Are Sex Dolls A Cure For Loneliness?

Loneliness is a serious problem that can have a devastating impact upon one’s health and mental well-being. In recent years, the problem has gotten so bad that some have come to think of loneliness as an epidemic. From the Baby Boomer generation to Generation Z, people are getting lonelier every year and even though the government and psychologists are aware of the problem they have been unable to stop it. For some men there is a clear answer to this problem. Many men who purchased sex dolls have found that their realistic looking companions have not only improved their sexual gratification but also reduced their loneliness so much they feel romantically satisfied. This article will discuss the causes and types of loneliness and how living with a sex doll can help with them.

What is loneliness?

It has been known for many years that loneliness is a significant risk factor for health problems. Those who report feeling lonely on a regular basis are more likely to have heart attacks, strokes and cancer even. It is thought that loneliness deteriorates health in many ways such as weakening the immune system. It also triggers mental health problems like depression and Alzheimer’s disease. This is especially concerning because nearly half of all people in Generation Z reported feeling lonely frequently and we see rising rates among Millenials, Generation X and Boomers too.
Loneliness is a complex universal human emotion that acts on each individual in unique ways. It doesn’t have a single cause so it is hard to come up with a single way to deal with it. Most psychologists think of loneliness as a state of mind that has negative effects on the the body and long term mental health. When you are lonely you feel unwanted, empty and alone. You might desire contact with other people while feeling incapable of getting it. Lonely people wish they could pick up the phone and reach a friend or family member who they can connect with through sharing stories and listening but they have the sense that there is no one there for them. If you are lonely you may also want to go outside and be lost in a crowd of people who are open and accepting of your presence but feel you can’t do that either. Its even possible to feel lonely even when surrounded by others like a soldier who feels alone despite being with other troops 24/7 because he feels he can’t open himself to them.

New evidence from researchers at the University of Chicago is showing us that loneliness is partly rooted in genetics. Top neuroscientists Margaret Blake and John Cacioppo who founded the Center for Cognitive and Social Neurosciences have done studies on families and DNA testing establishing a clear genetic link. If your parents or even one of your grandparents was a lonely person in life then its more likely that you and your children will be too. Other factors that contribute to loneliness are physical isolation, divorce, moving to a new place or the death of someone in the family like a sibling or spouse.

Despite genetics and other life circumstances beyond a person’s control contributing to loneliness there is reason for hope. No matter what the cause of your loneliness there are things you can do about it like getting a sex doll companion, which we will discuss below.

How Loneliness Eats You From Within

Increasing your levels of stress beyond their normal levels
Setting you up for cardiovascular disease and strokes
Decreasing your ability to learn or remember things
Making you antisocial and causing a downward spiral in your relationships with other people
Altered brain function that contributes to poor decision making for your health and responsibilities
Tempting you into drug use and alcoholism to escape the pain of being alone
Making you depressed or even suicidal
Triggering Alzheimer’s disease even if you are in your 30s.

This list of the negative effects of loneliness is not exhaustive. According to researchers, loneliness also makes you fat, contributes to poor sleep and makes you feel less capable of exercise. Loneliness even disrupts processes that occur in your cells and mitochondria. If you are a healthy person, your cells repair themselves on a daily basis but when you are lonely this process happens less efficiently and you experience premature aging.

Loneliness must be taken seriously to prevent these problems and to enhance the quality of your life. Those who are not lonely achieve higher income, higher educational status, greater professional success and greater satisfaction in all their social relationships.

How do you know if you are lonely?

For many it is obvious if they are lonely or not, but for others it is not so simple. You might interpret the loneliness that is taking a toll on your physical and mental health as just having bad days or being in a rough patch when there is something more serious going on. Here are 7 types of thoughts you may be having if you are genuinely lonely.

  1. “I’m too different from everyone around me”. You may think this if you are in a place where your interests or values are different from everyone around you. If you are surrounded by people whose religious beliefs are different than your own and there is literally not a single person who shares your beliefs you can feel like you have no one you can genuinely express yourself to. This is especially bad if you have strong convictions about religion or spirituality one way or another.
  2. “I wish I had a special romantic partner in my life”. People can be lonely on a regular basis even if they have a good relationship with their friends and family because they are missing romance in their life. It definitely helps to have a sibling or parent you can share things with but there is a loneliness inside all of us that can only be satisfied by an intimate partner who we can cuddle with, make love to, and fall asleep next to.
  3. “I feel lost in a new place”. If you’ve changed jobs, schools, cities, or even if you have to work out in a new gym you can start to feel lonely when looking out and seeing only unfamiliar faces.
  4. “I miss being around my pets”. If you have your friends but for some reason you can no longer see your pet you can start to feel sad. People can form unique relationships with pets that can’t be satisfied by another human. It can be especially hard if a beloved cat or dog passes away.
  5. “No one has time for me”. People who you are close to can suddenly change their attitude and make you feel like you are unimportant. Sometimes they just get busy and they come back around your way, but other times they have replaced you with another person. If your best friend gets a girlfriend, he won’t want to hang out as much and you won’t have anyone to talk to anymore.
  6. “I can’t trust my so called friends”. There are times when people you trust betray you by telling your secrets to other people, or by even robbing you. When you are hit by situations like these it really hurts and can send you deep into loneliness.
  7. “I miss being in a place with other people”. You can have this feeling when you are physically isolated. Maybe you and your room mate rarely spoke but you gained comfort from just having them near you. Maybe you go to the library because even though its quiet there are other people studying the same as you but now its winter break and you are alone.

A Beautiful Sex Doll Is the Answer

No matter what the cause your loneliness, purchasing a sex doll can help ease your pain and bring you happiness. If you are the kind of person who has untrustworthy friends, you can still get intimacy from your reliable sex doll. Your doll will not betray you or take things from you. Your doll is your fantasy girl who will do whatever you want. Any secret you choose to tell her will remain just between the two of you. In fact, the more you role play with your doll the more you get out of your relationship with her. Men who have owned sex dolls for years stop feeling the need to go out and date because they are so satisfied with the beautiful companion who is always at home waiting for them. Why risk getting hurt by another woman who you also have to spend a lot of money on when you already have someone more beautiful who is always available to you?
If you own a sex doll, you can put her in bed next to you. Every night when you go to sleep there is another body laying next to yours who looks real and has the proper weight for a sexy girl who goes to the gym and takes good care of herself. Her skin is soft to the touch and feels good when you rub against it. Even her hair feels real. Better yet, you can customize her however you want. She will ease your loneliness because she is yours in every way possible, a special person that you don’t have to share with anyone else in the world.

Loneliness is a terrible problem that lowers the quality of your life and even puts you at risk for heart attack and alzheimers. With a sex doll, you will not feel alone anymore so your health will improve and your every day happiness along with it. Tens of thousands of men are living proof that sex dolls are a reliable substitute for unreliable people in other aspects of your life. They don’t regret buying one and there is the added bonus of your doll providing you with immense sexual gratification. If you are a lonely man, don’t fear investing in a sex doll. They can be your faithful companion for decades remaining just as beautiful as when you first bought them if you take care of them properly. Its one of the wisest investments a person can make in their health and life satisfaction.

Your sex doll is whoever you want her to be. With her you won’t feel lonely because you are different from everyone around you. If you move to a new city, you won’t feel alone because you have your doll with you. Your doll is like a pet, always there by your side happy to see you. She will always have time for you and she will never betray you.

People who aren’t lonely are healthier, happier, and more successful in life. For a lonely man who also values intense sexual pleasure sex dolls are the ultimate cure.

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