sex doll makeup

The Art of Sex Doll Makeup

When you order your new sex doll from, she comes with base makeup already applied permanently. However, you might want to complement our permanent makeup with other cosmetic products to enhance the look of your sex doll.

Adding some sexy cherry-red lipstick to your doo right before she gives you a blowjob, is a great way to intensify the experience, and make it seem more realistic. We decided to put together this brief guide to the art of makeup for your sex doll. Read through the tips and tricks, and let us know what you think in the comments.


From Plain Jane to Sexy Starlet

Dressing your sex doll up with cosmetic products is an excellent way to further customize your sex doll into the vision of your dream girl. You’d be surprised at the change that makeup produces on your girl. 

The next time you’re watching a porn scene. Look at the girl and how much makeup she’s wearing. The chances are that there’s some serious light in the background, and she’s wearing a ton of base and toner.

The eyeliner and mascara also accentuate the eyes and make them more appealing, especially when she’s giving head and staring up at you in lust. 


Your Creativity and Artistic Expression

When dressing up your sex doll in makeup, you get a chance to use your creativity and expression. Draw from your influences, and practice on your doll. She’s not going to get upset if you get it wrong on the first few tries.

However, after playing around with different types of cosmetics, you’ll eventually get how to apply makeup properly to your sex doll. From there, the world is your oyster, and you can experiment with as many different cosmetics as you like.


Drawing Inspiration

For inspiration, you don’t need to look any further than your porn collection. Most porn starlets are responsible for applying their makeup on set or before they arrive at a shoot. Porn starlets have to look their best on film, or they won’t get any opportunities for work in the future. 

Check out the makeup on the hottest girls that you like, and then do some research online about the best products to use to emulate the effects.


What Kind of Makeup Do You like on a Girl?

What kind of makeup styling do you like on your girl? Do you like girls with plenty of makeup for an exotic and sexual look, or do you prefer something subtler? Play around with concepts until you discover the techniques that work for you and your sex doll.


In Closing – Is It Safe to Leave Makeup on Your Sex Doll?

TPE is a less durable material than silicone, and it’s somewhat porous. Therefore, you’ll need to wipe your sex dolls make up off after each session to ensure you don’t stain her skin. However, it’s safe to use makeup removal products for women for this task. Take care of your girl, and she’ll take care of you.