5 Ways Disabled Men Can Tranform Their Sex Lives

Society is totally mistaken about the sexual needs of disabled men. This means the disabled have to go through a lot of bullshit when trying to get their needs met. More than 650 million people in the world are living with a disability and in the United States 1 in 5 people suffer from a disability of some kind. More than half of those people define their disability as severe. Every single year the number of disabled people in the world increases by 2-3 million. If you are a disabled man what these numbers reveal is that you are not alone and you don’t need to be ashamed. Disability can be either physical or psychological. In either case disabled men have sexual needs as much as anyone else. This article will give you educate you on the challenges faced by the disabled when trying to achieve a satisfying sex life and give you advice on how to date or live with a sex doll to revolutionize yours.

The Global Nature Of Disability

In the developed world the largest factor contributing to disability is the onset of age. Impairments related to mobility set in and many find it harder to move around. Bones grow more brittle with age and people fall breaking something that doesn’t heal like it did when they were young.
In undeveloped nations disability affects the young the most. This is because young people are likely to suffer from malnutrition that stunts their development. Young people in developing nations are also used as child laborers, and when they acquire diseases may not be able to receive proper medical care.

Tragically, many people become disabled in accidents or because they live in war zones. In the most troubled conflict zones it is common for people to suffer injury from shrapnel, gun fire or from stepping on IED bombs. Three out of four children who live in war zones acquire a physical or mental disability that still affects them when they are adults trying to explore their sexuality. These problems rarely affect the most privileged people living in developing nations because they are protected by corruption while those who are poor suffer. Having nowhere to turn many become refugees. Once a person becomes disabled it is difficult for them to access the sanitation, employment or education they need to provide for themselves and their families which compounds all their.

In many countries disability has been under reported for years. In Brazil it was reported that only 2 percent of people had a disability, but in 2001 the number jumped to 14.5 percent because the government stopped suppressing the true numbers.

The Sex Lives of Disabled Men

Its a serious misconception that disabled people lack sexual desire. The abled will look at a disabled person and presume that they have no interest in sex, are incapable of sex, or are not desirable sex partners. This perception is hurtful to disabled men. Knowing that most people see you as a person without any sexuality hurts your self esteem and can make you feel that you are unworthy of a sexual relationship. This could not be further from the truth. Here are several false beliefs held by the abled about men with disabilities:

Belief 1: Sex with a disabled man doesn’t count as real sex
Belief 2: Men with disabilities can not be sexually attractive
Belief 3: Disabled people are so overwhelmed with their problems they don’t have time for sex
Belief 4: Men with disabilities shouldn’t have the right to father children

If you know someone who believes this about men with disabilities it is your responsibility to educate them on the truth. Yes having sex with a disabled person can be different and how different depends on the specific disability but sex with a disabled man is real sex. A disabled man’s throbbing penis can get just as hard and feel just as satisfying to a woman as an abled man’s penis. Disabled men can be sexy just like abled men, and disabled men certainly have the right to father as many children as they are capable of raising on their income.

Having to deal with dishonest bullshit from society is one reason many disabled men turn to sex dolls where they can satisfy their needs without judgement

The Challenges of Sex For Disabled Men

Depending on your disability there are many challenges you need to educate your caregivers on so they can help you have a satisfying sex life. If your caregiver helps you in the restroom, they have seen enough of you that they should not feel squeamish about helping you improve your sex life. We’re not talking about asking your caregiver to perform sexual services but if you choose to buy a sex doll your caregiver should be fine with maintaining your doll in good condition. They just need to be educated on the proper procedure just like they were trained to help you in other ways. Don’t be embarrassed to bring these topics up. If you are then you may be cheating yourself and if your caregiver isn’t willing to assist you then you have the freedom to find someone who will.

How Ignoring Their Sexual Needs Is Destroying Disabled Men

If you consider your body to be broken in some way, it is difficult to see yourself as a sexy person. When any man abled or disabled gives up on his sexuality something is lost inside of him. A man’s self image is a very important thing to him and it affects his happiness in ways we don’t fully understand. Every man needs to see himself as a sexual being and benefits from physical intimacy and orgasmic release.

If you are missing these things you will not only lose the health of your body, but also your mind. Men who don’t have sex or physical intimacy are more prone to depression and mental disorders such as Alzheimer’s. So if you are a disabled man it is essential that you acknowledge yourself as a complete sexual being and do whatever is in your power to receive the intimacy and sexual release that you deserve. Its not just your sexual satisfaction that is at stake here. Your mental health and subjective well being are at risk.

Now that you understand the challenges disabled men face and why you need sexual intimacy here is some advice on how to revolutionize your sex life as a disabled man.

1.Date a disabled Woman

For some disabled men, the best kind of person to marry is a fellow disabled person. Two disabled people will be sensitive to each other’s needs on a level that is hard to achieve with an abled partner. Disabled partners will go the extra mile for each other and truly understand each other’s challenges and suffering. The conversations that are incredibly difficult with an abled partner will happen naturally. Your disabled partner will also understand you as a sexual person without having to be told.
An abled partner may get frustrated by you and not understand the effort you are putting in when trying to please her in bed. It can be awful when you are trying your hardest and an abled partner just doesn’t get it. A disabled woman will be on the same page and surely appreciate you.

2.Participate in clubs for disabled people

Before you can date a disabled woman you first have to find her. One way to do this is to join groups for disabled people. In the group, everyone will be able to relate to each other because you will all share a problem. Empathy is better than sympathy when it comes to sharing another person’s pain. It will also feel great to have a social circle of people you can talk to about the unique problems you face. You will be able to show your true self in the group and because the real you gets to come out a woman in the group may find you attractive.
Try to find meet ups for disabled people in your area. Be open to new people and new experiences. The more you invest in your social circle the easier it will be to meet the right person for you.

3.Sign Up For Disabled Dating Sites

The internet has niche dating sites for every group or subculture you can imagine. In recent years, several dating sites that cater to disabled people looking to meet each other have popped up. You can sign up for sites like DisabilityMatch.com , DisabledDating.com and DisabledPassions.com. There are at least a dozen other sites out there where you can find people like yourself who want physical intimacy and a satisfying sex life with someone they can relate to.
Many of these sites will also have abled people who are open to dating disabled partner. These people may have dated a disabled person in the past and have already learned to see past your disability. This is probably the best place online to meet an abled person.
Remember you also have the right to sign up for and meet people on general dating sites too. Those sites just won’t have people who are specifically looking for a disabled person and you will have to educate them on how to date you and satisfy your needs.

4.Spend Time With A Prostitute

You may have mixed feelings about visiting a prostitute. It is frowned upon on in most societies and many people associate it with shame. The challenges of meeting someone in the traditional dating game have made many disabled men feel that prostitution is the only way they can experience sexual intimacy.

If you choose to visit a prostitute make sure you engage in safe sex. It will also be a good idea to inform the prostitute that you have a disability before you meet with her. There may be some who don’t feel comfortable serving you. Just remember that you are a valuable customer who deserves to be treated with respect and eventually you will find someone who will be happy to cater to your needs.

5.Purchase A Sex Doll

For many disabled men, this is the best option for achieving intimacy. This generation of sex dolls look and feel incredibly real. Both abled and disabled men who are sex doll owners tend to be very happy with their decision. If you have a sex doll, you get to experience the intimacy of waking up next to a beautiful woman who is always open to having sex with you. She will never judge you or degrade you in any way because of your disability. You can be your true self with her at all times and role play that she is whoever you want her to be.

There are so many reasons sex dolls are a wonderful choice that will enhance your quality of life. Yes they require an investment of $1500 or more for a quality doll, but that is a one time cost. Dating as a disabled man costs money and so does paying for an escort. Your doll will give you the intimacy you desire and cost less than having a relationship with a real woman after just 6 months.

If you live with a sex doll your disability may present challenges when it comes to cleaning your doll after having sex with her, but it is something that many disabled men manage without too much trouble. You can purchase a doll that has a removable insert for her vagina. This makes cleaning very easy or if you require a caregiver you could ask for their help. As mentioned earlier a caregiver that helps you in the restroom should have no problem cleaning your doll and if they are a professional they will respect your privacy.

If you are a disabled man it can be difficult to enjoy a satisfying sex life. This is no reason to give up hope. You can find either an abled or disabled woman who is sensitive to your needs if you try hard enough, but you also may prefer life with a sex doll as tens of thousands of other men have already discovered. You are a person with sexual needs and no matter what you must not let society’s perception of disabled people limit your happiness in life.

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