Sex Doll Scams and How To Dodge Them

Sex doll scams are just one of many in the sea of growing internet frauds. In the year 2017, more than 4 million people reported being scammed on the internet. People reported being taken for a few dollars all the way up to $7 million for one unlucky person. It is estimated that a total of $1.4 billion was lost due to scams so it is something to worry about. Scammers can be very creative, will target people of all ages and occupations, even retirees and have no morals at all. One of the toughest things about scams is they often look and feel real to the untrained eye.

Furthermore, the scammers may try to act like your friend which exploits a psychological loophole. We let our guards down when dealing with friendly people which makes us vulnerable to being ambushed and losing hard-earned money. We like to tell ourselves that only those who are ignorant or naive can fall for scams but the truth is that we are all at risk. This guide will help you to avoid being scammed when purchasing a sex doll and show you how to find a seller you can trust.

Sex Doll Scams – what you should know?

Why Online?

Sex dolls have made tremendous gains in popularity over the past few years because the technology now exists to make the dolls look and feel ultra-realistic. A new material called TPE allows expert sex doll designers to mold breasts and vaginas that feel as good as the real thing. However, the stigma of sex dolls has made them something you can usually only purchase online. There are very few sex doll shops that you can walk into because women don’t want the competition. The online nature of sex dolls has made it an industry where some customers fall victim to fraud and other types of scams when they are just seeking a beautiful sex doll as an intimate partner. Here are the two most common types of scam you can fall for when trying to buy a doll.

Counterfeit Dolls

The number one type of scam you can fall for when buying the best sex dolls online is accidentally purchasing a counterfeit doll. You may see the pictures of a doll and get excited about getting something incredible only to find out when it arrives that the product does not match what was advertised. Bad sellers will use any tricks they can think of to get your money and when you try to complain or get your money back they may ignore you which they can do because they are in China.

Foreign sellers have no accountability so they will exaggerate the quality of their dolls as much as possible just to get you to send them money. They may also send you a doll made of a low-quality material that doesn’t feel as good as genuine TPE which has the feeling of actual human skin. A true doll will be crafted to exact specifications and fit together perfectly looking just like the pictures you see online. Stay away from counterfeiters to avoid disappointment.

No Doll

The other type of common scam is for you to spend your hard-earned money to a seller based outside of North America, then for that seller to not ship you any product whatsoever. Some men spent $2500 on the doll of their dreams, wiring the money to bank accounts in China or Africa only to be ignored completely once the money was received. A seller can put up images, usually accompanied by broken English for the product descriptions and offer you incredible prices or buy one get one free offer. A real seller will never offer a buy one get one free on dolls that have to be expertly crafted because high-quality dolls are expensive.

This type of scam is so common that if you have fallen for it at least you are not alone. No one should be a victim of this trick or any other. So for the rest of this guide, we’ll describe best practices you can follow to make sure that your doll seller is located in North America and can actually be trusted to deliver the product that has been promised. It would be terrible to expect a beautiful sex doll only to get a counterfeit product or nothing at all.

Check The Seller’s Reputation

When deciding if you can give your trust to a seller, it is very important to evaluate their integrity. The best way to do this is to take a look at their customer reviews. They will tell you most of what you need to know to decide to buy from them or not. Check to see if the seller has done business with many other people and how those people felt about their purchase. The vast majority of the reviews should be positive so you know that most people feel that they are getting what they paid for. Also, if there is a negative review check to see if the seller responds and provides customer service.

A seller who is not a scammer actually cares what happens after the product is shipped because his reputation is valuable to him. Maybe not everyone will be perfectly happy with the product, that is natural. Even the best products out there have a few dissatisfied customers so don’t let a few bad reviews amongst many good ones discourage you just because a bad review happens to be near the top. Look at the big picture of how other people feel about the product and the seller.

Make sure to take a look at the accuracy of the information on the product page. Scammers will often have a gap between the pictures and the words on the page due to their lack of native speaking skills. Carefully review all the information on the site. Did the seller update his privacy policy? Does he have an active blog that shows he is invested in this site for the long haul. Scammers will not go the extra length to build an informative website with correct information. It is too difficult for them because truthfully they are lazy people who do not know how to provide quality customer service.

A good seller will also reply to your questions whether they are posted on the site or come through email. You are a valued prospective customer so why wouldn’t they take the time to talk to you?

Paying Securely

The final step in getting your doll and avoiding sex doll scams is a place where you really have to watch out. It is the area where the sex doll scams hustlers get most clever when trying to deceive you because if they don’t get your money all their other tricks were for nothing. What should you do to make sure they don’t get your hard-earned cash? You need to take a look at all the payment methods that the seller offers. If they try to make you pay with Western Union, money orders or bitcoin watch out.

These are payment methods where the seller has no accountability. If they don’t deliver the product there is no one to report them to. You should find a seller who takes payment through Paypal or credit card. Paypal has a guarantee. If the product does not look or work as promised, you can file a dispute and get your money back. You can also damage the seller’s reputation causing them to lose their account.

You must also be careful of things that sound too good to be true. Quality sex dolls take a lot of time and investment to create. If you want a high-end doll, you must pay $1500-$5000 dollars for her. Someone offering you a premium doll for a few hundred dollars is a scammer for sure. They will send you nothing at all or a doll made of inferior material.

Anyone can be a victim of online scams, especially when buying high-end products like a sex doll. People behind sex doll scams will use many tricks but there are clear signs you can look out for to protect yourself from them. Make sure you check out reviews and that the seller has quality customer service. Also, make sure the seller offers Paypal or credit card as options for making payments. Do not ever send money to a seller through Western Union or Bitcoin. Real sellers will also have native English and realistic prices for your doll.

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