The Economics of Sex Dolls Versus Real Relationships

You spot a gorgeous girl sitting over at the bar, and muster your nerve to get up and move over the bar to talk to her. After a humorous introduction, she accepts your offer to buy her a drink – things are going well. After a fun evening, she slips you her phone number and asks you to call her Friday to hook up.

Friday rolls around, and you’re meeting your new girl at a restaurant for dinner. You chose the best restaurant in town to impress the girl, and perhaps it will be the touch of masterclass to need to get her into bed.

After a great dinner, she refuses your offer of a nightcap at your place but says she’s keen to see you on Sunday for a picnic in the park if you’re up for it – of course, you are, you sucker.

This situation is a common theme for many men, and most of the time, it ends up in the girl dumping you after spending hundreds of dollars on drinks, dinners, and gifts to get her in bed. You’ve just blown nearly a thousand dollars trying to get laid, and now you are even more frustrated than when you started.

What if there was a more natural way to relieve your sexual frustration? Lifelike sex dolls are an attractive option for men that are having no luck trying to get lucky. Real looking sex dolls have exquisite features, and hot bodies – and they are entirely customizable to your preferences. Do you prefer redheads or blondes? How about skinny girls or busty blondes? Whatever your fetish, you can find it online.

Sex for Money – Societies Standards

The situation above describes the typical dating cycle. Most girls like to wait for a few dates before they commit to having sex with their partner. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it may leave the man feeling frustrated in the beginning, especially since they are forking out their hard earned money on dinner and drinks.

Sex for money is the oldest profession, and it’s still going on today. You don’t need to visit a corner in a dodgy part of town to find women selling sex for cash. Every time you open your wallet to buy a drink, dinner, or a gift; you are spending money on your relationship with the sole hope that your actions will get you laid tonight.

Girls are attracted to the allure of money, even if they are not prostitutes. How many times have you seen a stunning, sexy girl hanging out with an overweight, ugly guy? Then you watch as they step into his Ferrari and speed off into the night. Money buys influence, and sex – this is no mystery.

Why spend thousands on dates that go nowhere, when you can purchase a real sex doll online, and have sex on your terms?

The Costs of a Real Relationship

Think about the cost involved with a date – or a long-term relationship, and it may leave your head spinning. Think back to all of the previous hook-ups you had, and how much they cost you. Was it worth it? Of course, it was, but that still does not leave you with a solution to your current problems of not getting laid enough.

A realist sex doll cost you money up front. However, after you complete your purchase and receive your doll, you have decades of fantastic sex in front of you. Manufacturers offer custom sex doll setups where you can choose everything from body type to hair and eye color. Sex with a sex doll is nothing like you might imagine.

Silicone love doll partners are expensive, and you can expect to pay more than $2,000 for your doll. However, when you think back to all the money you’ve wasted on dates that went nowhere, this is probably pocket change in comparison.

Having a real relationship costs money, and your success in the dating pool depends on how much cash you have in your bank account. If you’re an average Joe, with average looks and an average bank account –then no hottie is ever going to want to get with you. Girls are always looking for the bigger, better deal, and if you can’t give it to them, then they will get it from someone else.

Even if you manage to nail down a gorgeous 10 of a girl, she will still cost plenty in maintenance over the years. Hair appointments, presents, vacations – and you can bet your bottom dollar that you will be paying for everything.

The Costs of a Relationship with a Sex Doll

The best sex dolls for men are ready and willing to please your sexual desires anytime you need them. They never ask for your money, and they have no interest in the car your drive. Do you have a beer-belly and ED? – they don’t care.

Your custom sex doll is there to please you when you need her, and she doesn’t require you to take her out for dinner and drinks first. The only money you’ll spend on your silicone love doll – is buying the cleaning solution.

Having sex with a doll can be as fun as having sex with a real person – and it’s on your terms, not hers.


The Verdict – Is Real Sex Worth It?

When we take a look at the cost involved with dating a girl just to get into her pants, it makes far more sense to buy a sex doll for sale. Plus, there is always the chance that you will spend money on multiple dates, only to have her dump you without sleeping with you.

Investing in a sex doll is that last money you’ll ever have to spend on getting laid. When your sex doll meets your sexual needs, you’ll find that women can sense you are less desperate, and they will be more inclined to go home with you.

Is real sex worth it? Sure it is. However, when times are tough, and you can’t find a partner at the club or bar, it’s nice to know you have someone waiting for you at home.

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