Sex Dolls Versus Real Women

With the introduction of sex dolls for men, many feminists complain that these dolls objectify women. However, real looking sex dolls may present benefits to both men and women, allowing them to explore their sexual fantasies without involving a third party in the relationship.

At the moment, the world is experiencing dwindling birth rates in the developed economies. Many countries like Japan, are seeing more deaths than they are births. An investigation into this phenomenon exposes the truth behind the lagging populace of developed nations.

Many teens and young adults avoid having relationships due to financial pressures and the fact that many adults are starting families later. However, diving deeper into the problem, we find that people are avoiding having relationships because they can’t find the right partner, or don’t have the economic means to start a relationship with a partner.

Lifelike sex dolls help men and women satisfy their sexual urges, without the need to visit a brothel or experience rejection at the local pick-up bar. Real looking sex dolls have astounding detail in their features, and they are a far cry from the old blow-up toys we used to laugh at in the movies.

Before you buy a sex doll, it’s best to read up on a few sex doll review sites to find the best manufacturer and popular products available online.

Real or Faux?

So, why are sex dolls gaining popularity? Do people gain any benefit from having sex with a doll? We decided to unpack this dilemma and discover whether it’s better having sex with a doll or a real person.

The Benefits of Sex with a Sex Doll

Realistic silicone sex dolls feature customizable options. Choose the hair type and color, body type – thick or thin, eye color, and skin tone. Do you prefer a busty blonde or a petite redhead schoolgirl? The amount of choice on offer is astounding, and you have the opportunity to build your perfect partner from scratch.

There’s no more going to the pick-up bar and leaving with a girl you think is below your standards. Your perfect sex doll has all of the features you dream about – and she’s yours forever.

Having sex with a doll may seem a bit strange at first. However, the soft silicone TPE skin of the doll feels like the skin of a real woman. Your sex doll comes anatomically correct, allowing for vaginal, anal, and oral penetration.

Pose your sex doll in any position you like, and ravage her. You can be as rough as you like with your new girl. Do you have a slapping fantasy? – Your sex doll is up for the challenge.

The Drawbacks of Sex with a Realistic Sex Doll

Your sex doll is your ideal partner. She is always ready and willing, and she never turns you down. However, the doll can’t provide the feedback you get from a real woman, and you’ll have to leave something to your imagination.

We imagine that the perfect sex doll would be as responsive as a real girl. With the development of AI technology, we don’t think it’s going to very long before a sex doll manufacturer includes the tech in sex dolls.

Imagine if you could have sex with a doll, and it can call your name, moan, and talk dirty to you? Cheap silicone sex dolls are a thing of the past. Today’s sex dolls allow you to have real doll sex, that feels as good as the real thing.

The Advantages of Having Sex with Real Woman

Having sex with a real woman is the preferred choice for most men (and women.) However, when is sex not worth the hassle? Would you take someone home for sex, even if you were not attracted to them? We all have our unique sexual needs, but in some cases, it may be better to have sex with a doll, than sex with a monster you aren’t attracted too at all.

Realist sex dolls have the features of a perfect ten, with the body to match. If you struggle to pick up hot women, then a sex doll offers you the opportunity to try out a 10. Custom sex doll options allow you to tailor the doll to your requirements, making sex with sex doll lovers the perfect experience you envision.

Silicone love dolls may not be able to moan and respond to your touch, but the future may change this future of sex dolls, making them the ideal, supportive, and attractive partner.

The Disadvantages of Having Sex with a Real Woman

Having sex with a hot girl is plenty of fun – until you start to develop signs of itching in your crotch a few days later. More than two-thirds of American adults have an STI. Sexually transmitted diseases are a severe public health concern. Rates of infection with dangerous STIs like gonorrhea, chlamydia, HPV, and herpes are skyrocketing across the country.

The advent of porn culture is also changing the way we have sex. Many people prefer to have unprotected sex with strangers – even if they put their health at risk by engaging in this behavior. Sex dolls have no STIs, and it’s impossible to catch an STI from your sex doll unless you lend her to a friend with an infection – and what are the chances you’re going to give you doll to anyone?

It’s easy to clean your sex doll, and she’s ready to go again. Unlike girls who may not allow you to finish, or don’t enjoy multiple rounds of sex, the best sex dolls for men will never say no. Your dolls sole purpose in life is to satisfy your sexual needs.

Having sex with a doll is far less risky than taking home a stranger, and your custom sex doll has all the features of your perfect partner. A real love doll is always ready and willing to satisfy your sexual needs.


The Verdict – Why be Picky?

In closing, we would like to point out that there is no reason to be picky. Having sex with a real woman will always be the ultimate goal. However, when you’re feeling horny, and you don’t want to hit the clubs in search of a partner, then try out sex with sex doll partners instead.

Most high end sex dolls come with guarantees and discreet shipping, so you don’t have to worry about anyone discovering your new sweetheart. Give it a try and invest in a sex doll, you won’t regret your decision!

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