Are Sex Dolls Legal In America?

Are Sex Dolls Legal? For some reason, there are still people asking this question. Considering that we is a comprehensive resource dedicated to all things related to realistic sex dolls, we are about to give a precise answer to this question.

Are Sex Dolls Legal?

Feminists do not want men to have access to the best and top-rated sex dolls and many news sites have published stories about the legality of owning one. No man wants to get caught doing something illegal. Very few men would be willing to risk prison over a sex doll. This has left many wondering if love dolls are actually legal in the United States of America. The answer is yes, although its not that simple. This article will explore some of the issues about sex doll legality and expose the feminists who want to take away men’s right to have sex dolls as companions.

One Simple Rule For Now

The simplest answer to the question are sex dolls legal, we can give is that sex dolls are legal in the USA as long as the doll looks like an adult. There are lolita dolls created by some companies in Japan and there they are popular. Even if you wanted one of these dolls you could not legally import it into the USA. Here at we respect everyone’s right to privacy, but we do not support the manufacture or sale of dolls that are intended to look like children. We believe it is important that children all over the world be protected from abuse and human trafficking thus we do not participate in sexualizing them. There are no child dolls available in our store and we would never help anyone sneak one in or provide advice on how to get one custom built for any amount of money. If you know someone who wants to buy a child sex doll, please refer this person to a mental help professional.

Early Victory For the Enemy

Feminists and religious organizations are trying to criminalize ownership of any fuck dolls and they have won an early victory in this war. A company tried to open a sex doll brothel in the city of Houston that would be perfectly legal for customers. However, local feminists lobbied Houston City Council and persuaded it to not issue the brothel a business license. You can read the full story here.

Though this is a definite setback for the social acceptability of porn dolls we do not recommend sharing dolls as this brothel intended. Customers would be charged $100 an hour to spend time with a sex doll. It is a more intimate experience to possess your own doll and you can get a high-quality doll from our selection for only $1500. She will be all yours. You won’t have to think about hundreds of other men spending time with her or releasing body fluids into her. Even if the brothel followed the highest level of safety practices there is still some degree of risk that another man’s fluids could contaminate you with a sexually transmitted infection.

The War Rages On

There are some crazy feminists who want to pass a national law banning all sex dolls. They believe it is immoral for a man to possess an object that resembles a woman if he can use it in any way he pleases. Some even believe that relationships between men and sex dolls constitute rape because the dolls are not capable of giving consent. It is important that men be aware these lunatics exist otherwise they may be able to push laws prohibiting the purchase of sex dolls through congress while most men are asleep. Sex dolls are the future and if anything they should be a wake-up call to women that they need to treat men better. The battle will rage on in the years to come, but for now, you can legally purchase an incredible sex doll companion that feels real to the touch and eases your loneliness here at DollWives.

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