How You Save Money By Buying A Sex Doll. Use This Calculator To See!

When you see the price tag on a high end sex doll, you might feel that its an expensive purchase. Most people don’t realize that a quality sex doll will save you thousands of dollars per year compared to dating a real woman.


Prepare yourself… because the truth is shocking. After crunching numbers we calculated that purchasing a sex doll can save you more than $3,465 in a single year.


Below is a calculator that you can try out yourself. Input your personal numbers and it will tell you exactly how much money you will save buying a doll.

Your doll will be one of the best investments of your life. If you take good care of them they last for years. Men who bought quality dolls more than 10 years ago still have them in mint condition. Over a period of ten years you can save more than $30,000 and your doll will still look as good as the day you met her!

Here’s a story about the typical dating experience guys put up with to get laid:

“The last time I went out on a date with a girl I matched on Tinder she looked nothing like her picture. I didn’t walk away right then because even though I swipe for hours I only get one real match every few months. So I decided to play the gentleman. I pulled out her chair for her, let her order $180 worth of sushi, and listened to her complain about her roommate and coworkers. She let me hold her hand across the table a little bit before putting it aside and asking our tall skinny waiter a bunch of questions about his tattoos. She really seemed to be enjoying the food and she was telling me personal things so I figured I would at least get to take her home.

My palms were sweaty as I tried to find the perfect moment to suggest we go somewhere private, but I didn’t want to interrupt her story about her co-worker Stacy stealing her apron and returning it with coffee grinds on it . Then all of a sudden she asks me what my star sign is and when I tell her I’m a virgo she says ‘Well this has been a waste of time! At least I got a free meal out of it’. My jaw hit the floor and I asked her why that mattered. She said she didn’t hook up with virgos because they had bad sexual chemistry with her star sign. Then she hopped up from her chair and made for the door ignoring my calls for her to ‘wait up’.

She disappeared from the Sushi bar and I wondered why she didn’t ask me that before she let me burn all my hard earned money on her food. Walking to my car angry, I realized that must have been her plan all along. I spent $180 in total and didn’t get a fucking thing out of it. I seriously began to question the point of playing the whole dating game with all the fake, abusive women out there.

A friend of mine who is more wild than me told me that when he has bad dates, he even thinks it would have been better to take the money and spend it on a hooker. I’m not into hookers. I don’t want to risk getting STDs and I hear that just like like my date they usually use outdated or fake pictures to lure guys in. There has got a be a better way than dealing with all these childish, flaky women who take you for granted.”

Why go through with all that?

Why should you go through all that bullshit just to go on a date with a woman? Don’t waste money on flowers, or hookers. Get a high quality sex doll. The average American spends $2,500 a year on dates. But that is with men and women put together. Actually, women spent about $1,000 and the men spent just shy of $4000 trying to impress ladies who didn’t even appreciate them.


The truth about dating

  • Dating site memberships cost $200+ a year with their online memberships and men are often charged more money than women.
  • When dating, most women still expect the man to foot the bill, even if they are earning similar amounts of money because women feel entitled.
  • The average person dates for about 6 years before tying the knot or giving up and deciding to be single.
  • Over a lifetime men will spend more than $30,000 on dating and usually end up disappointed by women who are just using them.


Dating is expensive and not worth it, right?
Use this calculator to see how much you could be saving with a sex doll.


1. The Cost of a Sex Doll


2. The Cost of Dating (1 year)


3. Calculate Return Over How Many Years?


4. Your Estimated ROI (click submit)

Results: You will save $—– by buying a sex doll. Browse our collection of Luxury Sex Dolls.

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