Sex Dolls – The Future of Sex?

Have you heard about sex dolls? These magnificent synthetic creatures are available to help you soothe your primal urges. The introduction of sex dolls brought about plenty of controversy in the media in recent years, with some online publications questioning the validity of high-end sex dolls.

However, the sex doll industry is here to stay, with more men starting to take notice of the benefits of having a sex doll around the house.

Last year, smart entrepreneurs entered into the sex doll services business, offering sex for sale with dolls – not real women. At first, society didn’t know what to make of this new venture, and local law enforcement agencies shut down these sex doll brothels in multiple states across America.

Reports of sex doll brothels are emerging all over the globe, from Tokyo to London, and it seems that sex dolls are gaining traction in the minds – and loins of men for every country and culture on earth.

So, what makes TPE sex dolls so popular? Are they a passing trend? Do they offer enough value to society to become a widespread phenomenon, with two synthetic sex dolls in every home and apartment in the world? Let’s take a deeper dive into unpacking the benefits sex and love dolls have to offer.

Why do Young People have Less Sex?

Recent studies by the World Health Organization, into the sexual activity of young people and millennials, (people aged between 18 to 32-years old,) shows that young people in this category are having less sex than any other generation before them. Statistics show that up to 12-percent of millennials have not had any sex in the last 12-months, up from 7-percent just two years ago.

Young people are changing their sexual behaviors, and it could have a detrimental effect on society as a result.

Social and Financial Pressures

When pressed for an explanation of why they were having less sex, young people in the study cite financial and social pressures as the top reason why they aren’t getting any this year. Many millennials graduate college in debt to the tune of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Many of these young adults work more than one job, and as a result, they don’t have the time available to find a partner. Those that do have the time and money say that they can’t find decent partners in today’s social climate.

Millennials in the study report feelings of isolation and loneliness, especially when moving to a new city or county in a community where they have no friends and no support.

Working to make minimum wage, does not lead to a stable financial situation. As a result, millennials in the research pilot said they wouldn’t think about finding a partner and starting a family until they get out from under the mountain of debt they owe to creditors.

A Secular Society

Over the last 70-years, Americans with no religious affiliation have risen 233-percent, with almost 60-percent of young adults stating they are no longer bound to any faith. As a result, society is more open to new sexual experiences and narratives in today’s modern era.

Trying to find a partner in a sea of people with no shared values or interests is hard on young people. The loss of community makes it more challenging to find a partner than it was when all you had to do was go to your local town hall meeting or church group.

The Risk of Sexual Transmitted Infection

STI’s such as “Trich,” chlamydia, gonorrhea, and HPV are rife in the American youth, with more than 60-percent of young people experiencing sexually transmitted infection by the time they are 28-years old.

Developing an STI can change your life and your sexual health in the future. As a result of the prevalence of STIs, many young people avoid having sex entirely. Considering the detrimental effects on your physical well-being if you should catch an STI, many medical practitioners see abstinence as the best option.

However, STI’s are also taking a dramatic toll on the fertility of young Americans, with many men going sterile, and women developing pelvic disorders that leave them barren.

Family Planning

Another reason why young people are having less sex is due to better family planning skills in these socially aware groups. Young adults realize the cost of having children, and with their burgeoning debt levels, they can’t afford to have a family in today’s economy. Recent reports state that it costs upwards of $25,000 to raise a child, and that’s before the cost of sending them to college.

Given the financial state of the youth, it’s not surprising to see them holding off on their sexual relationships until they relieve their financial obligations.

How Sex Dolls Can Help Human Sexuality

So, with a nation having less sex than ever before – what are the costs on society? Sex is an integral part of remaining physically and mentally healthy – and when people stop having sex, what are the risks on their mind, body, and spirit?

People who are having less sex or no sex at all may find they develop short tempers and frustration with others. No getting any sex may lead to the development of mental illness, such as anxiety and depression.

Sex dolls can provide fulfillment to people sexual desires, without the risk of contracting a sexual disease or receiving the financial blow of an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy. Men can keep themselves happy and sexually fulfilled with the use of a sex doll to help them get through the gaps in time where they aren’t involved in a sexually active relationship with a partner.

Let’s take a look at some of the other reasons why lifelike sex dolls may be the future for young people that aren’t having enough sex.

Relieve Social Anxiety

There’s no longer any need to go out to a bar or club and spend your hard earned money on chatting up women, only to have them shoot you down when it’s time to take them home.

A sex doll relieves this social tension of finding a partner, allowing men to satisfy their sexual needs, without the risk of rejection. A sex doll is ready and willing any time you need her, all you have to do is issue the command, and she’s yours.

Invest Time into Other Projects

Relationships take up valuable time in your lives that we could be investing in other more productive projects to secure our future. Imagine all the time you spend with a partner where you could be doing something else more constructive. Are you headed home for another night sitting on the couch with a partner that doesn’t want to have sex with you?

What could you be doing with your time? Maybe there’s a new skill you want to learn, and investment deal you want to analyze, or other friends you could be chatting with on the golf course. We bet that if you sit down and think about all the time you’re wasting with an unloving partner, you’ll find the thought of owning a poseable sex doll quite appealing.

Let’s be honest – is your partner giving you value for your money in the bedroom? You work all day earning money to spend on them – but are they at least servicing your primal desires and satisfying you sexually? If the answer is no, then it’s time to take a long hard look at your relationship status and decide if you could have a better time with a desirable sex doll.

Balance Hormones

Having sex is a normal part of having a healthy lifestyle. Men need a sexual release to maintain their hormonal balance. When men reach adulthood, their instinct is to find a partner and conquer them. Should they suppress these urges for whatever reason, they run the risk of developing a hormonal imbalance that affects their thinking and behavior.

Having a realistic sex doll in your life allows you to pleasure your need for sexual release, without the concern of dealing with a partner and their feelings or emotional state. You’re in charge, and you decide when you want to have sex.

Save Your Money for a Family

Going out on the town trying to meet women for a sexual encounter can cost hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars in a single night. Imagine the cost of trying to have sex each year – what could you be doing with that money instead?

How many investments could you own, how many vacations could you take with all the cash you’re saving. The costs of a sex doll may be steep upfront, but it’s a drop in the bucket considering what it costs to date women in today’s modern society., Save yourself thousands of dollars and invest in an affordable sex doll to cure your sexual cravings.

Prevent Prostitution and Disease

Men who don’t have the time to chase women, or can’t handle the thought of rejection may turn to prostitution as a means to get the sexual satisfaction they require. As a result, they end up spending thousands of dollars on prostitutes throughout the course of the year. Some men may also engage in risky sexual behavior with sex workers that exposes them to catching an STI.

A sex doll is your girl, she’s available for your pleasure, and no-one else’s. Once you pay the purchased price of a few thousand dollars, you now have a sexual partner you can enjoy for decades to come., She won’t age, she doesn’t lose her beauty, and she’s always there to please you, at any time of the day.

What is A Sex Doll?

Don’t think of a sex doll as one of those corny blow-up dolls you see in the movies. Silicone sex dolls are maybe from special materials that make their skin feel like a real person. Their anatomical design makes them the perfect partner for any man, and the adjustable skeleton allows you to position them in any pose you desire.

Your Secret Companion

While the advantages of owning a secret sex doll should make sense to you by this stage in the article, many people in society aren’t ready to deal with the fact that someone could have a relationship with a synthetic sex doll over a human being.

However, these individuals have their own experience – and you have a sex doll that you can enjoy whenever you like. We wonder if their wife or girlfriend will feel up to the task this evening – the odds are they won’t, but your sex doll is ready and waiting for you.

You can keep your sex doll undercover, as most manufacturers ship the girls in discreet packaging, and no-one ever has to know about your secret girlfriend. Keep your doll to practice your sexual technique until you find a real partner you feel you can relate to in the bedroom.

Invest in the Best

There are dozens of manufacturers offering sex dolls, but only a few that provide top-quality products with guarantees. Check around the internet and compare pricing, we doubt you’ll find anything better than Their products are next-level, with many different girls to choose. Buy yourself one or take home two girls – when was the last time you had a threesome? Top-quality sex dolls from feature the finest silicone materials that feel soft and supple to the touch.

The life-like facial features and anatomically correct vagina give you all the sexual pleasure you need. Customize your doll any way you want her. Change the skin tone, hair color, pubic hair, breasts, and waist to any measurements you like. You dream girl is a few clicks away.

Sex Dolls, AI, and the Future

It’s only a matter of time before manufacturers start to integrate the use of artificial intelligence sex dolls. Soon you’ll be able to purchase a sex doll that talks dirty to you, or asks you how your day went at the office. The potential for the future of sex dolls is bright – will you join the sexual revolution, or are you going to remain as one of the thousands of sexless millennials?

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