What is a TPE Sex Doll?

What is a TPE Sex Doll and why they are so popular? This article will help you understand all the benefits of having realistic sex dolls partners and getting into sexual intercourse with them. So let’s begin.

Men desire sex dolls for many reasons. They are beautiful to look at and soft to touch. They are also amazing partners in the bedroom. Many men in their late 20’s to 50s say that intimacy with a sex doll is better than dating a woman their own age. When choosing the right sex doll the major choice a man has to make is whether to go with a TPE sex doll or a silicone sex doll. It can be a difficult decision. This can be a tough decision, but this article will help you learn the difference between the two and guide you to the best sex dolls on the market.

What is a TPE Sex Doll? – Top Reasons for having one

TPE Feels Amazing

In tests where men were asked to touch TPE with their eyes closed many men believed they were gently caressing the skin of a real person. TPE sex dolls are made from a new type of material synthesized by combining silicone with polyvinyl chloride. The letters TPE stand for “thermoplastic elastomer” and this new material feels more like real human skin than anything science has created until now. It is soft and response to pressure. Men who touch it for the first time can’t believe how amazing it is.

TPE is cheaper than silicone. You can save hundreds of dollars off the price of a silicone sex doll while achieving a more realistic feeling. TPE sex dolls are also flexible. You can pose your doll in any position a real woman would pose in. Just take care of your TPE sex doll and it can provide you with companionship for more than a decade.

Benefits of TPE Material

TPE is made from mixing plastic and rubber materials together. This gives it the best of both world when it comes to the benefits. Silicone dolls have been around for generations, but doll creators have only recently mastered the art of making TPE sex dolls. You get the realistic look of silicone while upgrading to a more natural feeling and greater flexibility. TPE sex dolls are hypoallergenic. If you have the tendency to get rashes when your skin rubs against unusual materials you have nothing to worry about. You can hold your TPE doll against your body for as long as you want and it will never cause you irritation. In fact, men who sleep with their dolls often find that they sleep more peacefully and they wake feeling comforted because they are not alone. Some people are allergic to silicone dolls. This problem never occurs with TPE.

Your Wish Is Her Command

The chief thing to consider when picking the right sex doll is what you intend to use it for. Most men want to use their doll for companionship. Having your perfect, hand-chosen woman nearby on the couch or on the bed can provide a deep sense of comfort when you are feeling lonely. You can dress her in any style you like. You can pose her shyly or suggestively. She’ll be sexy for you or she can be warm and inviting. She is whatever you want her to be. She may also be the best sex partner you have had in years, or for some men the first sex partner they have ever had. So what is a TPE sex doll can be different for every man out there

After being with a TPE sex doll, many men regret not purchasing one year ago. The feeling of pressing your body against your doll and sexually releasing all of your pent up energy inside her feels better than being with a typical American woman above the age of 30. You don’t have to worry about your body size. TPE sex dolls are highly elastic. Yes, some cheap TPE dolls that cost about $700 can break easily and are not a good investment, but the premium dolls on this site can still be your companion even 20 years from now.

Properly crafted TPE sex dolls can handle 400 lbs of force from any position with no problem. Whether you are gentle or like to get a bit rough, your doll should be able to satisfy your needs. If you purchase a silicone doll, its possible for impact to cause permanent damage that ruins your doll for future use.

TPE sex dolls can also maintain a warm temperature. You must care for your doll properly, so you should not expose her to a hot jacuzzi or Finnish sauna for an extended period of time. Naturally hot weather and mild heating devices are fine and when applied properly can enhance your experience with your doll.

TPE is affordable

TPE sex dolls are less expensive than silicone dolls. This isn’t because silicone is a better material. Its purely because silicone has a more expensive production process. Aluminum is cheaper than steel but aluminum is still the better material for crafting airplanes. TPE costs less because of advances in technology. Silicone is still around mostly as a tradition. Older customers are unaware they can get a superior product for less money have not yet switched over. This is why you definitely want a TPE doll over a silicone doll.

Taking care of your TPE Sex Doll

Since a quality TPE sex doll is costly, you should do everything in your power to take good care of it. TPE dolls that are not properly taken care of can start to feel tacky and feel sticky over time. TPE absorbs oils from human hands and all other parts of the body. All you have to do to address this problem is to use a professional renewal powder or baby powder that you can pick up at the supermarket. After every few weeks of use, gently rub the powder over the parts of the doll that have made contact with human skin.

You can dress your doll up in whatever you want, but don’t put the marker on your doll because those marks can be permanent. You can place lipstick and makeup on your doll too but not anything that typically stains surfaces. Dolls can also be stained by their own clothing if the clothing has dyes in it and you allow the clothing to get wet. For example, if you spill grape juice on your doll, you should clean her as fast as possible to prevent the juice from seeping into her skin. Regular human body fluids are not a problem. They don’t stain the doll.

Your Doll is Personal

TPE sex dolls can not be sterilized. If you loan her out to another person who does not practice the utmost safety practices such as condom use, its possible for you to contract whatever sexually transmitted diseases that person possessed. It also remains a more intimate experience for you when your doll is for you and you alone. Men who have leaned their TPE sex doll with other men have reported regretting it, even feeling guilty and disgusted with themselves.

You must protect your TPE sex doll from bacteria. It is important to clean it after every use if you orgasm inside your doll without the use of a condom. Semen has bacteria in it that can eventually cause mold to grow. If you clean your doll regularly after using it for sex, you will not have any problems. Your TPE sex doll will have a removable vagina insert that comes out easily and can be washed in water. These dolls cost a fair amount of money but they can provide you with companionship for many years if well-taken care.

Should you Buy A TPE Sex Doll?

Most sex doll customers feel that TPE is the best possible material for a female companion to be made from. They look real. They feel real, whether you are caressing them your hand, and or penetrating any of their wholes with your penis. Most TPE sex dolls allow you to penetrate them in whatever hole you like. The mouth, the vagina, and the anus each give a unique, pleasurable sensation. You can take your doll in dozens of sexual positions.

They feel better than real women that are available for most men to date. They are flexible and can be posed in any natural social or sexual position. They work for men who are thin and men who are overweight up to 400 lbs, in any position. Men who are larger can use them as well but must be careful of the missionary position. These dolls are durable and will be your companion for many years.

TPE sex dolls can also be customized to fit your most discriminating preferences. You can choose a wide range of hairstyles, eye colors, face shapes, skin tones, body types. There are few men on this planet who can not find a TPE sex doll that catches their eye. They ease loneliness and provide deep satisfaction without the frustration that most men experience when dating. This site carries only the highest quality sex dolls at the best prices. We also offer customer support in case you have any issues. Browser the TPE sex dolls available to find your ideal companion. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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