. Also, the sex industry is only getting bigger and bigger, and sex dolls are regularly updated to keep up with the trends. Since, an average sex doll costs between $1000 and $10000, you do not want to get some random doll one only to find out later that you do not like it at all. For that reason, we suggest you get these types of dolls from reputable sites only and after doing an in-depth analysis of all its characteristics, abilities, pros and cons.

In case you do not want to start with a full-size sex doll, you can always start with body parts like a vagina or an anus. Although this may seem a bit insane, it’s still better to first get used to the feel and the texture of the body parts and then move on to the full-size life-like looking body. This will make you more comfortable, relaxed and more self-confident in case you have second thoughts about using a sex doll, or you are a bit shy and uninformed.

How to have sex with a Sex Doll?

Now the fun part. Once you’ve chosen and purchased yourself a sex doll that will help you awaken your deepest desires and improve both your sexual and emotional life, it’s time to put things into practice. If you have never had sex with a doll, you might have millions of questions swarming in your head. But, the truth is, it’s straightforward. However, before you start having regular intercourse with your doll, make sure you have a lubricant by your side (preferably water-based). And, here are a few steps you need to be aware of when preparing to have sex with a doll:

You become horny – Take out your doll from the place it is stored and throw it in a bed or a bathtub in case you want to have a warm wet sex session. The fact that you can put your sex doll into a bathtub is a considerable advantage.

Place the doll in a position you want – doggy-style, missionary style, standing position – the possibilities are endless. Apply the lube both on yourself, specifically on your penis and your doll as well (mostly in the vagina or mouth if you want an excellent blow job)

Start having sex with a doll

One thing you should keep in mind while having sex with your doll is that you should not fuck the doll but have sex with her. Imagine, the girl is a live human being and treat her as you would treat a woman. Caress her, kiss her, touch her tits. Although she doesn’t have the nerves you can stimulate, you feel great because it gives you a sense of total freedom and sexual fulfillment.

Also, to spice things up, try changing positions from time to time. It will add to the realism of the moment and make sex even more dynamic. You can try cowgirl mode or a throat fuck. Don’t shy away from trying new positions and experimenting with your loved one.

Do not forget to clean your doll thoroughly once you finished having sex with her. We have already mentioned in this article the best way to clean a doll and take care of it properly. The caring process is essential because it will keep your doll well and protected from decay. Cleaning the doll is the most critical part of the caring process.

How to hide and store a sex doll?

Although a sex doll is an excellent way to fill an emotional void in your life live or just spice up your love life, many people don’t easily decide to buy a sex doll because they are ashamed of it and afraid that someone else might see her. Luckily, many sex dolls come with a hook in their neck parts which can be hung in a closet. By hanging your doll’s body like a coat, you allow it to remain in a natural position, without her feet touching the ground. On top of that, in this position dolls are well-protected from the sun and potential accidental damages.

On top of that, storing your doll in this way will hide her from curious eyes. It’s definitely one of the most efficient ways to store your doll because it doesn’t take much space and is well protected and safe. In case you have a collection of realistic sex dolls, you may consider storing them in a larger closet or a large cabinet, preferably made of chrome because it can withstand any weight.

Here are a few positions you can place your dolls in when storing them:

Laying Position

If you want to protect your doll from any damages, probably the best position is a lying position in a bed. Of course, this is a temporary solution, and it won’t keep your doll hidden from curious eyes. But, who doesn’t love some cuddling and caressing in the bedroom? If you decide to keep your doll with you in your bed just make sure your room is away from direct sunlight and high temperatures so as not to expose it to any damages.

Sitting Position

If you do not have an appropriate storage room or a closet, you need to start thinking about alternatives how to store your doll and keep it safe from harm. One of those alternatives is a sitting position either on a chair or on the ground. Whether this solution will be the right one or not, highly depends on the sex doll body structure. For instance, if your doll has a high-quality skeleton which holds different positions easily, then putting her in a sitting position should not be a problem. However, if your doll doesn’t have a robust and stable skeleton, it may change her position slightly ( this usually happens if they are low-quality and cheaper ones) which causes them to fall out of the chair from time to time. In such cases, you might consider securing your dolls in a chair somehow. However, be careful with the fixing process because it may put pressure on her and damage it in some body parts. Keep in mind that while your doll is in storing mode, it has to be without extra added pressure.

What are the precautions when using a sex doll?

How To Stay Safe When Using A Sex Doll?

While buying a sex doll seems like a great idea and worthwhile investment, there are things you need to pay attention to so as not to jeopardise your health condition. The three chief health and safety considerations you should be aware of are:

  • The quality of the product
  • The materials used for making a doll
  • The design of a doll

The sex doll industry is expanding at an exponential rate, so you should be familiar with and aware of all the sex doll types the market offers. In other words, you should be mindful of what to avoid and what to choose when looking for a sex doll that will satisfy you in the long run.

Make sure you buy a doll from a reputable online store that offers warranties on their products. Don’t just randomly buy a doll that you believe will fulfill your dreams. Do in-depth research and look for consumer reviews before you pick one.

It’s always advisable to buy a sex doll made of either TPE or silicone because they can be easily cleaned and disinfected without affecting the quality of the doll. The same goes for sex toys. On top of that, both silicone and TPE are hypoallergenic which means that they won’t cause any harm to your skin like skin irritation or illness.

The sex doll is entirely safe to have sex with which is confirmed with the extensive quality assurance test. However, taking into account that realistic sex dolls come in a variety of shapes and sizes, you need to avoid using your back to carry and lift large toys as this can cause severe problems to your back.

Another and probably the most important thing you need to do before using these dolls is to read the manual carefully. It will provide you with all the necessary information you need to know. The sex doll will give you immense pleasure only if it is used in the right way. For instance, make sure you place the batteries in the right place. Using a condom is also advisable because, in that way, you don’t have to clean your doll after sex. Naturally, you can also use a lubricant if you want. Last, but not least, wash your doll after having intercourse with her or oral sex.

How to choose the clothes for your sex doll?

Buying yourself a doll doesn’t only make your sex life more interesting. It also gives you a chance to take care of your doll as your real girlfriend. For example, choosing clothes for the doll is something many people love doing. However, since a sex doll is somewhat sensitive, you must make sure the clothes you buy won’t cause any damage to the doll. If your doll is a lighter tone, avoid buying darker pieces of clothing as they can stain. Also, make sure you thoroughly wash newly purchased clothes and avoid materials such as leather and dyed hide-based materials, as they can also cause damage.

Also, keep in mind that tight clothes may create creases in the skin, so it’s advisable you avoid buying them.

Another thing you can do to protect your doll from darker clothes is to use skin-colored or white stockings underneath your clothes. However, be mindful that cheaper clothing can make stains even through socks.

If you bought yourself a TPE doll and are planning to buy a whole wardrobe for your doll, you should invest in a TPE test piece. This will test the staining potential of the clothes you want to buy for your doll. Whatever clothes you wish to purchase for your loved one, you need to make sure it is safe because realistic sex dolls have delicate skin and can easily be damaged. Also, if you want to dress your doll more efficiently, try powdering her before dressing her. In this way, you will minimize the scratching. If you are putting shirts and sweaters, don’t raise the arms straight above the head because this can cause a tear and wear out the armpit skin.

Finally, when choosing the clothes for your doll, ensure you buy the right size since you can’t bring your doll into a shop. While most measurements are usually available on the manufacturer’s website, you can always check those measures before buying a particular piece of clothing for your doll.

Besides clothes, you can make your doll even more beautiful by choosing the jewelry that you like. You can buy everything except rings because you need to measure your dolls fingers beforehand.

How to prepare for your doll?

Purchasing your sex doll for the first time is super-exciting. However, sometimes because of delays in shipping and other unexpected problems that occur during the transport, you can wait for your sex doll for months which can be pretty disturbing. Still, there are things you can do, and that will keep you entertained in the meantime. Here are a few things you need to buy before your sex doll arrives.

  • Water-based lubricant – as we mentioned before when making love with your sex doll, having a lubricant is imperative.
  • Renewal powder – another thing mentioned above is the powder you can apply to your doll’s skin to make it more smooth and non-tacky. Baby powders are the best option because of their sweet smell.
  • Perfume – if you want your doll to smell nice, there are many perfumes you can choose from. But, make sure you don’t apply the perfume directly on your doll’s skin because it may cause damage. Instead, spray it little on the dolls clothes.
  • Measuring tape – Although most manufacturers include sizes like the weight and the height of a doll, they usually do not specify the dimensions of separate body parts, like waist, legs, etc. If you are planning to buy the clothes for your doll, you will need a measuring tape to measure her leg length, bra size, etc.
  • Hair and accessories – hair that is a wig is an essential part of the dolls look. While your doll will come with one particular wig, you may invest into buying more wigs and change it from time to time. If you wish, you can make your doll’s hairstyle even more beautiful by putting hair ties and hairpins.
  • Makeup and accessories – the dolls look wouldn’t be complete if there was no makeup to add up to the beauty of her face. Powder-based makeup is entirely safe for your doll. Although the sex dolls usually come with already applied makeup, you can still choose any assortment of basic powder makeups and makeup brush.

Who invented sex dolls?

There is a common belief that the first realistic sex dolls were invented by the Nazi regime in order to satisfy the sexual needs of soldiers in the army, during the war when they were physically separated from their wives. But, this was not the only reason. According to this popular belief, Hitler wanted to keep his German army disciplined and Aryan race pure. He tried to prevent his German soldiers from having sex with European women and making them pregnant.

While there may be some truth in this, in reality, Hitler was not the one who did invent the realistic sex dolls. These silicone beauties were probably invented by lustful and lonely Dutch sailors back in the 17th century. You can learn more about history of realistic sex dolls by reading related Wikipedia article here. Of course, the first dolls were perhaps not even close to today’s ones, but they served the same purpose. The sailors needed some female company during long sea trips. An interesting fact is that they started to sell these dolls to Japan, calling them “Dutch wives”.

For years, the most popular sex dolls were rubber dolls. Everything changed when Matt McMullen expressed the desire to create a sex doll,  a mannequin that had more realistic curves and was much more human-like than any other sex doll before did. He started to develop the prototypes made of latex with an interior skeleton. However, ha faced a challenge – how to make them anatomically correct? This is what he focused on and finally created a fully anatomical doll – the Real Doll. Eventually, latex turned into silicone. However, Matt thought it would be a good idea if he started using platinum cured silicone instead of tin cured silicone, which then, was taken by the entire industry. Ever since the Real Doll was invented in 1996, the entire industry flourished developing a culture of imitators. Today’s dolls are a far cry from the first vinyl dolls as they are more realistic and more life-like than ever before. With technology developing at an incredible pace, the sex doll industry will navigate towards creating even more realistic ex-dolls thus providing a more interactive experience.

What service do you get in sex doll parlours and brothels?

For those of you who would like to try sex with a sex doll and don’t want to buy a sex doll either because it is a big investment or some other reason, there is a way how to do it. There are sex brothels and parlors where you can choose a sex doll according to your needs and taste.

There is a growing demand for sex brothels since more and more people have a fetish for realistic sex dolls. However, setting up one of such brothels heavily depends on the county’s legislation system and other regulatory compliance.

Here are some things you may want to know about sex doll parlors:

-The first sex parlor in the world LumiDolls was set in Barcelona, in Spain, February 2017, and has been gaining popularity ever since due to its broad public acceptance. Today, more and more parlors are opening up with a more extensive variety of sex dolls and improved service.

-At sex brothels, you can sometimes experience much more than with real prostitutes. For example, There is a very popular sex brothel in Dortmund Germany where you can choose between 11 sex dolls who have names, ethnicity, hair color, breast sizes, etc. Wives of many visitors can be seen outside of the brothel waiting for their husbands who entered the brothel to have sex with one of the dolls. Besides this brothel, there are many other famous brothels around the world including:

LumiDolls – Barcelona, Spain

KinkySDollS – Toronto, Canada

Xdoll – Paris, France

The Dolly Parlour – Greenwich, England

Playmate Dolls – Toronto, Canada

-These brothels offer a unique experience as you can choose from a wide selection of dolls from female sex dolls to transgender sex dolls. On top of that, all of these dolls can be used for both regular sex, oral sex, breast sex and anal sex. Penetration holes have a fantastic texture that allows you to feel incredible sensation, much better than during sex with a real person.

-These brothels offer an entirely private environment. After paying for service online, there is minimal or no interaction with the staff. You have full access to the private accommodation where you can make your wildest sexual fantasies come true. Besides men, more and more women are visiting these brothels to buy a sex doll for their husbands as a way to prevent them from cheating.

-The cost of such service is around $100 for 30 minutes, but prices vary depending on what kind of parlour you decided to visit. Besides women sex dolls, these brothels also offer male sex dolls to satisfy the needs of women as well and AI sex dolls in case you want them to behave like a real human.

-According to the research, sex dolls and sex dolls parlours improve sexual life of many people and even prevent marriages from breaking up. Also, these parlours lower crime rates related to sexual offences. The main benefit of these places is that they offer people to experience their wildest sexual fantasies in a non-judgemental way. In this way, they don’t have to feel embarrassed and accumulate negative energy inside of them.

What are the advantages of sex dolls over real women?

Buying yourself a sex doll was a taboo subject for so many years because there is a mark of disgrace when talking about having a sex doll. However, In the last couple of years, it has gained much popularity mostly because people came to realise the great benefits of owning a sex doll.

Now, you might be asking yourself: “Why do I need a sex doll when there are so many women out there I can start a relationship with?” And here are some of the answers:

-Sex dolls will never complain or express unhappiness just to get your attention. Realistic Sex dolls are calm, quiet and patient.

-Sex dolls will never express their displeasure in public and put you in an awkward situation. Also, they will never bitch at you for whatever you do, whether you are playing video games or just spending some time with your friends. With realistic sex dolls, you will never experience an embarrassing situation in public like having a quarrel or a dramatic scene.

-Sex dolls will never transmit any of the sexual illnesses and infections out there because they have not had intercourse with anybody before you. Your doll is clean and safe to use.

-If you are not planning to have children, then buying yourself a sex doll is the right solution. With a sex doll, you don’t have to worry about whether she will get pregnant or not and you don’t have to have long discussions and talks with her whether you will have children or not.

-When entering a relationship with a real woman, there is a risk she might start cheating on you. On the other hand, real sex dolls are always submissive, and will always be by your side no matter what you do. With realistic sex dolls, you no longer have to worry about infidelity because they will not sleep around. The sex doll is entirely yours, and you are the only one to decide when you want to “end a relationship”.

-One of the benefits of having a sex doll is that you don’t have to support her financially. Your sex dolls only require regular cleaning and maintenance and is an excellent alternative to a real live woman in financial terms as well.

Is sex with sex dolls healthy?

One of the reasons why many people have second thoughts about whether to buy a sex doll or not is the health reason. The big question is: “Is having sex with a sex-doll safe and good for health?” After a lot of research done, we concluded that sex dolls could have a very positive impact not only on your sex but also on your health in general. Here are some of the many proven benefits of owning a sex doll.

  • By developing a sexual relationship with your doll, you get to find out a lot about your sex life, what turns you on and your wildest sexual fantasies. In this way, you can practice various sexual positions with your doll, and be more confident in bed next time you start a relationship with a real woman.
  • With so many obligations piling up during the day, it’s no wonder we accumulate negative energy and suffer from a lack of sleep and constant tiredness. The easiest way to solve this problem is through sex. Realistic Sex dolls allow you to explore your sexuality and the need to be sexually satisfied as well. In this way, you are not only becoming happier but also more emotionally fulfilled and stable.
  • By having sex with your sex doll, you get to feel stronger orgasms which release dopamine and oxytocin which make you feel happy and youthful and young! Isn’t that great?
  • Having sex on a daily basis can massively improve your well-being and make you feel happier than ever before. It also enhances your self-esteem and your emotional state. And the good news is that you don’t need a real man or a real woman to have sex every day. Realistic Sex dolls are there to give you what you want and when you want it.
  • Finally, as we already mentioned above in the text, with realistic sex dolls, you don’t have to worry about getting any diseases or infections from a sex doll if you regularly and carefully clean them and maintain them.


An interesting fact is that one on three women or men is the owner of sex toys or realistic sex dolls. And, we shouldn’t forget the ones considering buying themselves one of those sex toys. Everyone is buzzing about it.

Therefore, when thinking about whether you want a sex doll or not, think about all these health benefits. You need to think about your happiness and well-being because, at the and of the day, this is what we are all striving for!

What are some insane facts about realistic sex dolls?

The world of realistic sex dolls is pretty amazing and super-fun. Here are some insane acts you didn’t know about that will sweep you off your feet.

  1. Barbie doll was based on a sex doll. – During the 1950s, a small erotic doll called Bild Lilli was released in Germany. Although she didn’t have holes, she did have sex appeal. It is thought that this doll inspired manufacturers to create Barbie which gained massive worldwide popularity later on.

2. People who are huge fans of Real Dolls are called  “iDollators” – Realistic Sex dolls are made of silicone mostly which makes them unable to perform any unpleasant human activities. This is why these men called “iDollators” worship them and see them as goddesses. A sex doll will never cheat on them, criticise them or be disagreeable in any possible way.

3. Sex Dolls weigh a lot. – We already mentioned that when carrying a doll, you need to be extremely careful not to hurt your back or some other body part as they can be quite heavy. Did you know that realistic sex dolls can weigh as much as 115 pounds? This is one of the reasons why women have second thoughts about buying a male sex doll.

4. Howard Stern is hugely responsible for the popularity of Realistic Sex Dolls across America and worldwide too. – Howard Stern ordered a sex doll during the ’90s for his show and apparently had sex with it while being on air. This had a massive impact on the sales as they skyrocketed. Today, the sex doll market has developed and increased, and now companies sell as many as 300 sex dolls annually.

5. Realistic Sex Dolls are called “Dutch wives” in Japan – As we mentioned earlier in the text the Dutch are believed to have invented the realistic sex dolls back in the 18th century. Later these dolls were called “dame de voyage” by the French or “dama de viaje” by the Spanish. The Danish made the first realistic sex dolls out of leather and sold them to Japanese who still use this term.

6. A man in Michigan married a sex doll – As awkward as it may seem, some people consider their relationship with a sex doll quite seriously. For example, a man from Michigan who calls himself “Davecat” who you may have seen in TLC’s My strange addiction is not legally married to his sex doll, but he considers her to be his wife. He also has another two dolls which he considers “companions”.

7. The Real Doll Company manufactures male sex dolls as well. Male realistic sex dolls account for only 10 percent of sales, and there are fewer options in general. Still, women also have an opportunity to choose a male sex doll that will help her achieve her wildest sexual desires.


What are the most fantastic sex positions you could try with your sex dolly?


Probably one of the best things about realistic sex dolls is that they allow you to experiment, try a variety of sex positions and ultimately make your wettest dreams come true. With your sex doll, things will never get boring. You can always introduce a new sexual position to spice things or try some new stuff you haven’t had a chance to try so far with a real woman.

Here are some of them:

  1. Classic face down

This pose resembles a doggy style pose that will never go out of fashion. Let the doll rest on its knees with her arms raised slightly above her head. Her legs should be spread slightly at the back which should help you maintain the balance.

2. Missionary Pose

This pose is probably the most frequent and the most popular pose that most people love. Lay the doll on her back and bend her legs a little bit, to an angle of forty-five and spread them. Now, you can start entering, pumping and thrusting away as you like it.

3. Spooning

Place your sex doll sideways and bend her legs to an angle of forty-five degrees to support the lower part of the body and the torso. Her arms should also be bent to support the body. Raise her upper leg and start entering the doll as you please in one of the orifices from behind. This will allow better penetration and better and stronger experience.

4. Sex against the wall

Although this is not the most common sex position, it is very popular because it gives you a sense of control and great pleasure. Place your doll horizontally in some corner of the room and make her face outward away from the edge of the room. The corner will allow the doll to maintain balance, the walls will support her body and will not let her fall. You should spread her arms outward towards the doll. Lift one of the legs and hold it so you can enter it from behind quickly and slowly.

5. Bent over but standing

Before trying this pose with your loved one, make sure you put the high heels on her feet because they will allow her to balance her body better. Next, place your doll in a standing position but bend down her upper part of the body so that her head touches the edge of the table or a bed. The bend should be at the waist. Get the doll’s legs slightly spread and start entering from her rear position.

These are some of the positions you can try out with your sex doll and have the best time of your life.

We hope that this post helped you learn everything you need to know about realistic sex dolls and that it encouraged you to choose one of these babes and improve your sex life. Some more relevant info is available here. In today’s fast-paced digital world, more and more people are becoming isolated and emotionally detached from each other. Why waste time trying to start and maintain a relationship with a real human when you have a sex doll who is submissive, always there to rely on, patient and ready to have sex at every moment? On the other hand, if you already have a steady relationship with a real person, a sex doll can only breathe in some new life into your current relationship and help you become a pro in bed. So, what are you waiting for? Start searching for your perfect sex doll today!


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