Artificial Intelligent Sex Dolls -The Future of Sex Dolls

Artificial Intelligent Sex Dolls are starting to surface in media reports. Stories about realist sex doll brothels emerging in Canada and the United States, as well as other countries around the world, are starting to make headlines in tech blogs.

The Sex Doll Stigma

What is a sex doll? When we think about the type of person that would use a sex doll, we start to imagine the scenario of a socially defunct loser. The person may have one of those creepy blow-up dolls we see in the movies, with the wide-open mouth, lying around in their closet.

When the average person thinks about why a person would want to develop a relationship with a sex doll, they imagine that the person must be dealing with some mental illness that makes them want to make love to lifelike sex dolls.

Why don’t these people go out and meet a real person to form a relationship? Having sex with a doll seems like it’s something only the most anti-social person would consider doing to satisfy their lustful desires.

Why People Use Sex Dolls

The truth of the matter is that some people enjoy having sex with a doll over a real person. There are hundreds of viable reasons why a person would choose realistic silicone sex dolls to satisfy themselves sexually.

Maybe the person has dark fantasies that involve choking or slapping their partner. This kind of behavior can land you in trouble. Should you strike a real woman, you can expect a lawsuit. By taking out their fantasies on a sex doll, there’s less chance of the person wanting to do it to a real woman.

Some people may have a fetish with robots or anime, making real looking sex dolls a viable option for a partner. Some married couples may have one of the partners unable to enjoy sex anymore due to top physical ailments or limitations.

By using a silicone sex doll, the person can watch their partner enjoy themselves in a comfortable setting, without wondering if their partner is out finding another woman.

Some men may be lonely and live in a location where it’s challenging to find a new partner. In this case, a silicone love doll can provide the person with a sexual partner and someone to keep them company in their isolation.

Wrapping up the reason for wanting a sex doll is the fact that STI’s are a problem in the American public, with up to 40-percent of American adults having some form of sexually transmitted disease. With a love doll, you have zero-risk of contracting any dangerous bacteria like gonorrhea and chlamydia.

The Evolution of Sex Dolls

The sex doll industry has undergone a tremendous change in the last five years. Traditionally, men would have to order a blow-up air doll for a life-size synthetic partner. These dolls did not provide a realistic sexual experience for the user.

Instead of feeling the soft flesh of a human being, the user found they were holding onto cold plastic. It’s challenging to stay aroused when you’re looking at a piece of plastic with a wide-open mouth. However, sex doll manufacturers saw a gap in the market and started to experiment with TPE silicone for the skin on dolls. They altered the features of the face to make the toy appear lifelike, and offer the customer a variety of customizable options for hair, features, skin color, breast size, and eye color.

Today’s sex dolls for men look nothing like the cheap plastic blow-up monstrosities from the past.

Why Sex Dolls Are Gaining Popularity

Lifelike sex dolls are gaining in popularity all over the globe, from Japan and China to Europe and the United States. The reason for the sudden trend is due to the improvements made in sex dolls for sale online and at sex shops.

The media attention on the dolls is also helping to spark interest in men that are lonely and looking for an outlet to vent their sexual frustration. Many men already use assistive masturbation devices, such as the “Fleshlight,” but a real sex doll offers an immersive experience that feels more like the real thing.

One thing is for sure, real-life sex dolls are here to stay, and we can expect them to gain further traction in the coming years.

The Benefits of Sex Dolls

So what makes the perfect sex doll? Many people would say that it’s all about the functionality and how it performs in bed. Many men state that they enjoy sex with sex doll products because they can pose the doll in any position they please.

The doll comes with a steel skeleton that allows the user to pose them in any sexual position they desire. Doll manufacturers use TBE silicon for the skin of the doll, providing it with a surface that feels similar to the soft, warm glow from a woman’s skin.

A custom sex doll comes fitted with your demands for shape, breast size, hair color – you name it, and they will provide it for you. This customizable option allows men to create their dream woman. One of the most attractive features of a real sex doll is that they lack the emotions of a real woman. If you tell your girlfriend you’re thinking about sleeping with other women, the chances are she will hit the roof in outrage at your disgusting thoughts.

However, a sex doll has no emotions, and she’ll let you play with as many partners as you desire. As a result, a full silicone sex doll may make the ideal partner for you and your girlfriend to experiment with in bed.

The Limitations of Sex Dolls

At the moment, most sex dolls on offer have limitations regarding their interactive capabilities with the user. The best sex dolls available, cannot communicate with their owner. As a result, people that are looking for a genuinely immersive sexual experience with a sex doll might find that their session is unfulfilling.

However, manufacturers are working on integrating interactive features into their products, and we can expect this new-generation of silicone sex dolls for sale to feature a range of interactive capabilities and functions.

Artificial Intelligent Sex Dolls

So, what can we expect from the future of high-end sex dolls? When we sit back and dream about the possibilities, we don’t see how manufacturers won’t end up designing a completely interactive sex doll, complete with artificial intellect, in the next 5-years.

The possibilities are endless. Can you imagine a life size sex doll that has the ability to orgasm? That feature alone would drive more men and women online to purchase their sex doll. AI offers this type of functionality due to machine learning and algorithmic programming designed to recognize and respond to real-life instructions of conversations.

Soon, owners of the best silicone sex dolls will be able to develop entire emotional relationships with their synthetic partners. Imagine if your TPE sex doll partner and lover remembers your birthday or greets you by your name or pet name when you interact with them.

The future has a lot in store for real doll sex with synthetic partners that understand your nature and personality, as well as your preferences.

Integrating artificial intelligence with the most realistic sex doll will result in a life-partner that does not age, never talks back to you, never has a bad day at the office, and is always ready to please you.

For those men and women that want more from their sex doll than something to use when they feel a sexual urge, AI offers the possibility of developing a real relationship with your TPE doll.

The Future for Sex Dolls and Companionship

Voice recognition and chatbots systems like Alexa have already proven their worth to society. Amazon trains Alexa using the data it collects from the user’s instructions and conversations with the device. Programmers then help the machine learn faster, improving its responses and choices it presents to the user.

The same can be said for the future of sex dolls and AI. It won’t be long before some tech start-up starts offering speech kits for sex dolls that allow them to learn your favorite position, or tell when you are climaxing.

The Legal Status of Sex Dolls

Love doll sex is legal in most countries throughout the world. The last time we checked, even China does not have any legislation of the use and sale of new sex dolls through a sex doll store online or offline. There are also no know existing limitations on how or where to buy sex doll partners in any country.

There are some limitations to ordering sex dolls in Canada. The Canadian authorities passed legislation to state that users cannot import or purchase sex dolls under a certain height, and the government also forbids the sale and purchase of child sex dolls. Users must order a full-size sex doll from a retailer, or risk breaking the law, which could end up with the issuance of a monetary fine or possible jail time.

Interactive Sex Doll Brothels

Sex doll brothels are an emerging trend throughout the world. More savvy entrepreneurs are opening brothels featuring real love doll escorts that cater to the needs of the clients. These brothels operate similarly to an actual brothel.

When the client enters the brothel, they are required to meet the code of conduct set by the establishment. They must shower before their session with the doll, and the staff cleans up after the client finishes their appointment.

Hygiene is one of the most significant concerns at sex doll brothels. Owners do their best to ensure that all of the dolls are cleaned thoroughly before sessions. However, it might be a prudent strategy to read a sex doll review on the brothel you intend on visiting.

When visiting a brothel for the first time, it’s vital that you remain respectful if you want to make another appointment. Most brothels ban the use of drugs on your date, and if you’re caught using banned substances, the brothel owner has the right to inform the authorities and have you arrested.

Visiting a sex doll brothel has some advantages over a real brothel. With sex dolls, the user can get as dirty with their sexual desires as they like, without the doll objecting. However, it’s important to note that these sex dolls are expensive for the brothel to replace, so be careful that you don’t damage or tear their silicone skin during your appointment.

In the future, we expect sex doll brothels to become increasingly popular around the globe. The introduction of artificial intelligence to sex dolls and sex doll brothels could be the catalyst that sparks the success of the industry.

Imagine a brothel with girls that can talk to you, and talk dirty in your appointment. Sex dolls that moan and climax according to your body response and facial cues. All of this is possible as we approach the singularity.

Wrapping Up – Invest in the Best Sex Dolls

Sex doll manufacturers are locked in a race to produce the world’s best sex doll. There are plenty of brands out there offering cheap silicone sex dolls that don’t meet the standards of customization and quality of that provided by

What would you want to see in the best sex dolls for men? The customizable features on offer from manufacturers like show you how to make your own sex doll right on their website. Pick your features, select your product, and place your order.

It won’t be long before manufacturers start to integrate AI into their dolls. However, we expect it to be a slow learning curve for the first few years, with huge leaps in the technology occurring in the years after that as machine learning and algorithms start to process the data they collect from users around the world.

Artificial Intelligent Sex Dolls are the future of human sexuality, and we expect that every household will have an AI-integrated sex doll in their future.

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