Can You Cheat With A Sex Doll?

Are you cheating if use a sex doll while in a real relationship?

If you this question, you are not alone. Many men who purchase sex dolls despite having a girlfriend or even a wife wonder if she will feel that you are cheating on her if she knows you have a doll. For this reason, many men try to hide the doll in the closet but this can only work for so long. At some point, most men in relationships have to perform the difficult task of informing their partner that there is another “person” he is having a intimate experiences with.


Sex Dolls: Uncharted Relationship Territory

Decades ago, this wasn’t much of an issue. Dolls were obviously fake and couldn’t approach the appearance or sensation of touching a real women. Most dolls were inflatable dolls made of cheap plastic and looked more like a joke than anything else. No real women is intimidated by competition that they can pop with a fingernail. However the latest generation of sex dolls are expertly crafted and made of a realistic feeling material known as TPE. The most advanced sex dolls can even hold conversations and respond to your touch, knowing the difference between a firmly fondling them and gently caressing. All of this has been enough to trigger many women’s insecurities.

How To Smooth Things Over

So how do you have that difficult conversation with a real woman and how is she likely to respond? There are many different ways women respond. There are some women who are genuinely happy and supportive of you owning a doll. This typically happens in relationships where both of you are older and just arent attracted to each other anymore. In this case she wants you to be happy and so its definitely not cheating. There are also older women who don’t want to have sex with you who will be angry that you got a doll. These are the difficult cases.
There are many bitter women who will never let you touch them, but also get angry and degrade you for watching porn or masturbating. Sex dolls infuriate these women even more. Thankfully she can’t divorce you for keeping your doll in the house or having sex with it. What she can do is harass you and throw your doll in the garbage while you are not around. That is why its important to smooth things over and explain the benefits to her.

If you are with a woman like this use the frame that the doll is there to help your relationship and make life easier for her. Shouldn’t she be happy that you no longer pester her for sex? If she is pregnant, not feeling well, no longer sexually interested in you the doll should be relieving her of a burden. Also, she can feel secure that you are not having sex with prostitutes or in a relationship with another real woman who might replace her. You can’t marry a doll after all.


Is It Emotional Cheating?

What if your partner feels that you are cheating on her emotionally? Once you have a doll, you may not want to be in a relationship anymore because of how good your doll feels and looks. But if you have good reasons for staying with your real partner, you probably care about their feelings and want to assure them that the doll is not a threat to their place in your heart. You have to convince her that the doll is there to help your relationship not hurt it. Make sure she understands that the doll cannot give true love, affection or compassion the way a real woman like her can. Though the doll can ease loneliness when engaged in roleplay it is still lifeless. Even if you develop a strong attachment to your doll the doll will never be able to truly reciprocate. That is why using a sex doll should not be considered emotional cheating.

If she feels that a doll that cannot give you genuine love or care for you when you are sick is a threat to her role that may be testament to what a terrible partner she is. In that case, you should question why you are with her and just enjoy your doll even if she doesn’t approve.

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