Buying Sex Doll – 25 Things To Consider

Buying Sex Doll – a complete guy for buyers!

1. Quality Sex Dolls Are Made of Either TPE Or Silicone

When seeking the ultimate sex doll experience we recommend you completely ignore cheap dolls and blow-up dolls. There are only two materials that good sex dolls are made from. Make sure your lifelike sex doll is made of TPE(Thermoplastic Elastomer) or a silicone sex doll. Both of these materials allow master doll makers to create adult dolls that look ultra-realistic as well as feel close to natural human skin. TPE is especially realistic feeling. Men who have caressed the skin of a TPE sex doll can’t believe how incredible it is to touch. In fact, it’s common for men to say that touching a TPE sex doll is better than running your fingers over the skin of most women over the age of 30. Best TPE and full silicone sex dolls never wrinkle and as long as you take good care of your doll, you can continue having fun with them for decades.

TPE responds to pressure so even if you are a little rough with it, it bounces right back just like real skin. It was created in a laboratory by a team of passionate scientists who wanted to push the limits of technology for simulating real humans. Not only does TPE feel a bit more realistic than silicone, it is also more affordable. You can save a few hundred dollars by purchasing a TPE sex doll instead of a silicone one. The major benefit of silicone is that it is completely waterproof. You can submerge silicone dolls in water for an extended period of time and you may not damage it at all. TPE dolls are water resistant but you should not have them in water except for when cleaning them. Also, TPE dolls are likely to stain if they come into contact with materials that have strong dye in them. In essence, when buying sex doll, you will have to think about how and where you will use it.

2. TPE Dolls Feel Amazing to Have Sex With

TPE has an ultra-realistic feeling to it that makes having intercourse with a sex doll a great experience. TPE stands for “thermoplastic elastomer” and it truly feels like real human skin. If you purchase an adult doll made of TPE you can penetrate its mouth for a blowjob, or do vaginal and anal sex with it. Whichever choice you make it will be the closest thing to the soft feeling of a young woman’s body outside of the real thing. The only difference is that your doll is an exclusive possession that you can do whatever you want with.

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Sex dolls for men are great when it comes to giving a blow job. It is difficult to find a woman who is a true expert at giving head. A woman who is a dick sucking pro will run her tongue all over your shaft while making eye contact and suck with just the right amount of pressure until you explode in her mouth. These women are rare and the oral sex you can get from your sex doll is better than what you can get from most women. Your doll never gets tired, doesn’t mind if you push her head all the way down, has no gag reflex and is more than happy to let you unload in her mouth. Better yet, your sex doll will go down whenever you want. If you are dating a real woman she will only want to satisfy you when she feels you have been a “good boy” deserving of a treat. This means you may have to pretend to be someone other than your real self just to get her to blow you. No man should have to do that.

The key to getting a great blowjob from your fuck doll is using a proper amount of lube. Dress your sex doll up any way you like. Kneel her in front of you on the floor, on the couch, or lay her down on the bed. Put lube in her mouth then use your hands to take control of her head. Push her up and down at the exact speed you like. She is yours to use however you want and her mouth and throat will feel amazing because she is made of TPE. There is no limit to how many times you can use your realistic doll for sex, even multiple times per day if you have the appetite.

If you were able to last through your cock being in your doll’s mouth or you prefer to go straight to the main event, vaginal sex with a doll is an incredible experience too. Most sex dolls are sized and weighted to be just like a real woman who is extremely fit when having sex. You can put her on her knees and enter her from behind in doggy style or you can lay directly on top of her for missionary sex. Doing anal sex with your doll is the same as vaginal except the hole is tighter and has a different feeling to it. You can also position your real sexy doll on top of you and make her ride you cowgirl. Many guys prefer this even though it requires a lot more arm strength to move her up and down for a long period of time. It is one of the best ways to work up a sweat.

3. TPE Sex Dolls Are Hypoallergenic

If you buy a sex doll made of TPE you don’t need to worry about it triggering your allergies. It is completely safe and hygienic to cuddle naked with a TPE doll. It will not trigger rashes or allergic reactions of any kind. There are many men who choose to sleep right next to their doll every night. and have been doing this for years without any problems. One problem some men have with silicone is allergies. If you have an allergy to silicone you may break out in a rash when having sex with a silicone doll. If you aren’t sure whether you have a silicone allergy or not, TPE is a safer bet with few downsides.

4. TPE Sex Dolls Are Fully Pose-able

Most sex dolls for sale are fully poseable with a flexible skeleton. You can make them sit upright on the couch. Bend them over for doggy style. Have them kneel down in front of you or lay them on their side to sleep next to you in bed. Your doll can pose in any position the human body can because of her jointed metal skeleton. The doll is also durable so if properly taken care of the skeleton will last for decades. The only cases where the skeleton gets damaged is when the sex doll is dropped from a height of multiple stories and repeatedly abused in ways that are not recommended. Anyone who uses basic common sense will be able to pose their sex doll in any position they please for years of enjoyment.

You also get to choose the way your doll expresses herself emotionally. You can pose her in a shy posture with her legs crossed. You can make her look seductive as she lays on her back on the bed. She can straddle a dining room chair provocatively. You can bend her over the counter in the kitchen. You can pull one arm behind her back while the other covers her mouth as you enter her from behind. She can have her arms down at her sides or up by her face depending on your preferences. Choose how to pose your doll to express her unique personality.

5. Sex Dolls Can Satisfy Emotional Needs

The majority of men who purchase a love doll want it in part for companionship. To pick the best sex doll for you, it is important to think about what you want to use her for. Yes, there are men who only want the doll for sex but many men like to dress their sex doll in different outfits several times per week and have her lounge around their place. You can dress your doll up as your personal assistant by putting her in a slim black skirt and button-up blouse. After dressing her you can put her in a chair at your table. This way she keeps you company while you read or check emails. You can put her in a casual dress and watch TV together with her. You can keep her in lingerie and put her in the bedroom to wait for you to get tired, then you can fall asleep together. Having a sex doll nearby provides comfort and emotional satisfaction on a deep level.

6. Realistic Sex Dolls Make You Feel Accepted

If you are dealing with real women, its normal for them to get on your case about things they don’t like. A woman might stop being interested in you because you are stressed out at work and gained 20 lbs. Her attitude doesn’t help. It actually makes things worse, increasing your stress and making you gain more weight. If you own a sex doll she will never judge you. She is your fantasy woman who accepts you no matter what. When you come home to her she isn’t going to glare at you for leaving your shoes by the door without lining them up. She isn’t going to nag you later if you didn’t ask her about her day when you are tired and have your own problems to worry about. She accepts you for who you are and the only problems that matter to her are your problems.

7. Custom Sex Dolls Can Handle Your Size

All the dolls on this site can be customized to meet your preferences. You don’t have to worry about your body size when you are with your doll. Even if you are severely overweight, there is almost no way you can break your doll when being on top of her. Just make sure not to get a cheap doll made out of low-grade plastic. This is why it is really important to get a high-quality TPE sex doll from the collection. Never buy a doll that costs less than $700.

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A price that cheap basically guarantees the doll is made of cheap material that you can’t trust to last for more than 6 months. Basically, a high-quality doll made of TPE can handle at least 400 lbs of force directly applied to any point on her body. Even if you do weight 400 lbs that weight is distributed over a large area when laying on top of your doll so she will be OK. You can even be a little bit rough with your doll and her skin will bounce back into shape. Just make sure you don’t use any instruments that can cut her or melt her skin.

8. TPE Sex Dolls Can Take The Heat

A TPE sex doll should have no problem in normal temperature wherever you live. Dolls are fine spending all day at 100 degrees as long as they are not directly exposed to sunlight for hours at a time. They only get damaged when their material gets heated up to 150 degrees or above. This is why you shouldn’t bring your doll with you into a sauna or a hot tub. Mild heating devices like those intended to warm her holes before sex are perfectly fine too. Just make sure none of these devices heat your sex doll above 150 degrees. Heating can be a great way to spice things up and make sex feel more realistic so why not try it?

9. Sex Dolls Save You Money

You might think that because a high-quality sex doll has an initial cost of $1500-$2000 that it is an expensive purchase. This is definitely true from one perspective, but when you consider how much money you save compared to modern dating purchasing a doll can be a real bargain. Countless men have shared stories about how buying sex doll saves them thousands of dollars per year. Your realistic doll is basically a one time purchase. Let’s say you get one of our highest-end dolls for $2000 and then you decide to spend $500 buying her a full wardrobe of outfits you want to see her in. That brings you up to a total of $2500.

In a recent poll, it turned out that $2500 is the amount the typical American guy spends in one year trying to impress girls he goes on dates with. That doesn’t count all the money he spends on booze when trying to drown in his sorrows when dates go badly. Looked at this way your adult doll more than pays for itself in one year, and you are done with lonely nights. You have companionship and get laid whenever you want. After 2 years with your beautiful doll, you have $2500 in your pocket that would never have been there otherwise. Even if you are a frugal guy who only spends $40 a week on things you do to get girls or buy for them directly that ends up being $2000 a year.

Yes some women pay their fair share, but that isn’t normal. For every $1 women spend on men, men spend $4 on women. This is one area where gender equality still has a long way to go. If you want to estimate how much money a sex doll will save an extremely frugal guy over a period of 10 year it turns out to be almost $30,000 and guys who spend lots of money on women can be saving $100,000 or more. That’s money that belongs in your 401K instead of being wasted on pointless dates or the drugs and alcohol you consume to make yourself feel better after failing.

Every man is different. We all like to spend different amounts when trying to date. Some of us are signed up for 2 or 3 different dating sites we have to pay for and like to buy a new outfit every month, then get conned into taking our date to a nice restaurant where the bill ends up being $150 for the evening. Use this calculator to see exactly how much money you will personally save over a lifetime if you choose to forget about dating in favor of a relationship with a sex doll.

10. Keep Your Adult Doll To Yourself

Not too many guys make this mistake, but if you were thinking about sharing your adult doll with another man stop yourself immediately! First, if you keep your doll to yourself you completely avoid all the hygiene issues that come from sharing with another person. You avoid the risk of getting infected with another person’s STDs and you can make love to your doll in any way you want without concern.

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Also if you pass your full-size sex doll around to other men it makes your relationship with her less intimate, unless you find that kinky. Yes, there are some men who get excited knowing that one of their friends or even a complete stranger borrowed their sex doll and used her as a cum bucket just like there are men who enjoy being cuckolded. Every person is entitled to enjoy their fetishes, but if you are sharing your doll be careful that you don’t regret it. It is just as possible to get jealous of another man being with your high-end sex doll as it is when you see a girl you like hooking up with another guy.

11. It Can Be Fun When You Invest In Your Adult Doll

A sex doll can be for so much more than sex. You can get hours of enjoyment from taking care of your realistic sex doll in intimate ways. One way some men enhance the intimate bond they share with their doll is by doing her hair and makeup. It is normal for real women to spend forever at the salon getting their hair done and its one of the things they do that really pays off. When a woman gets a great haircut it can make her seem like a different person, a better version of herself. The same is true of a doll. You shouldn’t cut her hair but you can give her multiple hairstyles. The hair your doll comes with is realistic so its good for you to comb it every now and then You can also decide how to drape her hair over her body. If you want a completely different hairstyle or even hair color you can order different hairpieces and in just a minute you can have your short-haired blonde become a wavy redhead with hair going down to the small of her back.

Your doll can also benefit from applying make up to her face. It is not necessary at all. Your sex doll comes naturally beautiful, but you may enjoy giving her different colors of lipstick or applying blush to her face. She is yours and you can style her exactly as you want. If you prefer your doll to look like a pixie princess with glitter on her cheeks, buy some glitter and sprinkle it on her cheeks. Cleaning makeup off of your dolls face is easy. You can leave it on her for days or just wipe it off with makeup wipes that you can get for just a few dollars from the store in packs of 20.

12. Dress Your Sexy Doll Up To Make Your Fantasies Come Alive

If you buy a doll she will come with basic lingerie, but there are so many ways you can dress her up to make her your true fantasy girl. One day you can be having sex with a nurse, the next you can be getting head from a teacher. One day you can give a can watch a football game with a cheerleader and bang her during half-time, the next day you can handcuff a naughty policewoman who enjoys being dominated for a change. The fantasies you can act out with your doll are truly endless, however, all of these fantasies require you to buy the appropriate outfit for your perfect sex doll. Each of these outfits can be had affordably from an online retailer like Amazon. You just have to know your doll’s exact measurement which should be written on her profile page. You should see the exact measurements for her chest, hips, and waist. It is really easy finding clothes and costumes that will fit your doll perfectly nowadays and you can get her a sexy costume for somewhere between $30 and $80 depending on what you are buying for her.

Getting the most out of your sex doll depends heavily on role play. You will never get tired of having sex with your doll if you change things up to keep them interesting. Engaging in foreplay with your sex doll can be a great experience too. If you are in the mood caress her skin gently instead of just sticking it in. Start things off in the living room and then carry her into the bedroom before things get really steamy. Play some music so that you get into the mood and truly relax in your special time with your girl.

13. Warming Her Up To Increases The Pleasure

You don’t have to do this to have great orgasms with your sex doll but many feel that warming your adult doll up before intercourse makes the experience even better. Your sex doll is already tighter than most real women, but with an electric warmer she can be the perfect temperature for your pleasure and comfort too. TPE is a great material not just because it feels real but because it can hold the temperature for a long time. If you heat up the intimate parts of your doll’s body the heat can hold long enough for you to have sex with her in multiple positions. Electric warmers can be purchased online for $20-$40. Just put the warmer in your dolls hole and after just 3-5 minutes she will be ready for you. Put if in her vagina while you are playing with her mouth or leave it in her vagina while you are penetrating her butt. Electric warmers are a safe technology to use and don’t carry the risk of damaging your doll because they stay close to body temperature.

14. Protect Your Sex Doll So She Lasts

There are several best practices you need to follow so that you and your new sex doll can be happy together for many years. Direct exposure to sunlight is one environmental factor that can harm your realistic doll. It is best to use your doll indoors most of the time. You can take your sex doll on outings and even have her next to you in a sports car with the sunroof rolled down, but if the sun is shining intensely prolonged exposure can be very bad for her skin. You shouldn’t let your doll have direct exposure to the sun for more than 15 minutes. Having her out with you by a swimming pool in the late afternoon should be fine, but if its noon and you feel the heat burning your own skin it is not good for your adult doll either. Put her under an umbrella while you give yourself a tan. Also if your doll is sleeping next to you, you may not want her to be in the position where she sun can shine on her if it peaks into your bedroom through a window in the morning.

Your doll is tough but that doesn’t mean she is invincible. Don’t throw her into walls or bang her into dense objects. If you accidentally bump her into a wall when moving her around its not the end of the world. The real danger is rubbing her up against something that can scrape her skin. For example, if you scrape her up against a brick wall or a metal counter with a sharp edge you can cause permanent damage to her skin. Also if you toss her across a lawn or onto a patio deck you can expect your doll to come out alive but with little scuffs that might not go away. Feel free to spank and whip your doll but try to avoid putting her in the path of anything more severe than that.

15. Your Sex Doll Can Get Dyed

Your lifelike doll’s skin is soft and resilient, however, if she is in contact with strong fabric dye for long periods of time they can leave a faint impression on her body. This isn’t a big deal as it can be easily washed off but its something to be aware of. If you buy her lingerie that is a deep green color then there may be a very faint green color on her skin days later. If you wash your doll with soap and water in the shower like many owners do you will see it clear up immediately, but it is faint enough that some people barely notice it.

16. Clean Your Adult Doll After Sex

If you and your girl are just hanging out together in the house you won’t have to clean her for months but if you are having sex you should clean her after every use, especially if you are not using a condom with her. It is actually pretty easy to clean your doll. If you have a removable vagina insert you just need to take that part out and run it under a sink until the body fluid comes out. Then just dry if off and place it back inside your doll.

Most men prefer sex dolls with a fixed vagina because of the added realism however there is a price to pay. A fixed vagina means you need to bring your entire lifelike doll with you into the bathroom and into the shower when cleaning her. You will definitely want to get a flexible shower head for a doll with a fixed vagina. this makes cleaning her up easy. You just make the stream of water come out in a narrow blast and make sure the water gets into her vagina. After a few seconds, she should be clean and you can dry her off. If you don’t have a showerhead you can also clean her out with a water bottle or a professional vaginal irrigator.

A water bottle is the cheapest way to get the job done. You can get one for $1-$5 at the store. Just fill it up with warm water, put the nozzle inside of your realistic sex doll’s hole and squeeze it hard to send the water deep within. She should be clean in just a few seconds. Also, don’t forget to put a little bit of soap into the bottle. It should reach the depths of her hole without problems. You will want to do this immediately after sex so that your semen doesn’t have time to get hard and crusted inside her. If it does that’s OK but in that case, you may want to fill up the water bottle multiple times. Its also kind of gross, but your choice.

Vaginal irrigators can be purchased on sites like Amazon for no more than $20. They work like a water bottle and also go by the name “douche” in case you were wondering where the term “douche bag” comes from. Irrigators are easier to squeeze but there is no difference in how they work.

If you have been very negligent about cleaning your doll, you may even want to use a luffa to clean her out. Just type “luffa” into google. It will get rid of any crusted body fluid that may have been sitting around inside her layering up over a period of weeks or months. They are actually easy to use. Just push the luffa inside after using a water bottle and gently scrape the sides of your sex dolls orifices. Make sure you buy a luffa with soft bristles or make sure not to wait days before cleaning your doll so you never end up needing one.

You can dry your doll off with any old towel.

17. Protip For Post Sex: Use A Tampon

You can let all the water drip out of your doll naturally after you have used water to clean her out, but it may take a few minutes for her to dry out naturally. You can speed up the process by using a tampon. Just push the tampon up inside of her and you are done. The pad will expand in the presence of moisture and take care of every last drop of water for you.

18. Watch Out For Sex Doll Scams

You should only be buying your doll from trusted sites like that are based in the USA and have real customer service. Cyberspace can be very dangerous some times. Every year millions of people in the United States end up being the victim of internet scams that cost them money sometimes even 7-figures. This is why you should never try to purchase a sex doll from a company located in China. If you are dealing with a US seller and you email them, you will get a reply in native English from a person who understands your needs. Here at Dollwives we are proud sex doll owners and can answer just about any question you come up with.

19. Never Buy From Companies Outside The USA

If you order from a company located in China or Russia there is a huge chance that your doll will never be shipped to you.l. There are men who purchased a sex doll with thousands of dollars of their hard-earned money only to be sent a crate full of gravel and torn up paper. The crate had the promised weight and passed through customs only when they opened instead of finding a beautiful sex doll they found anguish and heartbreak. Worse, there was nothing they could do because insecure payment methods like Western Union don’t give you any means of tracking down people you send money to internationally.

Russian and Chinese authorities don’t care about scams like these and will never shut these companies down.
Another trick scammers use is to send you a doll made from cheap plastic blow-up doll instead of a high quality TPE doll. It used to be that men were desperate enough to put their dicks in uncomfortable and ugly plastic like the kind we use for plastic bags and cheap fold-able chairs. TPE is a material that is expensive to make and mold but its also necessary for creating dolls that look and feel real and so it is worth the extra money.

20. Make Sure You Can Pay Securely

Scamming companies will always ask you to pay them through Western Union, money order or nowadays even Bitcoin. These companies know that if they let you pay for your sex doll with reputed payment processors like Paypal and Visa you can get your money back if you are scammed. Reputed payment processors are the only ones we employ on this site so your order is guaranteed to arrive at your door. Here at DollWives we give our customers the option to pay through Paypal and we recommend you only buy products from companies who do. Paypal has the world’s most secure customer satisfaction guarantee. If the product or service you pay for is not delivered as promised you can file a dispute within their system which immediately triggers a hold on the seller’s funds and you will get your money back.

Any complaints against a seller also damage their reputation within Paypal’s system and they can receive a lifetime ban. If a seller takes money through Paypal and they are a verified company located in the USA there is practically no way for them to trick you. Even if they remove the funds Paypal will still refund you the consumer and incur the debt themselves. They can afford to do this because until Paypal trusts the seller they hold onto the funds for up to 2 months to make sure the customer makes no complaints.

21. Dolls Are For Couples Too

There are many men who purchase a sex doll with the blessing of their partner. There are even wives who buy a sex doll for their man personally. You might be surprised to learn that the woman in your life is excited at the idea of you owning a sex doll and wants to watch you with her or join in on the fun.
It can also be a huge relief to her in the event that you want sex more often than she does or if there are certain sex acts she doesn’t feel comfortable with that you can now act out on your sex doll without harming her. So many wives have tried anal sex and just feel uncomfortable allowing their husbands to enter their rear end as often as he wants.

22. Sex Dolls Don’t Count As Cheating

Of course, every couple has to make this decision for themselves, but in most relationships, women don’t feel that their man having sex with an adult doll counts as cheating. Women mostly care about another woman entering their sacred space and taking it over because they are worried about losing their place next to the man who provides for them. There is little chance of a doll completely replacing them in life. Some men like the stability of marriage and having a proper public image. Even if there is no more sexual excitement in the relationship it can be easier to keep getting along with your spouse and looking after each other for life than having to deal with a divorce where you have to move out and try to rebuild everything from scratch especially as an older man. In these cases having a sex doll enter the relationship is an ideal compromise which makes both the man and the woman in the relationship feel happier.

If you are in a committed relationship that you don’t want to leave but are not totally satisfied with your sex life its natural to want a doll. You probably don’t want to have sex with a prostitute or to really cheat on your partner. In the cases where your partner doesn’t understand your needs for a sex doll, there are things you can say to them to smooth things over. Tell her that the sex doll is there to make life easier for her. Since you have the doll, you will no longer bother her about having sex. She no longer has to feel guilty about telling you no or angry at you for asking so often. She also no longer has to worry about you cheating on her with a prostitute or another woman. She can sleep more easily in the comfort that her place in your household is secure.

In the event that you are with a woman who will never understand like a woman who is bitter and jealous but unfortunately, you are stuck with for some reason you can still take a stand and just buy an adult doll. Keep it hidden, keep it in your own personal space. You and she should both have access to personal space and personal time and since you respect her privacy about some things she should just have to live with you owning and using a doll while minimizing its intrusiveness in your shared home.

23. Find An Adult Doll Who Is Your Type

Every single sex doll we sell here at dollwives is of exceptional quality and made from TPE material. Whether you like girls who are petite or busty, blonde or black-haired, ivory skin or ebony you should be able to find what you want here. We have organized the dolls by their looks and each doll also has a unique personality that you can read about or you can order your sex doll and decide to give her a new one. On each sex doll’s profile page you will see many pictures that show you the doll clothed as well as completely naked from many different angles. The most important thing about the doll is the shape of her face and her body type. Hair color, eye color, and skin tone can be customized.

The adult doll’s height, breast size, and curves cannot. You can also customize the appearance of pubic hair and whether or not the doll has a removable vagina for easy cleaning and lastly you can choose to give your standing feet or not. Standing feet make it easier for your doll to stand upright and pose like a mannequin at the cost of adding bolts to the bottom of her feet and requiring her to be placed on a stand of some kind. Browse through the entire catalog of dolls until you find your perfect match.

24. Feel Free To Build A Harem of Sexy Dolls

You can purchase as many sex dolls as you want. Most men start off with one doll but eventually, they are so satisfied they start to dream of what life would be like to own two sex dolls or more. What must it feel like to come home, enter your living room and have 2 beautiful ladies sitting on the couch waiting for you?

25. Sex Doll Reviews

When you visit a sex doll store such as make sure to check out the reviews. Sex doll reviews will give you insight into the quality of the dolls and whether or not customers are satisfied. Having sex with a doll is a wonderful and life-changing experience and we have hundreds of customers that will attest to that. Even if you are wondering how to make your own sex doll you will find reviews from other customers who did the same and built the most realistic sex doll imaginable.

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