Should You Buy Your Husband A Sex Doll?

You’ve noticed your man looking at ads for sex dolls. Maybe he denied being attracted to them, but from the way he looks you suspect he is not being honest. You can tell he wants one but is too afraid to act on his desires. Should you buy your man a sex doll?
Some women are intimidated by sex dolls. Its a reasonable feeling. Yes your man isn’t with another woman physically but he wants to have sex with something other than you. You might worry that he will get obsessed with his doll and stop valuing you as much. If you have fears like these, you are definitely not alone.

In this article we are going to discuss the pros and cons of a woman buying a sex doll for the man in her life. I want to say it clear from the beginning. You have nothing to fear from a sex doll if handled properly, in fact the sex doll will enhance your relationship with your boyfriend or husband.

Not in the mood? Call A Sex Doll For Backup.

As a woman, there are so many reasons you may not want to have sex at a given moment or day. Its normal for men to want sex far more often than their female partners do. Saying no to sex can create friction in your relationship. Your man may spend the rest of the evening moping around the house or even get angry. What is worse you may feel guilty even though it is not your fault. If you are pregnant, sick, or just not in the mood, a sex doll is a way your man can satisfy his needs without pressuring you to do something you don’t want to. Better yet, it keeps him from looking at other real women. We are confident that having a sexy realistic doll to release his energy with reduces a man’s desire to cheat on his partner. With your permission, the doll will never tell your man no. It is always available to him, ready to submit to his desires for whatever style of pleasure he is in the mood for. One of the leading reasons men cheat is they don’t get enough sex. Calling in a sex doll as your backup when you are not feeling in the mood for sex will increase your freedom and protect your relationship.

Sex Dolls Keep You STD Free

Even if men don’t cheat by entering relationships with other women, some men will find prostitutes to have sex with. In fact, many men believe that paying for sex isn’t cheating. This stupid idea puts both you and him at risk for contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Many women have been completely faithful to their man only to have the horrifying experience of contracting an STD their husband got from a street hooker he paid $50 to. His dishonesty and negligence could ruin both of your lives. If your man has access to a sex doll that looks like a real woman, he will not go to an escort site or “go for a drive” i.e. get a street hooker to have sex with in the back of his car. By purchasing the doll you are reducing your risk of getting a disease.

Sex Dolls Fulfill Your Fantasies

Its healthy for couples to indulge in fantasies every now and then. To satisfy each other’s desires for more interesting sex some couples join swinger clubs, or visit a dominatrix together. Certainly you have fantasies of your own and your man should care about that. Your husband probably has fantasies about having sex with a college girl dressed up in a miniskirt, or secretary or nurse. You can choose a doll for him, buy multiple outfits and let him have the experience he craves with a doll instead of another woman. You are in control and you are giving permission, so your relationship is not at risk. Dolls are not real, they can’t communicate with your man, they don’t understand his hopes, fears and dreams. There is little risk of him forming a genuine emotional attachment to them. You are irreplaceable in his life. The doll is just a silicone hole that helps him have orgasms whenever you let him.

Follow These Rules

We are confident that buying your man a sex doll will enhance your relationship. However there are a few rules that should be followed as best practices. Make sure your man understands that you still desire him and have sexual needs of your own. The doll is only meant to be a substitute for the times when you aren’t capable or in the mood. If a doll is overused it can be extremely unhealthy, in fact it is an indicator that there is a deeper problem in the relationship not related to sex. Some men even get carried away and try to bring the doll into the living room to watch tv with them or take her for drives and public places. Don’t let your man do this. If someone sees him do this you will never hear the end of it. The doll should only be used at home, and stowed away in a secret place for when she is needed.

If you follow these rules a sex doll will enhance your relationship, protect you and your man from STDs and make it easier for you to deal with your man when he wants sex more than you do. We absolutely recommend buying him one.

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