Best Sex Dolls – A Buying Guide

Best sex dolls which perfectly match your aesthetic-sexual taste can be found, while it is a huge task it is well worth the effort. So, you’re interested in buying one of the top sex dolls, but have no idea what love doll will suit your sexual needs. We understand both your excitement and confusion around silicone sex dolls and how they can revolutionize your sex life.

We put together this complete guide to buying the best realistic fuck dolls available. Our range of TPE fuck doll models is the best on the internet, and we have the girl or boy of your fantasies. So, if you’re thinking about buying a sex doll, read through our top list of the greatest sex dolls to service your sexual desires.

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Best Sex Dolls – A Complete Buying Guide

The Top List of the Top Sex Dolls

We unpacked our list of the best sex dolls into a few categories. Our silicone love doll range has anything you could dream of when selecting your ideal partner for some fun in the bedroom. In this review we will cover;

  • The best American sex dolls
  • The best European sex dolls.
  • The best Asian sex dolls.
  • The best curvy sex dolls.
  • The best petite sex dolls.
  • The best sex dolls with big boobs.
  • The best male sex dolls.


The Best American Sex Dolls

American girls are wild and free, and they love to experiment and try new ideas and games in the bedroom. American sex dolls are ready to take you on a world ride of pleasure, with a custom-molded vagina, anus, and mouth. Here are our top choices for the best American sex dolls.


Curvy American Sex Dolls Looking for Companionship

best sex dolls

At only 19-years old, she is living out her gap year with no plans for the future. Maybe she’ll go to college next year, or start working. In the meantime, she’s not doing anything important – except servicing you whenever she gets the opportunity.

With soft, curvy breasts, this girl is young and full of energy; she’s needs sex multiple times a day to escape the boredom. If you’re looking for a TPE porn doll that has a relentless appetite for sex, then she’s your American girl.


A Wild Purple-Haired Stunner Looking for Sex

purple hair sex doll

American girls aren’t afraid to wear their heart on their sleeve. This real sex doll likes to show her individuality with her purple hair. She thinks she’s fighting against the mainstream trends, and she needs someone to share her creativity in life and the bedroom.

You know that she’s got a dirty side in the sack, and she’s willing to try anything to please you. As a rebel, she practices alternative lifestyle exercises. She’s been working with Kegel balls for the last few months and wants to show you how her vagina grips and pulses with you as you thrust deep inside her.


A Blonde-Haired Beach Babe Lusting for Sex

blonde sex doll

Do you feel like having sex with a bikini model? This blonde bombshell spends her days lounging on the beach in the sun. Her golden, tanned skin is supple and soft to your touch, and her breasts are perfect c-cups. After a long day at the beach, she wants to unwind at home with you.

She knows your deepest sexual fantasies and likes to tease. While she’s a glamor model during the day that commands respect on set, she’s sensitive and caring for you when you’re together. She’s a progressive lover that can’t keep her hands off of you in the bedroom and loves it when you treat her like a princess.


A Cute Cowgirl Looking for a Ride

cowgirl fuck doll

Is any collection of the best American sex dolls complete without a cowgirl? She’s a wild one that’s willing to please. Years of working on the farm for her daddy made her tanned, and fit. Feel her tight curves and perky breasts, with a rock-hard ass.

This cowgirl is the rodeo queen of the Southern States, and she’s ready to ride you all night. If you like to lie back and enjoy the ride, then this is the silicone sex doll for you.


The Best European Sex Dolls

European girls are classy and refined. These girls come from good families with strict upbringings and morals. Now that they are in their late teens, they are looking to break free from the chains of society and explore their sexual freedom as young women. Here are our top choices for the best European silicone sex dolls.

A French Brunette Willing to Please

big tits sex doll

From the moment she bats her eyelashes at you, you know that you want her. This French exchange student spent the summer months in Europe. She’s visiting the States on a rotary program to complete her masters in fine art, and explore her wild side.

With milky skin, bright red lips, and a sex drive that won’t quit, this girl has a sex drive that won’t quit. She’s ready for you whenever you want her, with a set of soft c-cups and a perfect round ass. Let this French goddess teach you everything you need to know about the erotic side of Europe.


An Olive-Skinned Italian Temptress Ready to Live Out Your Fantasies

hot italian silicone doll

Fresh off of the boat from Sicily, this Italian cutie has dark brown eyes, dark hair, and olive-oil skin. She thought she would visit the States on vacation, and ended up going broke. Now she’s looking for a guy to take care of her, while she enjoys everything the US has to offer.

This girl needs sex, she craves it, and she’s willing to do whatever you want if you give her some cash to spend on her next shopping trip. She likes the finer things in life, Gucci, Channel, and Jimmy Choo – these are her passions, and she’ll do anything you want to satisfy her shopping addiction.


A Swedish Blonde Bombshell Ready for Sex

huge tits realistic doll

Blonde and busty, this Swedish stunner has the body of a goddess, platinum blonde hair, and gorgeous blue eyes. She decided to attend school at Stanford and dropped out. She’s trying to escape the conservative nature of her family and friends at home – and she needs you to show her how real American men treat a woman in bed.

As a broke ex-student, she relies on you for her “tuition money,” which she ends up spending on lingerie and perfume to make you happy. She’s horny, but she doesn’t know what she likes, and she needs you to show her how real men command a vagina.


A Euro-African Queen Ready to Do Your Bidding

black girl sex doll

If you fantasize about an ebony African goddess, then this is your girl. This real sex doll has chocolate skin and big tits that are a handful in the bedroom. She likes it rough and wants you to dominate her from behind. This girl came from a political family in Africa before being exiled in Switzerland.

She only knows a life of wealth, and she needs a man to put her in line. She’s always wanted to experiment with anal, but never dared to ask her partner – will you show her?

The Best Asian Sex Dolls

Asian girls are petite and cute, and they love American men. They’ve all heard the legends about how Americans have big dicks, and they are curious. Join the Asian invasion and select one of our top-selling Asian sex dolls for men.

A Tight Japanese Sex Doll Ready for an American

japan girl fuck doll

She spent her youth in the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, exposed to American culture from a young age. This girl developed a porn addiction, and she can’t get enough sex. She’s tired of Japanese men luring her into bed, only to discover they can’t please her with their small dick. She needs a big American, and she’s dripping at the thought of meeting you.

With soft, pale skin, long black hair, and gorgeous round eyes, this girl is the best of the Oriental sex dolls on offer. Her tiny ass and tight vagina are ready to take an American pounding.


Tiny Thai Girls Ready for Fun in The Bedroom

half asian porn doll

Do you dream about visiting the sex-destination of Thailand for some erotic pleasure? Seeing a girl toss a ping-pong ball across the room with her vagina is novelty you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Why not spare the expense of the trip, and bring the best of Thailand to you? Our realistic silicone sex doll has the perfect features of a Thai princess.

She’s ready to escape the third-world conditions of Thailand for America. However, she has no money and barely speaks English. What she lacks in social skills, she makes up for in the bedroom. Let this Thai cutie pleasure you, with a vagina that’s tight, wet, and looking for new experiences.


A Submissive Chinese Sex Doll at Your Command

hot Chineese girl fuck doll

This Chinese national is the daughter of a billionaire. She’s been staying in the US for the last year, hanging out with her Chinese friends at the mall and enjoying the American lifestyle. She’s interested in American men because it will piss off her father. With a natural submissive streak in her personality, she’s shy and willing to do whatever you want.

She never got the opportunity to have sex, and this virgin is starting to feel horny. This girl needs a firm hand in the bedroom and plenty of direction. Teach her everything she needs to scream with pleasure.

The Best Curvy Sex Dolls

If you like your girls with more curves than a bottle of Coca-Cola, then these full-size sex dolls are for you. With big tits, curvy hips, and luscious lips, these girls are horny and DTF. IF you like to grab curves while having sex, then these are our top choices for the best curvy sex dolls.


Have Unbelievable Sex with a Curvy Cheerleader

hot cheerleader sex doll

If you’ve always dreamed about banging the prom queen, then this cheerleader sex doll is what you are waiting for to live your desires. She graduated from high school and decided to start cheering for your favorite football team. This girl gets a hundred offers for sex every day, but she’s only interested in you.

She wants to show you her cheer in the bedroom, and she likes to remind you that you can bend her into any position you like. This girl can do the splits, and she wants you to be her mascot.


Ravage a College Girl Sex Doll

college girl sex doll

If you missed your opportunity to have plenty of wild sex in college – here’s your chance. This girl craves sex, and she cuts classes to spend time banging her boyfriend. She’s tired of college boys that don’t know how to handle a woman and knows that you are the man to teach her carnal knowledge in the bedroom.

With soft blonde gentle hair, beautiful blue eyes, and small, perky tits, this college student is ready to attend summer school in your bedroom.


A Curvy Secretary Sex Doll Ready to Take Your Notes

hot secretary sex doll

As she’s taking notes at your desk, you can’t help but catch a sly grin of mischief in your new secretary. You won’t lie, you’ve been checking out her curvy ass when she’s bending over to reach the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet. As you let her catch up on your dictation, your gaze wanders to her cleavage, and you start to wonder what she’s like in bed.

As she stares at you through her black, horn-rimmed glasses, you realize you’ve been staring too long, and she caught you. To your surprise, she licks her lips while giving you a mischievous grin. With the door to your office locked – what will you do?

The Best Petite Sex Dolls

We get it; you like your women petite. Our range of realistic sex dolls has something for everyone’s tastes. A petite girl makes you feel dominant, and they always submit to your sexual desires. Here are our top choices for the best petite sex dolls.


Live Your Fantasy of Sex with a Catholic School Girl

schoolgirl sex doll

That short tartan skirt leading covering that tiny ass, leading down slender legs covered with knee-high white socks – is a sight that drives you wild. As you unbutton her crisp white school shirt, she gasps as you feel her cute breasts and perky nipples.

This 18-year old Catholic high-school senior wanted to sell you tickets to their annual school festival, and now she’s naked on your couch. She’s never had a real man before, and she needs you to make her a woman.


A Fit and Tight Petite Sex Doll

petite fuck doll girl

This petite girl spends too much time in the gym. She’s prepping for a bikini contest in 8-weeks, and she is looking good. The tight waist, rounded ass cheeks, and plump c-cup breasts make her the hottest girl in the gym, and she has her eyes on you.

As you finish your last set on the bench, she walks up to you and asks if you can give her some training advice. She’s looking for a personal trainer to teach her some moves while her boyfriend is at work – do you accept her invitation?


Sex with Something That’s Out-of-This-World

hot young fuck doll

Sometimes, we all need something different. This Eleven princess is the daughter of the elf king. He told her never to visit with the humans, but she’s a rebel and doesn’t listen. She’s curious about humans and wants to know if they like sex. As a princess, she’s still a virgin, but she’s horny and far away from the glaring eyes of her father.

This trim elf-princess has the body of a petite goddess. You’ll know she’s coming as her ears start to get perky. Explore your sexual creativity with this sex doll, and create magic in the bedroom.

The Best Sex Dolls with Big Boobs

If you’re a fan of girls with huge tits, then our selection of luxury sex dolls with big breasts is perfect for your needs. These girls have Double-D’s, and they can’t wait for you to push your face into their chest. Here is our top selection of the best sex dolls with big tits.


A Busty Teen Sex Addict

huge tits sex doll

This girl can’t get enough of you. She finished school last year, and now she’s feeling lazy. She spends her time lounging around your apartment, waiting for you to get home from work. The moment you walk through the door, she’s wet and ready for you. As a horny teen, she needs you inside of her at least twice a day, and morning sex is her favorite.

This girl loves the intimacy of missionary position, and she loves to see the expression in your face as you cum. She also likes riding you while you squeeze her huge boobs.


Blonde and Busty with Big Luscious Lips

teen sex doll

This girl has tits so big that she struggles to find clothes that fit over her chest. She’s a home-body that prefers spending the night with her man, rather than going out clubbing. She’s had plenty of time on the dancefloor and even got an offer to be a stripper. She loves watching her man cum between her boobs, and she says it makes her feel powerful.

Her blonde hair and pretty face with big, luscious lips are ready for your manhood whenever you need them. With large, firm nipples, this girl has the best boobs in the collection.


Fit, Flirtatious, and a Full Rack

hot teen silicone doll

Another girl who loves going to the gym. However, she isn’t there to get fit – she’s already got the body of a goddess. This girl knows she’s hot, and she loves to flirt with guys. The last time you saw her at the gym, you couldn’t take your eyes off of her chest. Her big boobs bounce on the treadmill, and you felt a stirring in your pants as you saw the air-conditioner give her a nipple stand.

She needs a man that knows how to give her what she wants in the bedroom. As you lift your head from the water fountain, you notice her eyeing you out. Will you talk to her and invite her around for dinner at your place?

The Best Male Sex Dolls

We understand that not everyone is into girls. If you’re gay and looking for a hot young guy, we have the best realistic male fuck dolls available. Our male sex dolls swing both ways, and if you’re a girl in need of a man in your life, then check out our range of top-quality sex dolls. Of course, the best part is that women can also get sexual pleasure and enjoy female sex with love dolls.


Well-Endowed Male Sex Dolls

big dick sex toy

If you’ve always dreamed about having a male partner with a big dick, then this doll is your ideal sexual fantasy. These guys know they have a big penis, and they know how to use it to please their partner. There’s nothing they enjoy more than being deep inside a man or a woman.

You’ll need to prepare yourself for the biggest dick of your life when you get together with this realistic sex doll. These guys know how to pound you out, so be ready for the best sex of your life.


Ripped and Athletic Male Doll

male fuck doll with a huge cock

This guy spends his life preparing for the next fitness model show. His ripped physique won plenty of trophies in the last few years, and he likes to flaunt his ripped mid-section to girls and guys. He’s not sure what he wants in a partner, and he loves sex with both guys and girls. Are you going to be the partner that convinces him to stay on one side of the fence?

With toned abs, muscular arms, and cardio that never quits, this fit and shredded gym boy never gets tired, even after hours of heated sex.


Submissive and Emotional First-Timers

emo sex doll

This good looking guy is still a virgin. He grew up in a strict household with a Catholic mother and told that women are the tools of the devil. It’s not surprising that he discovered he was gay a few months ago, and he’s looking for a gentle partner to help him with his first sexual experience.

His biggest fantasy is giving a man a blowjob, and he can’t wait to live out his dreams. Are you the right partner for this virgin?


More answers to popular questions
about sex dolls

When Where Sex Dolls Invented?

No-one knows when sex dolls arrived on the scene. Primitive forms of these sex toys existed through ancient sex dolls history. The discovery of Polyvinyl chloride, (PVC) happened in the late 1870s, but a ban on any form of sexual advertising kept the industry in the dark. During the sexual revolution of the sixties, government legislation on sexual advertising, known as the “Comstock Law,” relaxed, and in 1968, the first adverts for sex dolls came into the public view.

The first sex dolls on the market were crude blow-up dolls that lacked any features or curves. These dolls only had three orifices, the mouth, vagina, and anus – but all of them gave the user the same experience. Still, these dolls were popular enough to spurn an industry, but it wasn’t until many decades later that the first real sex dolls would appear on the scene.

There are some suggestions that Hitler was the first person to come up with the idea for a sex doll. The “Borghild Project” was a Nazi operation that sought to provide Nazi soldiers with sex dolls. The hope was that the German soldiers would stop having sex with French women, and reduce the prevalence of syphilis in the German Armed forces.

Regardless of whether the original idea for a blow-up doll came from the Nazis, the technology involved with the manufacture of sex dolls has come a long way in the last four decades. The industry took a turn when artist Matt McMullen decided to make a sex doll with more curves. He introduced the “Realdoll” in 1996 and started a revolution in the sex doll industry.

Matt was the first designer to use platinum-cured silicone, making the skin of his dolls soft and sexy to touch. The company manufactured the first male fuck doll in 2008. Some twenty years later, there are now plenty of firms offering modern sex toys using updated silicon TPE technology in the manufacturing process.

As a result of the changes in design and materials, modern sex dolls look human from a distance. The skin of the dolls feels soft and warm, with the penis, vagina, anus, and mouth all featuring anatomically correct design. The sex dolls have a steel skeleton that allows you to pose them in any position you want.


Sex Dolls or the Dating Game?

Getting out on the dating circuit is a must for anyone looking to get laid. If you don’t get yourself out there and seen at public places, then you’ll never meet a partner. When you decide to make yourself available, it’s a significant investment of your time and money. It costs plenty of cash to take a girl out for dinner and drinks, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll get any sex.

Girls can tell when a guy hasn’t had sex for a long time. We release pheromones that women pick up after we have sex. These pheromones make us more attractive to the girl, and there’s a better chance of you getting her into bed.

However, this is a catch-22 situation; how are you supposed to have sex if you can’t meet a girl? By using a sex toy doll to fill in the gaps between dates, you keep yourself in a state of sexual satisfaction. As a result, the girls you approach in real life won’t find you desperate, and they are more likely to go home with you.

If you’ve gotten out of a relationship, and you don’t feel like talking or communicating with girls, but still need sex, then a sex doll is your ideal companion. A real sex doll will never talk back to you, she’ll never tell you to do anything, and she is always ready when you need sex.


How Do You Know You Need a Sex Doll?

There are a variety of reasons why you need a sex doll. Maybe you recently moved to a sparsely populated area, and there’s no one around for miles. A sex doll can help you through the tough times and keep you sexually satisfied.

If you’re still a virgin and want to ensure that your first time is mind-blowing for both you and your partner, then a sex doll can help you prepare. If your girlfriend doesn’t feel like having sex that night and goes home, your sex doll is ready and waiting for you at home.

Maybe you recently experienced a divorce, and want a partner that appreciates you for who you are – a sex doll can keep you sane while you make the transition back to single life.


What Are the Mental Health Effects of Not Having Enough Sex?

Sex is vital in our lives. Without sex, our hormone levels get out of sync with our brain, and men start to become overly aggressive. This situation doesn’t mean that you’re going to beat someone down in the street because you haven’t been getting any. However, a lack of sex results in you feeling more agitated, like you have a short fuse.

When you don’t have enough sex, you may find that you start to feel edgy all of the time. When people speak to you, you may be short with your replies. People who don’t get enough sex in their life may end up falling into a depression. You may find that you start to experience an anxiety disorder, and your sleep may also be inconsistent.

If you don’t listen to your brain and body and refuse to engage in sexual activity, it could end up leaving you in a detrimental mental space where you develop a low sense of self-worth. By bringing a sex doll into your life, you have a partner that you can have sex with as often as you like.


Why Choose Sex with The Best Sex Dolls Over People?

America is experiencing a rise in sexually transmitted infections. Bacterial diseases like chlamydia and gonorrhea are at an all-time high among the adult population. If you go out on a date with someone, there’s a 1 in 4-chance that they are currently dealing with an STI. With so much disease out there, it’s vital that you avoid having promiscuous sex with strangers – this lifestyle is no longer safe.

Even using condoms does not entirely safeguard you against infection with an STI. Some diseases spread through contact with sweat as well. Whenever you go to bed with someone you don’t know well, it has the potential for disaster.

By owning a sex doll, you still get to have plenty of satisfying sex – without the worry of catching an STI. If you’re going out on a date with a new partner, then you don’t have to worry about closing the deal on sex on the first few dates. With a sex doll, you can keep your desires at bay until the right moment.


Should You Bring a Sex Doll into Your Relationship?

Couples can also benefit from a sex doll in their relationship. IF you tell your partner that you think you should bring other people into bed, they may think you are crazy. This conversation with your partner is enough to end the relationship if they feel that you aren’t getting enough out of your time together.

However, trying to convince your partner to bring a sex doll into the relationship is far more comfortable. If your partner questions your reasoning, tell them that you want to experiment more to fulfill your desires. With a sex doll, there’s no reason to feel awkward afterward, and no reason for your partner to get jealous.

A sex doll is an excellent way to try new things in the bedroom, and you can get as dirty as you want. Do you want to try choking or slapping during sex? You partner may object to this behavior, but your sex doll won’t care. A sex doll is an excellent way to explore the darker side of your sexuality, without anyone getting hurt.


What is the Most Popular Kind of Sex Doll?

The most popular sex dolls consist of TPE construction with realistic features. The best dolls have openings for the vagina, anus, and mouth, with each hole delivering a different sexual experience.

When it comes to the look of the sex doll, everyone’s preferences are individual, and what you like, someone else may find a turn-off. It’s for this reason that DollWives offers a wide range of sex dolls to meet any sexual demands from our clients.


What Are the Materials Used in Manufacturing Sex Dolls?

Both TPE and silicone are premium sex materials. TPE has a reputation as the most realistic material, while silicone is the most durable. Silicone is easy to clean and more expensive than TPE; it also has a harder surface.

TPE is much softer to touch, and it creates a realistic effect on the movement of the skin, allowing body components, such as the breasts, to “jiggle.” TPE sex dolls require a higher level of maintenance, but they offer a more pleasing sexual experience in the bedroom.


Can You Customize Your  Sex Doll?

At DollWives, we let you customize your new TPE fuck doll to suit your taste in women. We allow you to build your dream girl from the ground-up, with plenty of customizable options.

Do you like straight hair or curls? Blonde, redhead, or brunette? Blue or green eyes? Are you into black girls or Caucasians? Maybe you’ve always thought about banging an Asian girl? Whatever your fantasy, DollWives can fulfill it for you.

Our customizable sex dolls come in petite or full-sized versions, with anatomically correct body parts that ensure you get an authentic sexual experience. We want to help you bring your vision of the perfect partner to life.

Are Sex Dolls Legal?

Sex dolls are legal to sell and own in America. Canada has a restriction on the height of a real sex doll, to avoid simulating child-sex. However, in both Canada and America, it’s entirely legal to own a sex doll. Due to the law, there is nothing that the law can do to punish you for your behavior.

Certain conservative activist groups protest against the sale and use of sex dolls. These individuals believe they have the right to determine everyone else’s sexual preferences and behavior. These groups believe they have the right to decide who, when, or where you can have sex – they are trying to limit your constitutional freedom.

At DollWives, we believe that our clients have the right to decide if they want to use our sex dolls. At the moment, there are no plans to change the laws. Sex dolls are still a viable way to enhance your sex life, away from the prying eyes of activist groups and the government.


Are There Sex Doll Brothels?

Some smart entrepreneurs saw the opportunity in sex dolls and decided to make a business opportunity out of the situation. These entrepreneurs opened numerous sex doll brothels all over North America. The world’s first sex doll brothel opened in Toronto in late 2018. “Aura Dolls” is still in service, with a satisfied client base.

These facilities take the sleaze out of visiting a brothel. You don’t have to worry that you’re about to sleep with a stripper that’s crawling with venereal disease. Sex doll brothels are gaining in popularity, and they are already in the United States. Texas has a few sex doll brothels that came under the scrutiny of the conservative residents of the state.

The activists tried to get the brothel to close its doors, but with no success. Sex doll brothels are becoming more common throughout the world, with Japan emerging as the biggest market outside of the USA.

Sex doll brothels are all well-run establishments. When you book your appointment, you know that you’ll get a sex doll that’s clean and ready for you. When visiting a sex brothel, it’s essential to follow all of the courtesy and protocol you would typically expect when visiting a brothel with real girls.


What is the Future of Sex Dolls?

When we compare today’s sex dolls to those first released in the late sixties, there’s a significant difference. The changes in the skin, anatomical design, and features are nothing like the first dolls sent into the market.

In the future, we can expect the use of sex dolls to increase. However, with the advent of artificial intelligence, the changes in sex dolls will be dramatic. Imagine having a sex doll that can scream out in pleasure as you thrust deep inside her. Can you handle a sex doll that talks dirty to you?

Language programs are only one example of the changes AI will bring to sex dolls. Imagine a sex doll that moves like a real woman and changes position by herself? The possibilities are endless as we approach the singularity.


What are the Hygiene Requirements for Using Sex Dolls?

When using your sex doll, you must keep it clean after every use using the tips mentioned below. Keeping your doll clean prevents infection with a bacterial disease.


The Best Sex Dolls – Tips and Tricks

After buying your sex doll, there’s a few cleaning tips and tricks we can give you to make the most out of your new partner.


Cleaning Your Sex Doll

Cleaning your best sex doll after each session is a vital step in maintaining proper hygiene. Failing to clean your doll could result in bacterial infection. Cleaning is an easy process. DollWives offers specialized cleaning formulas that don’t damage the delicate TPE silicon in your new fuck doll.

Add the cleaning solution to warm water, and clean out all biological residue from the doll. Wipe down the doll’s skin with the same solution, and then send to storage.


Storing Your Sex Doll

The best way to store your sex doll is hanging vertically in the closet. We also sell storage containers for your sex doll that helps you keep them discreetly out of the way. Avoid using dark-colored lingerie on your sex doll, as the colors may leech from the fabric and stain the doll’s skin with prolonged exposure to the material.

Avoid leaving tight-fitting clothing on your sex doll. The compression of the dress on the doll may result in permanent disfigurement. Keep your sex doll out of the direct sunlight, as it may damage their sensitive skin. Fluctuations in temperature may also cause the features of your doll to warp. Make sure that you store your sex doll in a dark, cool storage room away from fluctuations in temperature.

Avoid leaning your sex doll against any pointed objects. The soft skin of the doll may form permanent dents, as a result of the pressure points.


The Best Sex Dolls – FAQ

We are sure that you have plenty of questions about your new realistic sex doll. We decided to put together this FAQ to give you insight into the common questions our satisfied clients leave us after purchasing the best porn dolls available. If you don’t see your question mentioned below, then feel free to email our support team for an answer.


What is the Difference Between the Fixed and Removable Vagina?

Dolls that feature a built-in vagina require you to move the doll around for cleaning. With a removable vagina, you slip it out of the doll, clean, and replace in minutes. However, some people may prefer the realistic look of a built-in vagina in their sex doll.


How Long Will My New Sex Doll Last?

Your latest sex doll can last anywhere from two to ten years, depending on how you care for the doll. Frequent use takes its toll on the doll, and you may want to purchase your sex doll with a removable vagina to prolong its longevity if you intend on using it daily.


Does the Dolls Skin Stain?

TPE is an absorbent material. Therefore, the sex dolls skin will stain if you expose it to dyes or chemicals. Always remove any clothing from the doll before storage to prevent the fabrics from staining the doll.


How Long Does It Take to Manufacture My Sex Doll?

After placing your custom order for your new best sex doll with DollWives, you can expect to receive it within 3-weeks. Additional customized features not present in our standard doll selection may take an extra week to manufacture.


How Long Do I Have to Wait for Shipping of My Sex Doll?

After manufacture, your doll is ready for shipping. We use an expedited mail service that has your doll at your front door within 7-working days. Depending on customs, it may take a few days longer to arrive.

Can I Collect My Sex Doll Instead of Having It Delivered to My Home?

If you don’t want your doll delivered to your home, you can pick it up from our courier’s offices to protect your privacy.


What Are the Import Duties for Sex Dolls?

The importing duties for your fresh sex doll depend on the sales tax in your state, as well as any national importing duties. Check with your regional logistics authority or customs office for more information.


Are Sex Dolls Expensive?

A good quality sex doll can cost $2,000 or more. You may think that that’s expensive, and you might be correct. However, when you compare the price to how much money you spend trying to get laid, it’s a far better deal. Think about all of those dates where you blew your bank account trying to impress a girl, only to go home feeling horny and frustrated.



Wrapping Up – Get The Best Sex Dolls from DollWives

When it comes to manufacturing the best realistic sex dolls available, we are the best in the business. Our sex dolls have realistic features and anatomically correct bodies. With DollWives, you get a customization option that’s like no other manufacturer.

We aim to provide all of our clients with the best fuck dolls available. All of our products meet our quality standards, and we never ship a defective product. Every sex doll we sell is a masterpiece of engineering designed for your pleasure.

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Secure Payments

We accept multiple secure payment methods including Credit Card, PayPal, and cryptocurrency.

DollWives Guarantee

We are committed to serving you as a customer. We will assist you with repairs and any issues you may encounter throughout the lifetime of your doll.

Free Delivery

Your doll will arrive within 3-7 days once shipped. Each doll includes free expedited discreet shipping.