Cleaning Up Your Sex Doll After Doing The Deed

If you purchase a sex doll, looking at her beautiful face and perfect body will make you want to do the deed with her on a regular basis. Its natural to wonder about how you should clean her after you are done. Its absolutely necessary to clean your doll because if you fail she will start to develop an unpleasant odor from your fluids that have gelled and crusted inside her. If you make sure to clean your doll as needed it will be sure to add years to her lifespan and she will be as sexy as new whenever you want her.
This is a guide that will focus on how to clean the mouth, vagina and anus of your doll. If you want to know about general upkeep check out this other article.
Cleaning your doll is an easy process. It should only take a few minutes and some even feel it is an intimate experience. There are also special tools that speed up the process. We’re going to show you how to use them below.

Into the Bathroom We Go

There are many ways to clean your dolls sexual orifices. For any of these tools it is best to bring her into your bathroom so that you don’t make your home wet.


Water Bottle

The simplest and cheapest tool that will make it easier for you to clean your doll is a squirt water bottle. These can be purchased at most stores for just a few dollars. They can function as a makeshift irrigator for the mouth, vagina and other holes. To use it fill the bottle with warm water and soap, then place the nozzle at the entry to the hole and squeeze water into it. The water will reach the depths of the hole and flush your bodily fluids out of your doll. Also, this is best done as soon as possible after finishing sex with your doll so that your semen doesn’t have time to form a crust or gel inside your doll. If a crust or gel forms you will be ok but you may have to fill the bottle up multiple times to properly clean your doll.

Vaginal Irrigator

This is slightly more expensive than a squeeze water bottle but you should be able to order one for around $20. These also go by the names “enema bulb” and “douche”. Just like the water battle, fill it up and then squeeze until your body fluids are flushed out of your doll. Compared to a water bottle these are easier to squeeze and have a more professional feel to them so take your pick based on your budget.

Stick Luffa

You will also benefit from tools that allow you to gently scrub the inside of your doll’s mouth, vagina and anus. If you make a point of cleaning your doll with an irrigator or bottle immediately after sex, luffas may not be necessary but if you wait for a while this is a useful tool to have. Push the luffa softly into any of your dolls holes and scrub the entire area. This will be sure to catch any fluid or residue that exists inside.
Just to be extra careful, many customers like to use the luffa after using a bottle or irrigator. Make sure that you are gentle with your doll when doing this because applying too much force or using a sponge with rough bristles could cause damage to your doll internally.

Shower Head

If you have a removable shower head with a long cord it can be useful in cleaning your doll. You could shower with your doll and treat it as an intimate experience between the two of you. First take care of yourself and then use soap and water to take care of her including the inside of her holes. The showerhead should function the same as a water bottle or vaginal irrigator. If you are buying a new showerhead for this purpose, you should choose one that has multiple settings.
Pick the setting that makes the water come out in a narrow, powerful beam. Your doll will be flushed of your fluids in just a few seconds and it won’t take much effort on your part. Just remember when showering with your doll to avoid getting her hair wet. It won’t hurt your doll but you will have to put extra effort into drying her hair afterwards if you do.


After you have used any of these tools to clean your doll’s sexual orifices you will want to dry her. You can use any narrow sponge or another luffa for this purpose. Do your best to get all the moisture out of her so that nothing drips on the floor when you are done. Some customers like to use tampons for this purpose. You can insert a tampon and let it remain inside your doll to collect any moisture that might be there.

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