Sex Dolls: Enhancing The Intimate Experience

If you have already purchased a high quality TPE sex doll you may be looking for further advice on how to enhance your new life with your companion. Your doll is beautiful is beautiful flexible so your intuition can guide you in how to use and treat her. However there are a few tricks that can make your experiences even better.

What are the things you can do to make your experiences with your beautiful doll as amazing as possible? This is the question this guide strives to answer.

Hair and Makeup

Women are notorious for spending too much time working on their hair. A couple of girlfriends can make an appointment at a local salon at 10 in the morning and not get out until late afternoon, so hair is an important part of female beauty. You do not have to do your doll’s hair. It comes naturally beautiful but you can make changes to fit your preferences and keep it in good condition. Just maintain it every now and then by brushing it to keep it straight and untangled. It will be an intimate experience that enhances your connection with your doll. You can also apply make up to your doll, but it must be the water-soluble kind. Any color of lipstick or blush you want just put on her gently and when you want to clean it up or apply a new color it comes right off.


Your doll will come with a sexy outfit that defines her personality in some ways. She will come in revealing lingerie or if she is a sexy school girl she will come fully clothed in a private school uniform. However, you can give yourself more experiences with your doll by purchasing her other outfits and underwear. It is a fun and intimate experience to dress your doll up in different clothing. Changing her appearance every now and then allows your doll to express unique character and spice up your relationship. You will even be able to play out multiple fantasies with your doll based upon how she is dressed. You can make your schoolgirl your sexy intern, or turn her into the school teacher, or a police woman for the day. Play any role you want with her after dressing her in the right part.

Foreplay With Your Doll

Your doll is your fantasy woman and in order to have a complete fantasy experience, it can be fun to engage in foreplay and other sorts of romantic behavior with her. Use your imagination to pretend she is whatever you want her to be. A slow and intimate build up can set the mood nicely and enhance the sexual experience that follows. Talk to her like she is a real woman, stroke her body gently and take in the realistic feeling of her skin. Hang out with her in the living room, then when you are ready take her into the bedroom just like you would a real date. You have the freedom to completely lose yourself in being with her so play with her breasts, kiss her lips and learn every part of her body by exploring her with your hands or mouth. She will enjoy it.

Warm her up

Another way to enhance the sexual experience of being with your doll is to warm up her body. Raising her temperature to that of a normal human body is easy and makes sex more pleasurable. Your doll will be made of TPE material which holds heat for a long time. You can heat her sensitive parts up with warm water. This also lets you make sure she is clean before any activity. If your doll does not have a vaginal insert because you didn’t choose that feature you can heat your doll up with an electric warmer. Just stick the warmer in her mouth or her other holes for a few minutes while you are playing with her. Before long she will be warm and you can fully enjoy yourself with her. Electric warmers are designed to be safe and to not harm your doll so you don’t need to worry when using one.

Once you are done with your doll, cuddle up with her for a bit, even fall asleep together. The more time you spend together the stronger the feeling of connection between you will grow.

If you have any personal tips you would like to share with other doll owners, please type them out below.

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